President Mills Urges Ghanaians In Diaspora To Retun Home

President John Mills is encouraging Ghanaians living in the Diaspora return home to partake in the upcoming expected economic boom.

According to the President, the many opportunities that come with the oil exploration and the many loans for development should not be allowed to go without active participation of Ghanaians.

In that regard, he is urging Ghanaians of all professional shades abroad to endeavor to come home to make available their expertise whilst reaping from the development.

Professor Mills made these remarks when he interacted with some Ghanaians resident in Tripoli, Libya on the sidelines of the 3rd AU-EU Summit. He was hopeful that those who have acquired knowledge in fields relevant to various sectors in the economy will heed the call and return to Ghana. “We are hoping to expand our economy, be able to initiate a number of projects, so that some of you can decide come back home and you will have something worthwhile and useful to do.

“Some of our friendly brothers and sisters have made available to us resources and we want to use these resources for the benefit of our people and to expand our economy. There are therefore many areas which call for the creation of jobs, and I am sure that within the next few months, Ghanaians will begin to see new initiatives being taken.”

He further urged them to join hands in the government’s quest to bring investors into the country. “If you come across any investors who also want to come and invest in Ghana, try and bring them. We want to form a mutually beneficial partnership with foreign direct investors.” 
Source: Cfm

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