1. Wow, what a bunch of CRAP! David, you’re obviously too smart to be suckered by a con artist like Frazier. “The Best Business in America”? Sure, is his dreams. He’s nothing but a conman from Chicago that is trying to “cash” in on a Fantasy. There’s NO MONEY THERE! Blay-Miezah was issued a Diplomatic Passport by the Ghanian Gov’t months before he died, it was held by a certain Swiss Banker until Blay-Miezah fulfilled a simple task…prove that he had at least $100K in any Bank in the World. He obviously couldn’t do it, so the Passport was revoked. Once again, THERE IS NO MONEY, GOLD, DIAMONDS, ETC. Frazier is a conman (and not even a good one, at that), that’s as easy to see through as a clear glass windowpane. “Mango Trees”, “Mother Ghana”, “Hippo Mouth”, “Code Words and Numbers” – sure. Anyone that believes this con artist deserves to be suckered. He took over where Blay-Miezah and Robert Ellis left off. What idiots are still giving him money?

  2. Ghana must never give up on this cash, the man is making the step simple, with all the suffering our country is going through… I hate it when people keep saying its not true..

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