72-year-old Grandmother burned alive in Ghana for being a ‘witch’, Son speaks out

Mr. Stephen Kwame Ofosu Yeboah, a 48-year-old son of the woman who was burnt alive at Tema Community One last week, has discounted claims that the deceased was a witch.

The deceased, who left behind two other children, including Madam Ama Foa, 53, a trader, and 40-year-old Kwesi Ayiah, a dock worker, died from severe burns at the Tema General Hospital 24 hours after being sent there.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic, Mr. Yaboah said he was informed by his cousin, Mr. Kofi Saman, with whom the deceased lived in the village, that she had left the village on the dawn of the day of the incident for Tema in her attempt to visit him (Yeboah) at Ashaiman.

Madam Ama Hemmah, now deceased, according to family members, had made her travel arrangements known the previous day when the entire family was about to retire to bed. According to Mr. Yeboah, his cousin said he had tried to convince her to rescind her decision, as her son had relocated from Nungua to Ashiaman and she might not be able to trace him at his new place of abode.

Mr. Yrboah said family members at the village had woken up the following day to find the deceased’s bedroom empty, and after failing to locate her in the village, the said cousin alerted him.
“I then went to Kaneshie and waited at the Ajumako Station in an attempt to meet her and take her home, but I was unsuccessful,” Mr. Yeboah stated. He denied allegations of witchcraft leveled against his mother by her killers. “Our mother was never a witch and had never suffered any mental disorder throughout her entire life, apart from exhibiting signs of forgetfulness and other symptoms of old age,” he stated.

Meanwhile, some residents of Site 7 (Community One) where the incident occurred have appealed to state prosecutors to ensure that the perpetrators of the heinous crime faced the full rigours of the law. They said that would serve as a deterrent to people who were quick to mete out mob justice on crime suspects.

Madam Ama Hemmah, a native of Ajumako Assasan in the Central Region, was allegedly detained and tortured for four hours by six people in an attempt to extract confessions of being a witch from her.
The suspects, Samuel Ghunney, 50, a photographer, and Emelia Opoku, 37, a trader, with the help of Samuel Fletcher Sagoe, 55, an evangelist; Nancy Nana Ama Akrofie, 46, a teacher; Hannah Sagoe and Mary Sagoe, 52, were said to have drenched the deceased in kerosene before setting her ablaze.

The suspects, however, denied the offence when they appeared before the Tema Magistrate Court
In a related development, a resident of Community One has told the Daily Graphic that she had seen Madam Hemmah begging for alms in the neighbourhood on the day of the incident.

According to Madam Jayne Quartey, 76, Madam Hemmah had approached her in front of her house, where she sells bread, and told her (Madam Quartey) that she (Madam Hemmah) had come to town to visit her children but lost her way after falling asleep in a Tema-bound vehicle and that she had later gotten down at the Community One main station.

She said Madam Hemmah, who had in her hand a black leather handbag, had sought her assistance for food, water, as well as an amount of money to enable her to go back to her village. According to Madam Quartey, she had offered only a piece of bread to Madam Hemmah, as there was no money on her to assist the old woman. “If I knew that such a fate would befall her, I would not have allowed her to leave my premises,” Madam Quartey stated. 
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  1. That was really wickedness, we do not ldentify witches by age or by colour or because she is dirty in appearance this is something spiritual, most of this incident usually happened in africa because when they see the old people they called them witches, l am not saying there is no witch , the people need to apply God's wisdom because in the news letter l read they even mentioned that one evanglist was among the people that killed this old woman, the bible said my people perish for lack of knowledge Hosea 4:6, people only look on the surface of things as 2Cor. 10:7, you most not judge by the appearance of things but by the reality John 7:24. in 1 Cor.4:5 says the moral of this is that we should make no hasty or prejudgment. let anyone who is holding a spiritual office (christians leader) or any christian should ask for spirit of discernment. 1Kg 3:9 so give your servant a discernning heart to govern your people to distnguish right and wrong. in 1Cor.12:10 to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirit, that is the ability to discriminate in spiritual matters, this woman we are taiking about have not done anything wrong or caught in the act, the witches operates spiritually not ordinary eyes or person can see and ordinary power can not overcome them but when God is ready to disgrace them and put an end to their evil works they will surely confess wherever they are and they can even come to the public place and confess and no one can stop or cover their mouth not to say what they have done in there secret places, it is not by looking at somebody because she beg for aim or because of her age and you called her witch, it is true that the bible said do not let the witches live Exodus 22:18 but he also said in Ephesians 6:10-18 finnally my brethren, be strong in the lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against power, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavely places. therefore take up the whole armor God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day…….. by doing this you will be able to overcome all demonic power and remember Philipians 2:9-11. that God has given us one name that is above all name that in the name of Jesus every kneel must bow, but by killing innocent old woman is a sin Exodus 20:13 you shall not murder. God will be angry with any one that have hand in her death, how will you feel if your mother was killed for wrong accusation? my own grandmother was above 100 years old before she died, she died peacefully in her home.

  2. its quite obvious that certain sections of this populace are still living a life under the stars and believe in this type of shitology.A womans life has been taken as a result of ignorance.
    why are these people ignorant you might well ask?
    They are ignorant because the powers that be are too busy buliding presidential palaces……new embassies…….foreign affairs offices………and bullshitting about homos, rather than providing decent education and healthcare for the people of this beautiful country.
    Atta Mills you and your cronies have a lot to answer for, and with Gods help it will be sooner rather than later.


  4. Indeed Illiteracy is the greatest disease which is keeping Ghana in the Stone Age. Madam Ama Hemmah’s only crime is being an old woman, unfortunately she is not alone these crimes are being committed against helpless victims allover Ghana in churches (particularly Pentecostal churches), in their homes and communities. Many of these victims are children and elderly women who may have mental illness or old age confusion (dementia).These crimes are not being investigated, in fact most of the victims are accused of witch craft by their own family members and are usually turned in to the church or to the person performing the “deliverance” who then tortured, abused and forced them to say they are witches. The Ghanaian government needs to crack down and bring into justice all those churches and individuals who participate in these acts against fellow citizens, IT IS THE DUTY OF A DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT!

  5. May the soul of our dear grandmother rest in perfect peace. and to those who comitted this heinous crime must know that, old age comes with changes in physical appearance. please do not think that ugly or wrinkled bodied grandma’s are witches. may the Almighty Father forgive you.

  6. What a hell is going in Ghana? How can they certify that someone is a witch? Are they God? or Do they have Special powers to detect witches? These people should be dealt with for their criminal action… It’s time we must learn how to respect our elderly people… Western countries build Residencies specially made for old people, these old people we are killing today for nonsense reasons paved the way we are moving on today. Illitracy is really a great disease. God Bless and Save Ghana.

  7. this is very sad. And it is in the bible that witches are to be burnt. this is unbearable.

  8. If really she is a witch.Yes! all witch must to be burnt alive one way in other,or sent them into life in prison.They are disstopping the innocent ones.

  9. whoever got involved in perpetuating this ungodly, satanic and diabolic act of cruelty should not be spared.please, bring them to book and let them face the full rigors of the law. please!!!!!!!!

  10. OMG.. This is so sad, she went to visit her son just to burnt alive..the evangelist should have known that what they were doing to the old woman was against the teachings of tru christianity.

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