Mills: The ‘king of peace’ and his wooden-goggles (2)

Due to the president’s wooden-goggles and cotton-wool-studded ears, the latest stupidity and idiocy of his vice, John Dramani Mahama, who is proud to be associated with Obama but vehemently jettisons being linked with Atta-Mills, will surely pass without notice.

As for John Jinapor, the little said about him the better. This is an individual who used to sell chewing-gums and toffees on a table-top in a corner somewhere in Ashaiman but today can afford a multi-million dollar mansion within a period of just six months. Meanwhile, fat brown envelopes continue to fly like kites in the corridors of power. So, why begrudge him for following the foolish and baloney steps of his boss?

Now, when I saw Atta-Mills and a person like Koku ‘the bull’ Anyidoho on Television screen actually air-born aboard the famous Falcon-900 on the nights of 28th November and 30th December, 2010,to and from Libya respectively, I wondered why God should allow such politico-electoral-bandits and shameless biblical-Pharisees to travel with this very plane, unscathed.

But as I laid on my bed in the middle of the night and struggled for answers, a small still-voice whispered into my ears a scripture that says “for my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, said the Lord” (Isaiah 55:8).

Kufuor knew he had no chance of using the Jet as a president. But due to his foresightedness, he went ahead and placed the order in the interest of Ghana amidst hail of insults by Atta-Mills and his cabal of shameless political-Pharisees. Today, Kufuor travels by commercial flights while these people who are cut in perfect mould of biblical-Pharisees (too far to see) and Sadducees (too sad to see) are flying the Jet. Indeed, God is truly merciful!!!

The arrogance, stubbornness, hypocrisy and lies of these pseudo-social-democrats is simply legendary and I hope our clergy whose precious time is being wasted over bogus meetings at Peduase will quickly come to the realization that a president who gleefully presides over this cabal of swine-like gluttons and political-bandits, is just a pretender whose call for unity and decency is nothing but plain baloney and foolish noise that ought to be treated with utmost contempt!!

As a people, one of the most serious shortcomings in our psyche is the ease with which we tend to forget about events. This legendary Ghanaian character has contributed, to the large extent, our current social and economic predicaments and I keep wondering when and how, we, as a people, will ever be able to break free from this rather self-imposed shackles.

This is because, a person who presented himself as a lamb when seeking the people’s votes, has today become an arrogant lion who has surrounded himself with abusive hyenas with proficiency in throwing mud at innocent and decent people. And after he has sat aloof for these hyenas to insult people, he will then turn round, and in his usual ‘anoma konekone’ fashion, call a meeting of the clergy and shed those insipid crocodile-tears by asking them to pray for peace, unity and decency in our public discourse.

Today, anytime Atta-Mills fails to act and we complain, he is able to stand before us, beat his chest and proclaim “I am the president, whether you like it or not”. The question is; has he forgotten that it is this same constitution that gives every citizen of this country the right to freely express himself/herself as to whether our nation is being ran properly?Mr.President,how can you sit aloof for your appointees to engage in foolish and baloney vituperations and expect us not to reply them in their own ‘abodam’ language? Don’t you know one ‘abodam’ talk deserves another?

During a meeting with members of the media commission, he again bemoaned the menace of insults in our politics. But each time I hear him talk about this issue, the perfect picture he cast of himself is that of a mega-hypocrite and discerning people will never take him serious, as long as characters as Nii Lantey Vaderpuije, Tony Aidoo and Koku Anyidoho are right under his nose at the Castle.

Now, if the president finds it prudent to appoint juveniles who cocooned themselves in the studios of Radio Gold, during the 2008 general elections and called on NDC goons to take up murder weapons, besiege the electoral commission, take the workers and other innocent people hostage and nearly sent Ghana on the path of a civil war, then where exactly lies the moral footing on which Atta-Mills can stand today and pontificate on decency on our public discourse?

I have heard some commentators urging Atta-Mills to exert pressure on Laurent Gbagbo in order to forestall post-election peace in Cote D’Voire.But in my view, Atta-Mills has absolutely no moral right to meddle in electoral confusion of that country since he led the NDC to publicly threaten to turn Ghana into the likes of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia through a civil war if they had lost in 2008. 

In months preceding the 2008 polls, there was this incessant mantra of Ghana being a religious nation and therefore needed an equally religious and God-fearing person to lead us. Proponents of this mantra spoke with the voice of ‘angels’ and appealed to the people of this nation to take heed to their clarion ‘angelic’ calls.

Every leader the nation had had prior 2008, especially Kufuor, were made to look like the devil himself. Legacies of then sitting president, Kufuor, were described as contagious epidemics that needed to be jettisoned by the citizenry. Tony Aidoo and his ilk embarked on a senseless crusade of plain insults against all political office holders at the time, branding them as thieves and nation wreckers.

Now, when Ghanaians voted against the NPP in 2008, they did so with the hope of having a kind of governance far exceeding that of the NPP, both in tolerance, decency and capability to deliver on the aspirations of the citizenry.
The verdict was finally declared and Atta-Mills promised on the day of his inauguration that he was going to treat all Ghanaians in equal-measure. Atta-Mills portrayed himself as an angel from heaven who was going to make sure Ghana becomes the most peaceful and united nation on the planet.

However, his posture and general behaviour as a president, has painted a complete opposite picture. His perceived character of humility has turned out to be a complete farçade.His talk of uniting the nation under his presidency has become a mirage.

For example, when Ghanaians complain of ‘epileptic’ nature of current electricity supply, he comes to insult us by saying “is Atta-Mills an electrician?”

When we complain of not getting water flowing through our taps, he comes to say “Atta-Mills is not the one carrying the water on his head and delivering it to people’s homes”.
When we become worried about his health because the constitution empowers the citizenry to know, he comes to tell us never to worry our heads about him because “it is not because of Atta-Mills that health facilities are being built across the nation and that we all have hospital cards”.

Currently, if out of worry for the president’s health, we dare to inquire about the sudden blackening of his palms and fingers, he will impudently tell us to go to hell because there exist ‘human-chameleons’ who are able to ‘chameleonized’ their skin colour at any point in time!!!

On unity, the president has displayed exceptionally great character of vindictiveness even within his very own party. And the first people to experience the vindictive nature of Atta-Mills are Dr.Ekow Spio-Garbrah, Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu and Eddy Annan who contested him for the NDC flagbearership.And for a person whose whole campaign message was anchored on peace and unity, his very first test to us if he was sincere, would have been carrying these distinguished men onboard.

Not only has he side-lined these people, but actually, sat aloof for those who are the true power-brokers at the Old Slave Castle to come out and boldly told the people of this nation that some Ghanaians, and here Dr. Ekow Spio-Garbrah was in the firing line, “will never ever be given any appointment in Atta-Mills administration” as long as there is life in their ‘Don King hairs’.

If the president really believes in decency in public discourse and unity amongst Ghanaians, then, how would he sit aloof for Ato Ahwoi to issue a ‘fatwa’ to the effect that Dr. Ekow Spio-Garbrah will never be given appointment when he (Ahwoi) is not the appointing authority?

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei  
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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