Junior High Students in Sex Video

News-One has secured an amateur video recording of a hot sexual encounter between two Ghanaian teenagers; a 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl, both still in Junior High School (JHS).

The must-watch video is currently the talk of town among teenagers at La, a suburb of Accra, and it is being circulated among teenage residents in the area through Bluetooth.

The two teenagers, whose names News-One would withhold for ethical reasons, videoed the sexual act themselves with a camera phone and mistakenly allowed it to leak. The girl attends a public JHS in Labone while the boy attends another JHS near Palm Wine Junction. They both stay in La Apapa with their parents.

Their faces were very visible in the video and their voices could also be heard clearly, as they spoke Ga. The teen sex video starts with both of them already naked except for the girl’s red waist beads. The girl had her hair cut low as expected of JHS girls and she had an innocent look.

She was seen stroking the penis of her male sex partner and then given it a long good suck. The school girl was then complaining (in the Ga language) that she was feeling shy because of the camera and the boy responded in the same language that she should not worry because the video would be deleted right after the act.

The video also captures the boy inserting his penis into the girl’s vagina and later using the tip of the penis to ‘brush’ the entrance t o the girl’s vagina. The setting was a small room which residents say belongs to the boy; and their clothes could be seen lying on the rubber carpet that had white and blue patterns.

News-One gathered that the camera phone belongs to the boy and that he shot three different sex episodes but deleted two and forgot one. His phone later ended up with some of his friends who saw the interesting video and started circulating it among themselves.

Sex partners videoing their sexual escapades is gradually becoming a trend among Ghanaians but this is the first time JHS students are on record to have videoed their ‘stolen’ sex.
Source: News one


  1. Elioooooooooo, Elikem

  2. dis is showing dat de world is coming to an END.

  3. This is intrusting and this must be held seriously.

  4. What a wiked life her now,God have mecy on us.

  5. what is de world turnin into jhs pupil goooood they should be punish 4 dat act. Ghana may god hve mercy on as.

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