The question is “WHY?”

The question is “WHY?”

Why do we pride ourselves with oil?

When we can’t manage our agricultural sector

Why do we declare war on corruption?

When corrupt men still feeds on our ports

Why can’t I sell on the road?

If there’s no employment for me

If teachers are the backbone of every success

Why should they cry over their pay?

Why should it be about NPP and NDC?

When people are dying of cholera everyday

In this civilised era, husbands still don’t sleep

When their wives goes into labour

Why should it be your interest?

Whiles others suffer in pain

Why do we preach of a better education?

Whiles our children, school abroad

Why should we even vote?

If no one can tell us the truth

Why won’t we blame the government?

If no one wants to take the responsibility

Why do we go to the embassies early?

When we always caught up in traffic to work

Why should I lie in your bed?

Before I get employed

Why do we preach patriotism?

If we watch Manchester instead of Kotoko

The question is “WHY?”

By: William .O. Opare

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