Man cuts Penis, Throat in Suicide Attempt

A 36-year-old mason who attempted suicide by slashing his throat and penis is on admission at the Hohoe Municipal Hospital.

At his hospital bedside, George Amoah told the Daily Graphic that he slashed his throat and penis in attempt to take his own life as a better option than the reality of a vision that he would one day be chased by a mob accusing him of rape and beaten to death.

He, therefore, went for a knife and slashed his throat but it was painful and difficult so he went for the penis.

When Amoah could not withstand the pains and the bleeding any longer, he started shouting for assistance, after which some neighbours rushed to his aid and sent him to the hospital.

The Medical Superintendent of the Hohoe Municipal Hospital, Dr Edwin Danoo, said Amoah was brought to the hospital at 4: 15 a.m. last Sunday at a time he was profusely bleeding from cuts in the throat and on the penis.

Dr Danoo said Amoah was responding to treatment.

Source: Daily Graphic

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