Cocaine and Wee test is Nana Addo’s only way to the Castle

For two main reasons, knowledgeable and discerning Ghanaians will be pooling their resources together to ensure that Nana Akufo-Addo, flagbearer of the NPP is not elected President of Ghana come the 2012 elections unless he goes for a hair sample test to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that he does not dabble in illicit drugs such as cocaine and wee as has been alleged by members of his own party.

Firstly, no decent Ghanaian would want a junkie to become President of Ghana. The President of Ghana is the number one citizen of the nation. He is the very embodiment of the nation. He must be a role model
particularly to the youth. He is also the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. His job often requires him to take decisions that bother on the security of the country with its over twenty million people.

The President must therefore not only be a person of sound mind 24/7: he must not, for even a macro second during his tenure of office, be mentally imbalance as a result of intake of wee or cocaine.

Secondly, a President who sniffs cocaine definitely has people who supply him with the illicit whitish substance. This means that
he has links to or is friend of other junkies, drug traffickers and drug barons. Such a President definitely is a danger to his own people and the world at large. The story of General Manuel Noriega, Former
President of Panama should be a guide to both Nana Akufo Addo and his apologists.

Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno was military dictator of Panama from 1983 to 1989. The 1989 invasion of Panama by the United States removed him from power; he was captured, detained as a prisoner of war, and flown to the United States. Noriega was tried on eight counts of drug
trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering in April 1992. His U.S. prison sentence ended in September 2007 pending the outcome of extradition requests by both Panama and France, for convictions in absentia for murder in 1995 and money laundering in 1999, respectively. France was granted its extradition request in April 2010. He arrived in Paris on April 27, 2010, and after a re-trial as a condition of the extradition, he was found guilty and sentenced to seven years in jail in July 2010.

Having a President who dabbles in cocaine like Noriega definitely exposes the country to drug traffickers and drug barons with its attendant money racketeering and the hiring of hit men to murder
people. Ghana and Ghanaians would also be exposed to international ridicule. In the end, another US-invasion may be what will be needed to save Ghana from going down the abyss.

Allegations of cocaine use and wee smoking have been made against Nana Akufo-Addo by his own party people. They (the allegations) cannot be wished away. The only way forward for the NPP flag bearer is to submit himself to a hair sample test, the most effective way of determining whether he uses drugs, to enable him pursue his desire of becoming
President of Ghana.
Source: Daily Post

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