We don’t need guerilla war in Ghana – NDC

The Deputy National Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Captain Akamba, has down played alleged threats by some political opponents in Ghana that the country would be plunged into chaos and anarchy, should the NDC decide to rig the 2012 elections.

Captain Akamba said Ghanaians have enjoyed relative peace and tranquillity under successive governments, and as such would not entertain any group or individual who attempt to perpetuate their political agenda through violence and commotion.

According to the NDC Deputy Organizer, Ghana has gone through major democratic and electoral transformations over the years, which has earned it many accolades as the beacon of hope and bastion of democracy in Africa, and that the NDC would not be interested in jeopardizing the image and dignity that the country has earned amongst its peers.

Reacting to statements by some personalities in the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), including the National Youth Organizer, Anthony Abaryifaa Karbo that the opposition party was ready to confront the ruling government in the 2012 elections, Captain Akamba said the NDC would not win the 2012 elections by rigging, neither would it adopt intimidating tactics in approaching the general elections.

“The NDC has an enviable track record of organizing peaceful elections; we did it in 1992, 1996 and 2000, so why would anybody think that we will rig the 2012 elections?” Akamba said.

According to him, the ruling party believes in the achievements of President John Evans Atta Mills and would be depending on it solely as a campaign message to win the next general elections.

He noted that many Ghanaians have been living witnesses to the devastating effects of civil unrests in neighbouring African countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Kenya and Ivory Coast, where cold wars have claimed lives and suppressed socio-economic development.

“I want to tell the NPP and all political opponents of the government that Ghanaians do not need guerrilla war, but they appreciate the peace and tranquillity they are enjoying under this government, and so nobody should think of civil war at all,” Captain Akamba told The Chronicle in an interview.

He said the NDC does not need to apply any draconian tactics to win the election, because Ghanaians are very much satisfied with the performance of the government and would offer another four year mandate to the NDC come December 2012.

The NDC organizer, therefore, accused the NPP of adopting a defeatist approach as a deliberate ploy to prepare the grounds to cause disturbances, should they lose the elections.

“Why would somebody think of violence when campaign has not even started, why should they start beating war drums now, do they have anything under their sleeves?” the NDC Deputy Organizer rhetorically questioned.

Captain Akamba, therefore, assured Ghanaians that the government and the NDC would work hard to protect the country’s democracy from any group or individuals who would attempt to subvert it.

The NDC Deputy Organizer also urged supporters of the party to exercise restraint and not to allow political opponents to infuriate them.

Source: The Chronicle

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