Mills: The ‘king of peace’ and his wooden-goggles (1)

When a self-acclaimed ‘asomdwee hene’ who is suppose to critically monitor the behaviour of his appointees, deliberately, chooses to put on a pair of very ‘huuuuuge’ goggles made of wood, then you need not be told what his intensions really are.

And to make matters worse, if this individual happens to have problem with his hearing too, then those around him can be emboldened to go about engaging in illicit and extremely rigorous sexual escapades with innocent girls at gun-point and still walk around the corridors of power with their chest held up high!!

The president, after promising to heal wounds and unite the nation during his inaugural speech, has now accepted the fact that Ghana is currently sharply divided and therefore has woefully failed. Hence, his resort to summoning Christian and Muslim leaders of Ghana to emergency meetings at the Peduase Lodge on 12th and 24th November, 2010,respectively, and beseeching them to intervene by praying for the nation.

Strangely enough, when Kufuor renovated the Peduase Lodge, Atta-Mills and his social-democratic apologists said it was a senseless expenditure and that the money could have been channeled into a better area of the economy. But today, this place has become a frequent wining and dining place for him and his bunch of counterfeit social-democrats.

Again, E.T Mensah who was the praise and worship leader during these meetings at Peduase is the very same person who referred to Ghanaian workers, calling for their share of the national cake, as NPP supporters. Tony Aidoo, who referred to these very men of God as mad because they speak in tongues, still sits under the same roof at the castle with Atta-Mills.

The president asked Ghanaians to “avoid verbal violence and intemperate language on Radio and Television” and that “I get worried about what people say when I read the papers and listen to the radio”. (Daily Graphic, 2/7/10. pg.16)

Ironically, Atta-Mills is a direct beneficiary of massive insults heaped on Kufuor by these juvenile-delinquents and adult-vagabonds he has rewarded with deputy ministerial appointments and useless portfolios at the seat of government respectively. He must therefore come out and apologize to the people of this nation, and instead of summoning the clergy to engage in his usual hypocrisy, he must rather ask them to pray for him so that the fraud he and his lying brigade have perpetrated on the good people of this nation could be forgiven.

Here I would suggest to the president never to use the word ‘worried’. The appropriate expression I would advise him to use, henceforth, is; “I get shocked but not surprised”. This is because he was excited when these youth he has appointed as deputy ministers went on character-assassination-rampage during the 2008 electioneering campaign and destroyed both animate and inanimate objects that crossed their path and making outrageous promises just to make sure he became the president.

President Kufuor was described as a man from the forest and therefore had no appreciation of issues confronting the fisher folks along the coasts of Ghana, stretching from Aflao to Half-Asini.This deception by the then candidate Atta-Mills, resulted in so much disaffection for the NPP which reflected in the voting pattern of all our fishing communities.

But, under the nose of the president who comes from the coast and therefore possesses the ‘fishing-expedition-magic-wand’, our brothers and sisters in the fishing industry have virtually been reduced to penury because they have acquired bank loans but cannot lay hands on pre-mix fuel to enable them embark on fishing expeditions, in order to pay back these loans.

Pair-trawling which was shamefully turned into a campaign hymnal against the NPP, still persists with frightening intensity. Some of these fisher folks are even said to be committing suicide as a result of high economic pressures on them. Availability of pre-mix fuel has become the preserve of NDC officials and its distribution is riddled with plain thievery. Yet, the president who would like to be referred to as the ‘corruption-busting-Czar’ is looking on sheepishly.   

During his interaction with the press at the Castle during his 1-year in office, the president declared that he “cannot work with people who do not share my vision”; even-though these individuals might be very competent professionals in their chosen fields.

This wicked, vindictive, selective, unpatriotic and nation-wrecking mind-set of Atta-Mills was demonstrably actualized, when he sacked some extremely fine brains as Prof. Ken Agyeman-Attefuah as the head of the National Identification Authority (NIA), Ras Boateng of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Ahomka-Lindsey of the Ghana Export Promotion Council (GEPC) and so on. Such fine brains have, today, been replaced with stark illiterates whose blood streams are loaded with tons of HIV and are going about sexually harassing young female employees.

So, where lies the quintessence of this bogus characterization of Atta-Mills as an ‘asomdwee hene’ and a ‘father-for-all’?

How can the president expect people like Prof. Ken Agyeman-Attefuah, Ras Boateng and Ahomka-Lindsey to rally behind him when he has caused them so much pain by recklessly removing them from office with the flimsiest of an excuse that they do not share his vision?

According the president, he cannot be ‘equally-yoked’ with people who do not share his vision. So, I keep wondering why he turns round to ask all Ghanaians to support him to succed.Don’t we also reserve the right to dislike the Atta-Mills administration? Don’t we also reserve the right to marshal all forces at our disposal to bring down the Atta-Mills administration just like how ‘Massa’ Kwesi Pratt taught us to do to Kufuor?

Were Atta-Mills and his fictitious socialist surrogates not aware of this idea of the entire citizenry rallying behind a sitting government to enable it chart the course of developing the nation when Kufuor was the president? This incessant call for all Ghanaians to rally behind Atta-Mills, in my view, is utterly useless and shamefully hypocritical after he had dismissed all these fine brains heading our state institutions on the flimsiest of an excuse that they did not share his ‘vision’.

The president who is calling for decency in our public discourse is the very same person who has rewarded people like Kobby Acheampong, Fifi Kwetey(an alleged Togolese),James Agyenim-Boateng,Samuel Okudzato-Ablakwa,Ama Benyiwa-Doe,Baba ‘the jihad’ Jamal,Koku ‘the bull’ Anyidoho, Tony Aidoo, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah,Nii Lantey Vanderpuye,Hannah Bissiw and Anita ‘d-Chocho’ with political appointments.

What good thing do these above mentioned individuals have to offer Ghanaians except crass notoriety for spewing foul and obscene language and total lies? How on earth can a president who has surrounded himself with people who have no regard for decency, turn round and, hypocritically, play the victim of insults?

Kwesi Pratt and Raymond Archer(hypocrites par-excellence) who nearly brought our great nation to the point of civil war through reckless pronouncements on Radio Gold during the 2008 election run-off ,have today become the ‘darling-boys’ of Atta-Mills and are being rewarded with pleasure trips around the globe  with extremely juicy per-diems as if there is no tomorrow. These are the very same people who were vehemently speaking against foreign travels only a few months back.

Now, if Atta-Mills is comfortable with such double-faced ‘senior’ journalists who have perfected the art of virtually crawling on their senior journalistic bellies just to dip the tip of their crooked double-tongue into a pot of ‘nkwan deewa’, then how does he expect the good people of this nation to see him as a sincere person?

The tertiary education students confederacy(TESCON) personnel sent to the Volta region by the NPP as polling agents during the 2008 elections, were chased out like rats, at the orders of a chief who ironically profited immensely under the Kufuor administration. And through very artful acrobatic summersault, this very chief is now a prominent member of the current NDC government too.Dr.Ohene, who tried to stop an electoral larceny by the ‘asomdwee hene’ party somewhere in the Volta Region, was beaten to pulp with one of his eye-ball almost gushing out.

Will a president who is truly desirous of moving our nation forward in unity dispense with the services of the likes of Ahomka-Lindsey, Agyeman-Attefuah, Ras Boating and so on, only to engage the services of stark illiterates and alleged AIDS-infected rapists as board members and managers of our para-statals?

I therefore find it blasphemous, when Atta-Mills goes about sermonizing that he is an ‘asomdwee hene’  and a ‘father for all’  and that it was God who made him the president of this nation after riding on the crest of such levels of unsurpassed political thuggery, criminality, lies, intimidation and massive electoral ‘kuluulu’ to ‘win’ the 2008 elections.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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