Re: Respect The President And Former Presidents, YE People Of The Land

Alfred has presented an email that demands our attention. Respect for the Ghanaian Institutions are inheritable and all our institutions must be respected by all of us; Ghanaians and foreigners living on our soil.  The respect for the person in the office must be earned from the actions or inactions, deeds and misdeeds, pronouncements of that individual occupying that office and his associates.

So far, outside the Amina mass rape case, our current President has earned my admiration and respect although I may not agree with him on certain decisions he has taken so far, but that is personal and I give him credit for every action or inaction he has taken for that is the quality of leadership-to decide and take or not take action on every occurrence affecting our beloved Ghana.

Leading a developing country is not as simple as most of us think. It is said that “uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”.  Our President wears the Ghanaian crown full of problems, most of the problems were left there by the British who unknowingly destroyed our culture, especially our religion, the basis of our humanity  before they granted us independence and after independence we have deteriorated so rapidly that few Ghanaians dare to wear even the clothes that we used to wear before independence.

Almighty God and the Gods of Ghana bless us.

Kofi Agyapong

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