Mills: The ‘king of peace’ and his wooden-goggles (3)

Under both the candidacy and presidency of Atta-Mills, clean language by his followers has always been as elusive as a feathered banana. Yet, he goes about risibly sermonizing on politesse in front of the clergy at the least opportunity.

In the heat of the second round of the 2008 elections, private phone conversations of some of us who had absolutely nothing to do with political officialdom were clandestinely tapped, taped and publicized on Radio Gold by followers of the ‘asomdwee hene’ in advancement of his presidency. This was done with total disregard for our right to privacy as guaranteed under the laws of our country. 

Such evil and unconstitutional machinations were perpetrated by gaping sycophants and nation wreckers as Raymond Archer, James Agyenim-Boateng and Roland Acquah Stevens, just to make sure Atta-Mills becomes a president. Ironically, because the president and these juvenile-delinquents around him are suffering from selective amnesia; they have made a complete u-turn to foolishly pontificate on unity and decency.

Now, during a meeting with the National Media Commission (NMC) delegation at the Castle on 14th September, 2010, Atta-mills said he cannot sleep at nights because Ghanaians have become irresponsible with our utterances and that he is at a complete lose as to how people of today are going to be able to leave behind any enviable legacy, by way of decent character, for our future generations.

But the question is; where was the responsibility and decency of his supporters at Radio Gold when they were hacking into private phone conversations of ordinary citizens and broadcasting them on radio?

Atta-Mills portrays himself as a ‘Monk’ desirous of turning Ghana into a ‘Monastery’ to enable us live in peace and harmony. He presents himself as humble and respectful. But subtly, he hides behind the likes of Tony Aidoo,Nii Lantey Vanderpuije,Kwesi Pratt, Samuel Okudzato-Ablakwah and James Agyenim-Boateng and urge them on to go out there and pour extremely foul invectives on decent people.

The president has consistently been claiming that he wonders what kind of examples we are setting for the youth with the way people speak on air and write in the papers. And I would also like to find out from him the kind of example he seeks to set for the youth of our country by rewarding the like of Samuel Okudzato-Ablakwa, James Agyenin-Boateng, Tony Aidoo, Rojo Mettle-Nunoo and Hannah Bissiw with political appointments?

I am putting this question to the president since it is a well-known fact that the only claim to fame of these particular appointees of his is nothing but proficiency in spewing absolute garbage and senseless vilification of decent people.

Again, the president also expects all Ghanaians to support him in prayers to succeed in delivering on his delusional and elusive ‘better Ghana’ agenda. As a matter of fact, anytime I hear such admonitions by the president, I really tend to wonder whether he suffers from memory-lose. This is because if Ghanaians had behaved the way Atta-Mills wants us to behave during the NPP administration, how on earth would he have become a president today?

I thought Atta-Mills and the so-called ‘new’ NDC likened their 2008 campaign to that of Obama. Now, do you think any White House official can engage in such irrational behaviour and continue working under Obama’s presidency?

An adult drifter Nii Lantey-Vanderpuije was at Cape Coast ‘Fetu Afahye’ on 4th September, 2010, displaying his now too familiar power-drunk characteristics. When a similar incident happened during the NPP administration, these very same people jumping all over the place in defense of their despicable act were crying like canary-birds that have been fed with hot Chile peppers.

Allotey Jacobs, on 6th September,2010 edition of Joy FM 6am news, said the people of Cape Coast decided to met-out that act of utter stupidity to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo because he (Nana Addo) had described Atta-Mills, an indigene, as ‘professor do little’.

First of all, Atta-Mills comes from the Ekumfi area and therefore cannot be an indigene of Cape Coast. And I would ask Allotey to check his facts before coming out with his comical utterances.

Now, when a group of political-bandits decides to go on rampage during such an important festive occasion in Cape Coast, it definitely does not mean Fantes or the people of Central Region are in agreement since Fantes are not ‘zombies’.

And even if Ghanaians were that ‘bigots’ to rally behind prominent people from their tribes like ‘zombies’ as Allotey Jacobs would want us to believe, then somebody out there please explain to me why the NDC was able to increase its votes in the Ashanti region in 2008 after then candidate Atta-Mills had described Kufuor as a thief by saying on a campaign plat-form in Cape Coast that “Kufuor had pocketed monies meant for road construction in the region”

We, the people of the Central Region are extremely independent-minded when it comes to taking decisions. I therefore find this characterization of Fantes as ‘zombies’ who will sheepishly tow the line of these imbecile adults and juvenile delinquents around Atta-Mills. Were we not in this country when these same Fantes became target of constant verbal abuse, ostracized and described as ungrateful by these same NDC fools when we (Fantes) aptly exhibited our independence of thought by massively voting against Atta-Mills in 2000 and 2004 because we knew he has no presidential qualities? Haven’t we been proven right today?

After the 2004 general elections, some block-headed people within the NDC actually hid behind the decent people of Volta and Northern regions and constantly insulted Fantes on radio programmes for the simple reason that they do not come from the home region of Atta-Mills, yet, had ‘massively’ voted for him. And because it suited him at the time, Atta-Mills never came out to condemn those insults on his kinsmen because it served his selfish and parochial interest at the time.

And as I have always said, Ghanaians easily forget about past events. But, some of us who have religiously followed the chicanery of these political-hyenas of P (NDC) lineage will continuously take the cloak off their backs and expose their filthy bottoms!!! 

Lies and vile propaganda made the people of Central Region change their perception of Atta-Mills as a probable incompetent person. But, his performance as president since taking office has clearly vindicated the people of Central Region for massively and fittingly voting against him in previous elections on the grounds that he cannot be his own man.

Here, someone may say he has so far been able to ‘defy’ the Rawlingses. But, from what we are seeing, nobody can tell me that Atta-Mills is the one currently managing the affairs of State.

Just when we were about to enjoy some peace, Tony Aidoo, probably under the influence of heavy doses of some highly potent ‘herbal-concoction’, erupted with one of his nonsensical-volcanoes describing Christians who speak in tongues, as mad.Again,during 4th December,2010 edition of their notoriously abusive ‘alhaji-alhaji’ programme on Radio Gold, he described the NPP as a bunch of nation wreckers because they are resisting all these fraudulent deals by elements within the Atta-Mills’ administration.

Now, when Tony Aidoo engages in such foolish talks, the decent people of this nation whose prayers the president has been constantly soliciting to enable him carry out his duties as Head of State, expect the latter to fittingly sanction the former.

The president claims to be a born-again Christian and most probably, tongues speaking. The ‘Pure-Fire-church’ where he fellowships, is a tongue-speaking congregation. And for the president to maintain a deafening silence over Tony Aidoo’s verbal-flatulence against the opposition and tongue-peaking Christians certainly paints a clear picture of either complicity or incapability, on his part, to bring his foolish appointees to order.

Did Obama not distance himself from his long-time pastor when he (pastor) incurred the displeasure of a section of the American public over a statement he made to the effect that America was paying for their crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Our respected members of the clergy must rather focus their attention on their flock and not expend their precious time and energy on fruitless meetings with a double-faced leader who is constantly wearing a pair of ‘huuuuuge’ wooden-goggles, and therefore sees no evil being perpetrated by people who are right under his nose.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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  1. as for this writer, you are not just a fool in your biased statement but a big one when you compare Our president to any member of your Drug peddlers Party. You are still young and I for give you for thatthat.

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