Ghana backs ECOWAS Court Of Justice

Mr. Martin A.B.K Amidu, Minister for Justice and Attorney-General, has pledged Ghana’s support to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Court of Justice and its development as an impartial adjudicator for member states.

He noted that when people in member states had hope in the Court, there would be peace due to the consolation that when all else failed, there was a higher body that could impartially adjudicate disputes. 

Mr. Amidu said this when a delegation from the ECOWAS Court of Justice, led by its President, Madam Justice Nana Awa Daboya, paid a courtesy call on him in Accra.    

The visit was to inform and invite him to the Court’s impending 10th anniversary celebrations.    

Mr. Amidu stated that Ghana had played an important role in the formation of ECOWAS and was committed to see that it achieved its purpose, adding that there could not be integration in the West African sub-region until the people saw themselves as one.    

This, he said, could be achieved through the Court.    

“With the transition from an ECOWAS of nations to an ECOWAS of people, there is the need for an institution which would be the leader in making the people feel secure in the knowledge that their rights would be protected. Justice is the foundation of everything,” he said.    

Madam Justice Daboya said the 10th Anniversary Celebrations would be held in Abuja, Nigeria, from March 21- March 25, 2011.    

She said the Anniversary would include representatives of Regional Courts in Africa, Justices of Superior Courts in member states as well as their Heads of State, who would deliberate on issues bordering on their legal systems and courts.    

The delegation is in Accra to attend an international conference of the ECOWAS Court on the theme, “Strategies for Strengthening the Effectiveness of the ECOWAS Court of Justice”, from February 22- February 25, 2011.

Source: GNA


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