Amina Saga: There are many more questions than answers

Preamble: Whoever sent his son up the palm to gather nuts will take an axe to fell the tree? A god that demands the sacrifice of a chick might raise it to a goat if you went to ask a second time. If the rat cannot flee fast enough, let it make way for the tortoise. The house that President Mills, alias Baba Go Slow, aka Professor Do Little has been planning to pull down has caught fire and saved him the labour of doing so.

Amina Mohammed is innocent: There s no doubt about that. The fumbling and wobbling Mills’ administration, knowing fully well that it cannot solve the numerous problems it has created, either by inaction or ill-preparedness has once again unleashed its rabid dogs after innocent and defenceless Ghanaians. But come December, 2012, we shall show them that we are not defenceless or powerless as they think.

A challenge to Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa. I am saying that Okudzeto Ablakwa and others who today are justifying Baba Go Slow’s crude method of using torture, mudslinging and any dirty method that has a name is the greatest liar that ever lived on the surface of this sinful earth. Ask me why and I will tell you. The rabid dogs can arrest me if they like but that cannot cow my spirit from saying the bitter truth. Infact, my blood is boiling as I reflect on Baba’s insensitivity to the atrocities being perpetrated against the silent majority as epitomized in the person of Amina.

In fact, I want to tell my numerous readers that they are going to read a lengthy essay. They should not expect anything less because I have so much to write on the subject.  How do people expect my message to get across if I give a summary? When I write, I want my message to get to go down to the grass-roots. I raise an issue, explain and give copious examples to buttress my point. That is my style and I don’t beg anybody who has not fallen in love with my style to read my write – ups. . This is no apology 

Posers for Okudzeto Ablakwa and others: From where did the Deputy Minister of Misinformation get his list or manifest of passengers who travelled on board the ill-fated Yutong Bus on that day? In Ghana, apart from the STC which used to ‘manifest’ its passengers some year past, which other transport company, takes particulars of passengers who travel on its busses? I know a company in conjunction with the various transport unions intends to embark upon a passenger-welfare scheme, but the scheme is yet to take off. Thus, it beats my understanding as to where the Squealer of a Deputy Minister (Animal Farm) got his list from. I am therefore inclined to believe that the list purported to have come from the Squealer of a Deputy Misinformation Minister could not be authentic.

Okudzeto Ablakwa should tell us the origin of his list and we shall make enquiries as to whether or not the owner/company has been taking particulars of passengers who travel aboard its fleet of busses. He should tell us when the owners started manifesting its passengers and whether or not, it is still doing so.

The Deputy Misinformation Minister and the failed Baba’s administration should not think that we are less intelligent so that they could invent cock and bull stories and expect us to swallow them hook, line and sinker. No, Ghanaians are more than that!

The list being flaunted on the faces of Ghanaians does not appear to be genuine. I challenge Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa to circulate the list and we shall do our own personal checks on them. Let him assemble the people on his list and we shall provide the authentic list. At least, some people have come forward to corroborate Amina’s story. Let him produce his witnesses of untruth and we shall produce ours of truth. The two groups should then be brought together to confront each other and Ghanaians will then know who is telling the truth and the liars amongst us. 

The Minuses in Amina’s Story: People have raised doubts about Amina’s story on account of certain things which they allege do not follow any logical sequence. The first has to do with the fact that Amina said the operation lasted about one and half hours within which time no vehicle used that route. Those who pooh pooh the story claim no such thing could have occurred on such a busy road for such a lengthy period without any vehicle passing by. My answer to such people is simple. Amina’s time of more that one and a half hours might not be accurate. You see, when you go through such a traumatic experience as those on board the ill-fated bus did, even five minutes might seem like eternity. If you were to use that as an excuse to disbelieve her story, you might not get to the heart of the matter.

Also, the fact that no vehicle passed by at the time the operation lasted could be easily explained. If you heard that armed robbers were operating on a certain road, would you be foolish enough to use that route?

From various accounts, we know that the armed robbers fired some shots into the air. That might have frightened would be users of that road to make a detour or wait until they received an ‘all clear’ signal before proceeding on their journey. Even in our homes, when we hear a neighbor shouting for help on account of being under attack from men of the underworld, how many people come out of their houses in pursuit of the criminals, more especially so if one hears of gun shots? It becomes “each man for himself and God for us all”.

The Exact Location of the incident:  The fact that Amina said the incident happened at a location close to Takyiman whereas it happened near Ejisu should not make one disbelieve her story. We all do make such mistakes if we found ourselves in a strange terrain. She said there was a robbery incident and true, there was. Should we say that because she got the name of the location wrong, there was no robbery or attempted robbery and rape cases? No! Okudzeto added a new and quixotic angle to the whole issue when he said in their effort to find out whether any such thing occurred, they went to many places including Tema Police Station. I said, Samuel, stop there! How could you do such a thing? It was a sinister plot being hatched clandestinely to create credibility doubts in Amina’s story.

The alleged Rape incident: I tend to disagree with those who claim that under threat of death, there will be erectile malfunctioning. What medical or scientific facts do they have to back up their contention? Let us go back to history and recount various incidents to debunk such erroneous assertion.
What do you say about pedophiles who take sexual delight in children, including babies? Do they or don’t they have an errection before defiling their victims? How do you expect a fully grown male to insert his manhood into the private part of a small baby, some as young as three months old? But such deviants get their sexual satisfaction all right!

The body system at times defies all medical or scientific logic: You see, the human body can react to different situations under strange circumstances. There is no logical reasoning or scientific facts that can be used to explain such acts when they occur. Under fear or threat of death, the human body gets some super-natural strength or energy to do the almost impossible task. People under attacks from wild animals have fought and killed their attackers including lions and tigers.   Where such people get their strength from is beyond human comprehension. And that is the reason why if the human being is pressed against the wall, even the docile and timid ones them will react or fight back.

The Survival instinct: You see, when the matter has to do with the survival of the human being, there is nothing logical about it. This is not the first time such an incident like this has happened. Armed robbers have forced parents to sleep with their children in their homes while other members of the family are forced to become spectators. It has happened many times. If you doubt it, pay a visit to our town, cities and villages and you will be shocked at what you might hear. Go there and you will hear whispers and murmurings. The only difference is that such incidents never got reported. If you doubt it take a short visit to some of the Nigerian institutions of higher learning to find out what rival cults do to each other in the same institution.

Worst things have happened under the Notorious Destructive Cancer: What is more bizarre or absurd that asking a human being to cut the flesh of his colleague put it in his mouth and then chew it. Yes, this thing happened right under our very eyes. Kyereme Djan, the junior brother of Boakye Djan and the youngest of the Gokas were made to cut each other’s back and forced to chew it. As unbelievable as it does seem to be, it actually did happen.

Sane and mentally balanced males sleep with dirty, smelling and mentally deficient females: Who would believe that respected men in the society could condescend to such an unbelievable level that they sleep with beggars and mad women. Mad women who might not have taken their bath for donkey number of years and smelling all over their bodies eventually become the comforter to some prominent person in our society. Are Okudzeto Ablakwa and members of the fumbling and wobbling Mills’ Administration telling us that there can be sexual intercourse between mad women and their patrons who happen to be prominent members in our society?  Are we to believe that because the mad women and the beggars have some pungent body odour, any male person who attempts to have sexual intercourse with any of them will not be able to do so because there will be no errection. If we were to buy such an assertion, can our Honourable Deputy Minister of Information tell us how such women mange to get pregnant? There is concrete evidence to show that some of these escapades have resulted in the mad women/ beggars becoming pregnant. Who say man no dey? Man dey kampe!

Fetish practices like spanking, bondage, dressing up and sadomasochism: Another thing: Is it natural or normal for someone to obtain sexual satisfaction from torture? How do you expect a man to have an errection after he has been tied up or bound and tortured with sticks and clubs sometimes studded with metal spikes? Such a thing is unnatural or abnormal, yet people who go through such ordeal are able to have errection. What do Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa and the rest say to these entire scenarios I have enumerated?

Biblical References: We read that Amnon, one of David’s children slept with Tamar, his half sister. We also read of the seduction of Noah by his two daughters. Then comes the mother of all revelations – Absalom slept with all the concubines David, his father left behind in Jerusalem. This was done in full glare of all Israel. Under normal circumstances, sex is supposed to be done in secret and even when a third person appears on the scene as the show is going on, the erect manhood shrinks. But in Absalom’s case nothing like that happened. There was an errection and penetration at the same time.

More Examples:   We have had instances of fathers defiling and raping their daughters. Countless examples abound in this country. There is an on-going case of an alleged incest against a so-called Prophet called ‘Jesus One Touch’.  Recently we heard a case involving a father who kept his daughter a prisoner in his home and had sex with her for donkey number of years and even fathered many children from her. We have not forgotten the issue involving the Ghanaian Ambassador to one of the Latin American countries, (Brazil, I think) who used ‘tatashi’ to bulldoze his way through another person’ property to taste the sweet nectar that lies between the thighs of ‘Bathsheba’. Having had his way and like Tamar, our dishonourable Ambassador sacked the Nigerian staff from her job at the Embassy and all hell was let loose. The Ambassador’s action of trespassing on someone else’s property cost the country some hundred thousands of dollars. Call it ‘Financial losses to the state which Baba Go Slow’s administration is trying very hard to cover.

Other examples of improbability and impossibilities: Mr. Boakye Agyarko was shot at the firing range and was supposed to be dead, but he did not die. He was smuggled out of the country where he received proper medical treatment. How rational was it? But it did happen in Ghana under the watchful eyes of the PNDC soldiers.

Lest I forget. Well, do you remember that some Cubans who were trying to escape to the United States had their boats sunk? Everybody got drowned except one little child. We all recall the hullabaloo that followed the issue concerning the upkeep of the child. Eventually, the courts in the United States ruled that the child be sent back to Cuba and the Heavens did not fall.

What about Agbesi Nutsu? Yes, he too could not resist the temptation the daughters of Eve who were looking for jobs subjected him to. He was tasked with securing jobs for the jobless NDC youths. And like the ambassador, instead of being a father to all those young and innocent looking girls some of whom could be his daughters, our NDC man used the Castle as a place where he could put his selfish, parochial and nefarious plans into fruition. They came in their numbers. Come and see – different shapes, sizes and colours – The Ngozis or Oboshes, the atea adonkos and fatty bum bums, the kokoos and tumtums, not forgetting the tentens or tiatias (the tallers and shorters). Yes, Agbesi Nutsu was caught pants down and had to be fired by the Deputy Chief of Staff. But come to think of it. Is it natural or normal for the Castle which serves as the seat of power should be used to plot and perpetrate this heinous crime against our innocent victims whose only crime was that they dared walk into the lion’s den to enquire about jobs which the state owe them that responsibility, Agbesi Nutsu ought to have been arrested and put before the law courts for causing fear and panic among our female folks. I think we should put an electrical device on his body to trigger an alarm to warn all girls to take cover because danger is lurking around. 

Can someone tell me whether it is natural and normal for a male to mate with an animal, particularly, a she-goat? How can such a person have an errection? But evidence abounds to give credence to the fact that indeed such things do happen.

More Examples: Daily Graphic of Thursday July 17, 2009 had this news item: “World’s oldest mother dies at 69”. ‘A Spanish woman who became the world’s oldest woman when she gave birth in 2006 to twin boys at the age of 66 has died”. Again in the Daily Graphic of Saturday, February 6, 2010 was this bold headline on the front page. “Highway men strike at vehicles. – Rob victims in hail of gun fire” The story was by Samuel Kyei Boateng. “Six highway men allegedly shot and wounded four passengers and robbed a number of them of various sums of money and mobile phones between Mepom and Asikasu on the Asamankese-Nsawam Road at dawn yesterday. A female conductor of Metro Mass Transit bus, with registration number AS9344Z, was allegedly stripped naked and her private parts searched for more money because the robbers were dissatisfied with the day’s sales she declared to them

Surprise? Are you surprised that the President, Baba Go Slow’s acolytes are trying desperately to create some credibility doubts in Amina’s story? You shouldn’t be for that is the stock in trade of the NDC. You remembered what happened after Anas exposure of the rot that was going on at the Osu Children’s Home. What did E.T. Mensah, the sector Minister not say about Anas intention in releasing the tapes? Even when the operatives at the Home were captured on tape doing what they know best, they were still denying the fact that what was on the tapes were not real, perhaps the hallucination of the mind!

The Bawku Strip Case: The Bawku Strip Case: This is the mother of all revelations. When it was reported that soldiers had stripped two Ghanaian male adults naked and paraded them through the principal streets of Bawku, the military heads came out to debunk the assertion as lacking merit and warned the press to stop peddling unfounded allegations. But lo and behold, the military hierarchy was ashamed and had to eat apple pie when video recordings of the incident were aired. In one instance the muzzle of the gun was put into the mouth of one of the ‘captured prisoners of war. Can you imagine that?  Ghanaians treating their fellow countryman in this way! Americans will never under any circumstance treat any of their citizens like that, not even prisoners of war. If they did any such thing like was portrayed in the video, public protest would be so strong that the offending military personnel will be court-martialled.

The Vice President is insincere. The Vice President, John Dramani Mahama, has by his action proved not to be a true gentleman after all. The mark of a true gentleman is the readiness to accept his faults and ask for forgiveness.  So far, our man has proved to everybody that he is not a man to be trusted. Both the President are always wobbling and fumbling. He it was who went to Sekondi Takoradi and promised the chiefs and people of the Western Region that in the event of the NDC winning the 2008 Presidential Election, the Notorious Destructive Cancers’ Government will use 10% of the oil revenue to develop the Region. This was published in the Ghanaian Times of Tuesday 2nd August, 2008 and in Myjoyonline on 31st August 2008.

Again on September 1, 2008 the Daily Graphic published this observation made by the V.P at Sekondi-Takoradi that because of empty promises made by politicians, Ghanaians have branded all politicians as being insincere. Now, the Chiefs, taking a cue from what the VP had earlier on told them now make a passionate appeal to the powers that be to give them their legitimate due. Only 10% is all that they are asking. Is it too much for the sake of our corporate existence? The Notorious Destructive Cancer is crying foul. They are saying that the VP never made any such statement and that at the time he was deemed to have made that promise he was holed up somewhere in the Northern Region.  Haba! So is John Abu Jinapor telling us that for over 8 or 9 months in 2008, the Vice President, then Running Mate to Baba Go Slow campaigned only in the Northern parts of the country and never travelled to any other part of the country? Now if the story was not true, why did John Mahama not drag both media houses to the National Media Commission or to the courts?

Tacit Understanding amongst the travellers: You see there was a tacit understanding among all the passengers that nobody should say anything about the rape issue. The driver would not have reported the case if not because he was going to file for claims from the insurance company. I understand what might have prompted them to come to such an agreement and I sympathize with them. Which boyfriend or husband will continue a happy relationship with the partner if he heard that his wife of girlfriend had been raped in a bus? Nobody! And the shame of it!! Unimaginable!!! Amina did not face any such predicament, hence her decision to come public with the revelation. She was not amongst those who were raped. If she had been given the Yutong treatment, I doubt whether she would have gone public.

Posers for the driver and his backers: The driver says another vehicle was ahead of him when the incident occurred and that the robbers had used logs to block the road. Now can Okudzeto Ablakwa and the Police tell us if the second vehicle reported the incident at the Police Station? If he did not, what efforts have the police made to get him” arrested” for failing to report an attempted robbery incident and also to hear his side of the case? Why should the police release the vehicle for the driver to continue the journey that night? Did the driver go back to the police station after the initial report? Why did they not impound the vehicle in the same way that they kept Amina in the police custody beyond the normal period they could hold her?

Why should Amina be arrested and charged? Let me state here without fear of contradiction that arresting and arraigning Amina before our courts of law for causing fear and panic is the worst atrocity the President, John Atta Mills, alias Baba Go Slow, aka, Professor Do Little can inflict on ordinary Ghanaians. The act smacks of nothing but political intimidation and intolerance. It is alien, anachronistic, absurd, divisive, ungodly, unethical, unthinkable, unpalatable, unprincipled, unprecedented, unhealthy, unfriendly, unreasonable, unGhanaian, unimaginable, unwise, unrighteous, unfair, undemocratic, ridiculous, retrogressive, repressive, purposeless, vindictive, ‘capricious and whimsical’ and is calculated to cause fear and panic amongst the citizenry.

VISION 2012: And that is why we are asking you this question: Will you join us by embracing the ideals and tenets of Vision 2012? The main focus of Vision 2012 is the election and inauguration of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as President.  Nana, unlike the fumbling and wobbling Professor Do Little has what it takes to get us out of the economic quagmire/doldrums. Under Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, no government fiat or fatwa will be used to cause fear and panic amongst the citizenry. Under him, injustice will be a thing of the past and could only be found in the dictionary of the Nefarious Destructive Cancer.  Under him people like Yaw Dankwa, founder of Church of Satan at Akwatia, who was seen firing a pistol during the Akwatia re-run election and Anita de Souza, who exhibited her ungodly, inhuman and unGhanaian characteristics during the Atiwa Bye-Election will never be given such an opportunity to exhibit their ‘animalistic’ tendencies in a decent society such as ours. Nana will not fumble and wobble like Baba Go Slow.

The name Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo is synonymous with progress, success, development and justice. He has antidotes to most of our problems. Give him a chance and a new chapter will be written in your life. It will be a chapter of Hope.

Daniel Danquah Damptey   (danieldanquah_damptey@yahoo. com)

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