Spare me your wife or sister for some powerful bouts of Sex

Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, has responded to talks that he is an impotent man. “I am surprised that people are saying am impotent. I have stated in a section of the media that after I was maltreated by soldiers during the revolutionary days, I had a problem with my erection; because of this, people have misconstrued that I am impotent.

I would be very happy if those ‘doubting Thomases’ challenging my potency would spare me their wives or sisters to experience some powerful bouts of sex,” Kweku Baako disclosed on ’The Probe’, a programme on GTV.

Mr. Baako started emphatically on the programme that he was not impotent, saying his wife, Isha, is currently pregnant. Indeed, News-One can confirm that this is the second time Mr. Baako has impregnated his new wife. The baby would be Kweku’s third child.
The Editor-in-chief explained that when he was captured by the soldiers and sent to the 49 Engineer Regiment, he was hit several times on the waist with the butt of the gun and this affected his erection after he was released. He said with the passage of time, the situation normalized to an extent that he could cause ‘chaos’ on his sex bed.

When news broke that Mr. Baako had married a sexy damsel of Islamic origin, his political critics started spreading rumors that he was impotent and could not impregnate his wife. At that point, not many people knew he had a teenage daughter.

Again, when it became public that Mr. Baako had for the second time impregnated his wife, talks of his alleged impotency surfaced in certain circles, prompting the host of ‘The Probe’ to ask him to respond to the issue.
Source: News-One

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