Increase in crime rate worries Dan Botwe

Mr Dan Botwe, the Member of Parliament for Okere, has expressed worry about increasing crime rate in the country despite large presence of churches and other religious organizations. “It is unfortunate that at the time that church and other religious bodies are springing up daily, armed robbery and other criminal activities are rather on the ascendancy”.

Mr Botwe therefore appealed for concerted efforts from religious leaders to help address the challenges confronting the state. Speaking at the 12th ordination of the Ghana Bible College at Abiriw Akuapem over the weekend, Mr Botwe attributed part of the situation to the ambition of the youth to get rich overnight.

He also put some of the blame at the doorstep of religious leaders who concentrated their preaching and teaching on prosperity, creating the impression that “if one goes to church, getting wealth is a must”. The MP appealed to the graduates to make their life style to be in line with the teaching of the scriptures and cautioned them against exploitation of the poor.

The Akuapem North District Director of Education, Mr Ben B. Cronze, in an address read on his behalf, said many Ghanaians were now questioning the intention of people who go into the pastorate due to activities of some ministers of the gospel.

He said reports of conflicts between Junior and Senior Pastors, rift between pastors and congregations, backbiting and other unfortunate things were the order of the day.

Mr Cronze urged the graduates to be guided by the tribulation of the early apostles who, in spite of their suffering, did not compromise their faith in Christ Jesus for earthly gains. “Be role models not in terms of material wealth but how diligent you will be in your ministry,” he said

Source: GNA

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