Girls Chase Me For Sex

ONE WOULD have thought that old men who had made a name for themselves and earned some money, would not be pressurized like their younger colleagues as regards sexual advances from females.

Good old Katawere, aka Agya Appiah of ‘Efiewura’ fame, has told NEWS-ONE that he was being chased by countless sexy girls who had fallen in love with him.

Katawere, known in private life as Ebenezer Donkor, said countless young girls with curvy shapes and impressive vital statistics were all over him and tempting him to enter an amorous relationship with them.

“A lot of them always worry me but I have a wife and children so I don’t engage them. I just ignore them. Most unmarried ladies want somebody who is a star so they can bluff around and say ‘this star is my boyfriend’,” Katawere told NEWS-ONE in exclusive interview on Saturday on a set for a new movie- ‘Masqueraders’.

Katawere has been nominated in the category of Best Actor in Leading Role for the December 25 Ghana Movie Awards. He explained that the sexy girls chased him because they got pleasure from his stardom and so wanted to associate themselves with him.

He said he started acting as far back as 1974 and that he used to work as a tailor before then.

Katawere said it was an old friend of his, Korhwe, who got a role for him in what was known as the Akan Drama Showcase series. That, he said, was his springboard into an acting career.

Currently, Katawere has acted in over a hundred Ghanaian local movies and is one of the best local actors around.

Katawere drives a Korando four-wheel-drive which he had labeled ‘Kata 1’. Asked if he had made a fortune from acting, he had this to say:

“My rates differ depending on the production. If I know you, I have what I take from you. If I don’t know you too, I have rates that I take.

I can’t tell you how much I take….I love what I do and if you give me a job in the office of the President, I won’t take it because if you are a star like me, you would know that my job is a better one.”

When asked if acting was not too demanding a job for his age, Katawere said he did not over work his body on set and often took a short nap after doing three or four scenes.

Katawere’s role in the ‘Masqueraders’ has elevated him to a higher pedestal as he is on set alongside Desmond Elliot, Lydia Forson, Adjetey Annang and Senanu Gbedawo.

The movie, which is a short Christmas comedy, is being directed by Xavier Irijs from Brussels, Belgium. It is his first time in Ghana and his second time in Africa.

The story was created by Lydia Forson and her manageress Habiba Nelson and produced by Zedec Entertainment.

Katawere, in the movie, played the role of an uncle who connived with his lawyer against his niece, Nana Yaa Boateng (Lydia Forson).

Sharing his experience off set, Katawere noted: “Directors tell me to do this or that, but how I do it, nobody will ask you to laugh. No foreigner has directed me before. The camera man is also a foreigner. I can see my post has gone high. I have gone past Hollywood.”

Source: NewsOne



  2. Good to hear. At long as he stays true to himself, a man should be reminded that he is attractive.

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