Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo declared winner

Ivory Coast’s Constitutional Council has overturned the provisional poll results from the country’s sunday run-off and declared President Laurent Gbagbo the winner. This comes barely 24 hours after the country’s election commission declared opposition candidate Alassane Ouattara as the winner after he secured 54% of the vote.

The election was the country’s first since 2002 when a civil war erupted after a disputed election and was intended to unify the deeply divided former France colony.

Thousands of  Alassane supporters have hit the streets of Ivory Coast burning tires and calling for mr. Gbagbo to conced defeat.

The United States and the The African Union have both said the earlier results giving victory to Ouattara are credible and should be honored.

Alassane Ouattara, 68, is a muslim from the northern part of the country, he served as Ivorian prime minister between 1990-1993, he also served as a deputy managing director at the international monetary fund.

Laurent Gbagbo, 65, is a former history professor, he comes from the christian dominated south, he was first elected president in 2000.

Source: VibeGhana

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