I.C. Quaye Announces His Retirement From Parliament

Sheikh I.C. Quaye yesterday formally announced his intention not to contest for parliament in 2012 but not without anointing a man he described as his successor.

The decision to anoint Henry Quartey as his “anointed one”, he explained, was the culmination of a meeting of the constituency executives. “I am announcing that I am not going to contest in the 2012 parliamentary election. I am making the announcement formally, although you have heard it in some quarters already,” he said.

He stated that although he was not going to stand, he would support the party to win power, using what he said was his God-given quality of attracting people to the party.

Sheikh I.C. Quaye sounded an alarm bell over what he stated was the attempt by the NDC to infiltrate the NPP by fielding a certain woman. This woman, he said, belonged to a house where the NDC held their meetings in the constituency. The NPP would not allow any infiltrations into their ranks, he said.

His announcement, though received a resounding approval from most of the many party persons present, attracted a certain modicum of disapproval rating from others who asked whether what Sheikh I.C. Quaye did conform to the NPP constitution.

The dissent emanated from those who intend contesting the party primaries and so their grumbling was understandable. It appears though that Henry Quartey, a 40-year-old tall and heavily-built gentleman, would attract the approval of most of the delegates, given the influence the out-going Ayawaso Central MP has over these kingmakers. His supportive role in the constituency, the MP noted, had endeared him to the executives, adding their approval for him was resounding when the search for a successor came up.

Sheikh I.C. Quaye explained that his decision to support the candidacy of Henry Quartey was also borne out of the need to ensure that an appropriate candidate was fielded. The constituency executive, he asserted, had found in Henry Quartey a man who could stand up to the bluff of the NDC, obviously referring to the heavy stature of the businessman/politician.

Mr. Quartey promised to work with all NPP members in the constituency and told party supporters that since they all belonged to the same political family, they should shun politics of insults and rather work towards ensuring the victory of the political grouping.

Sheikh I.C Quaye, 74, has been MP since 1996, with a chequered political history behind him. He has served political jail terms under both Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the later General Kutu Acheampong.

Having worked with BBC hardware business group in Accra in 1992 and 1993, he was one of the pioneers of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association in its formative years. He later founded his own company. Peekwah Construction Limited.

Present at the function were Dr. Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe, Hon. Shirley Ayokor Botchwey, Otiko Djaba and John Boadu among others.

Source: Daily Guide

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