Love Is Blind but Will Find Its Way… (pt 1)

As the waves crashed on the restless sand, and the birds sang sweet melodies in the sky. My quest for love has just begun. Walking on the lovely shores of Labadi beach, I felt slow excitement rising, it is a good sign. At long last I was going to meet my heart desire, the beauty in my dreams, my “missing rib”. Love they say; “is very close, if only you’ll take a second look”. This time, I had my “spy glasses” and wasn’t ready to let the tiniest thin slip by without me noticing.

My quest for love began one faithful day, after months of preparations and grooming. I was now all set to find my “missing rib”. At about 8am on that faithful morning, I woke with smiles all over my face and love filled eyes. As usual, mum walks to my room for “morning check-ups”. Kwadwo; how was your night? She asked. I foolishly answered “Oh my God! I had the best dream in my entire life”. She smiled and left without a word. I quickly got up from my bed and rushed to the bathroom. After about an hour and half, I finished all I needed to do in there and was ready to get my” swag on”. I wore my best Ralph Lauren polo shirt; my big sister gave me, to match my new burton jeans and Jordan kicks which was also given to me by my brother in-law on my birthday. I topped it all with “XY” by Boss, which I stole from my brother’s room.

With hot blood running in my veins and the search for love running through my mind, I forgot to take my breakfast. But it was ok, my search for love at that hour was more important than breakfast and nothing really seems to matter. I filled my wallet with all my life savings and was ready to set off, I told mum I was going to visit a friend but told my sister to wish me luck. Luck! My sister exclaimed, but there was no time to engage in a lengthy dialogue with an “inquisitive sister”, that’s how I mostly called her. I slammed the door behind me and shouted goodbye, will see you guys in the evening. I quickly hurried to the nearest bus stop to catch a taxi. This time, I refused to take my usual “trotro”. In my mind I was thinking, what if I picked a “trotro” and she saw me. Hmm… Actually, I wasn’t ready to take that risk, you know? In fact, I was ready to pay a lot to impress on this “special day”.

Luckily, an empty taxi pulled over and I quickly jumped in. The driver asked politely; “massa, where you dey go”? I hurriedly said; to the Labadi beach, but I really need to meet someone urgent, I would be glad if you can take the shortest possible route, thank you. The driver quickly made a right turn at the next junction to avoid the traffic in Accra. I was so relieved we had escaped the heavy traffic and it won’t be long for me to reach my destination. Realizing, I forgot to say my prayers in the morning, I speedily shut my eyes to say a brief one. In my prayer; “oh lord, I’m grateful for the privilege to see another great day, I bless you for who you are and I pray that as I go out today, you make my day a successful one. Put smiles on my face and bring me back safely in your precious sons name, Jesus…. amen”.

As I was about to open my eyes, I heard a big BOOM! It felt like the sun had just fallen from the skies. Oh my God! We had a flat tyre. I turn to the driver and asked; so what are we going to do about this? He assured; “massa” everything is going to be alright. He opened the trunk of his car, got some tools out and removed the miserable tyre. He had no spare tyre too. Whew! What a nightmare! Please get these things fixed as soon as possible, I need to see someone, urgent, you know? Yes sir! That was his last words as he jumped onto a passing vehicle and off he went. I was left in the scorching sun all alone sweating profusely, as if I just finished a hundred meter race.

I turned to my watch and it was almost 2 minutes to 2 pm and the driver was still not back. How I wished I could jump onto another taxi but unfortunately none passed by. I was just far from the main road and cars hardly passed here. I felt so disappointed, but didn’t want to give up yet. “To give up and return home will make you one hell of a coward. You only need to wait a little bit longer”, I said to console myself. I took a second glance at my watch and it was 30minutes past 3pm already but the “bloody driver” wasn’t back. This time my temperature shot up and my blood were boiling, I was so angry that I could even kill a lion with my bare hands.

In about 20minutes I saw a figure coming from afar carrying something, even though I couldn’t see clearly who the person was and what he or she was carrying? I was 120 percent sure it was the driver but if it wasn’t? Asem! Heaven would receive another soul this hot afternoon. Across the far end, I heard the figure shouting “massa I dey come oo”. At that exact moment, the anger vanished and I felt a soft wind of relief all over my body. I cried out; don’t worry just hurry up and get this thing fixed for me. In some few minutes the car was back to life and we were ready to hit the road. Even though, I wasn’t really bothered, he kept apologizing all the way till we got to the beach. At the sight of the beautiful sea, I felt strong excitement and hopes were high. At about 5pm, I was already at the beach, although the sun was slowly dying and giving way to darkness, I still wasn’t bothered. I could still smell love in the air; it was now time for me to wonder. Where my “missing rib” could be hiding? My quest for love has only begun…

By: William .O. Opare

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  1. Opare, You are too good. I love this article, very romantic

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