Company threatens to sue Anas

For the third time, Anas’ credibility is being challenged concerning the authenticity of parts of his secret recordings.

First at the Elubo Boarder on cocoa smuggling; secondly, the Osu Children’s Home exposé and lately the Tema Port footage dubbed, ‘Enemies of the State’ intended to expose corrupt government officials and nation saboteurs. The controversy surrounding Anas’s investigations into issues of national concern has deepened as one of the companies allegedly cited as invading tax and duties on the Enemies of the State’ tape, Servistar Company has challenged the allegations.

The company is threatening to take legal action against him if he fails to retract and apologise for vilifying and maliciously attacking its reputation. The warning was contained in a letter sent to Anas by the Solicitors for Servistar Company, Blagoggee, Blacksword & Co, declaring their intension to seek legal redress for what they say is an unwarranted attack on their client’s company.

The footage, they contend portrays Servistar as a scheming entity and economic saboteurs who regularly evade payment of tax and duties and thus deny government the needed revenue for development. They have given Anas a 48-hour ultimatum to retract his atrocious lies and render an unconditional apology.

According to the letter sent to ANAS Armereyaw Anas by Blagoggee, Blacksword & Co., Servistar Company was captured and shown on the Tema Port Enemies of the State secret recordings. They contend that their client’s reputation has suffered irreparable damage due to the publication in the New Crusading Guide’s 3rd February 2011 edition with the banner headline ‘The Bizarre Tale of Servister, B5, Agro Delta Companies.’

The solicitors note that Anas reinforced his resolve to drag the company’s name into the mud by mentioning their client’s name as an example of a company uncovered at the port during his secret investigations when he granted an interview to TV3 on the same 3rd February 2011.

They assert that they find the allegations levelled against their client very serious and deeply offensive, indicating that neither their client, Servister nor its principals have ever connived or sought to connive with any person, persons or establishments to deliberately evade tax obligations and that contrary, Servister has dutifully paid its taxes over the years.

According to the letter, Anas’ false claims and publication has brought direct consequences to Servister’s personal and business reputation. “The company has been maligned, vilified, seriously damaged and have suffered considerable distress and embarrassment, “they stress.

The solicitors reiterate that Anas should retract forthwith all the libellous and slanderous publications against their client with the same prominence with which he put out the false publications and render unreserved apology within 48 hours.

In an unequivocal statement, the solicitors sound a warning note to Anas that if he fails to clear Servister’s image after the expiration of the 48 hours ultimatum, a swift and decisive action within the law would be instituted against him to salvage their hard won reputation.
Source: Daily Democrat

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