Grandma set ablaze in Alleged Exorcism Attempt

A 72-year-old grandmother suffered one of the most barbaric of deaths when she was burnt alive by a mob at Tema Site 15 after being accused of being a witch.

A student-nurse, who appeared on the scene, attempted to rescue the old woman from her ordeal but the woman died of her burns within 24 hours of arrival at the Tema General Hospital.

Five people who allegedly tortured and extracted the confessions of witchcraft from Ama Hemmah before drenching her in kerosene and setting her ablaze have been arrested by the Tema Police.

But the suspects, including an evangelist, denied the crime and claimed that they were rather praying to exorcise the evil spirit from the deceased, Ama, when the anointing oil they had applied to her body caught fire.

Two of the suspects are Samuel Ghunney, a 50-year-old photographer, and Pastor Samuel Fletcher Sagoe, 55, the evangelist.

The rest are Emelia Opoku, 37; Nancy Nana Ama Akrofie, 46, and Mary Sagoe, 52, all unemployed.

Briefing the Daily Graphic on the incident, the Tema Regional Police Commander, Mr Augustine Gyening, Assistant Commissioner of Police, said about 10 a.m. on November 20, 2010, Samuel Fletcher Sagoe visited his sister (Emelia) at Site 15, a suburb of Tema Community 1, and saw Madam Hemmah sitting in Emelia’s bedroom at a time Emelia had sent her children to school.

Mr Gyening said Samuel then raised an alarm, attracting the attention of the principal suspect, Samuel Ghunney, and some people in the neighbourhood.

According to him, the suspects claimed that Madam Hemmah was a known witch in the area and subjected her to severe torture, compelling her to confess to being a witch.

He said after extracting the confession from Madam Hemmah, Ghunney asked Emelia for a gallon of kerosene and with the help of his accomplices, poured it all over the woman and set her ablaze.

Mr Gyening said a student-nurse, Deborah Pearl Adumoah, who chanced upon the barbaric act, rescued Madam Hemmah and sent her to the Community One Police Station, from where she was transferred to the Tema General Hospital, but she died the following day.

In their caution statement, the suspects denied the offence and explained that they poured anointing oil on the old woman which caught fire when they offered prayers to exorcise the demon from her.

The docket has since been sent to the Attorney-General’s Department for advice, while the body of the deceased has been deposited at the Police Hospital mortuary for autopsy.
Source: Daily Graphic


  1. SMH @ some these fucking comments. Does the fact than an innocent woman was burned ALIVE escape you all?!! What the hell does Obama and wherever the hell he hails from have to do with anything? You Americans make me sick…And you wonder why most of the WORLD despises your ass. Seriously, get a fucking clue.

  2. I know that some of these posts were written days ago, but I have to comment. Some of you people are completely ignorant. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, it may not be physically connected to North America, but it is still North American territory, so let that argument go, he’s American. It’s laughable to me that you people are still so bent out of shape to see a black man in the white house that you still try to blame him for everything negative that happens. Get over it he’s the president, and for the next year and a half there’s nothing you can do about it. SMH at the haters

  3. All u people are idiots a woman was burned alive in my eyes that’s murder an it’s very brutal to do that to anyone black white yellow brown Christian Muslim whatever I jus pray that gods grace an mercy an wrath handle this whole situation…

  4. A Mr. Baker… that was a beautiful post. It brought a tear to my eye! You’re awesome dude!

  5. It amazes me with the levels of hypocracy displayed in certain individuals comments. If not racist there does seem to be a level of bias within many of the comments made. Many individuals unfairly judge people based on their religious affiliations but a man should be judged individually based upon the merits of his character. I find it humorous to say the least that a completely unrelated article led to judgements on our President as well as an entire continent of people due to the actions of a few. And no not ALL republicans are racist and it is unfair to assume so just as ALL democrats aren’t saints either. At the end of the day a politician is usually for the advancement of his own agendas and unfortunately for many black people this is non beneficial to them as they often find themselves overlooked, and alot of these issues have been more blatant under the rule of right wing america- i’m sorry its just the truth. I also believe that Obama is judged much more harshly and more easily criticized because he is black. And yes having a mother from Kansas makes you a US citizen as well as being born in any US territory. A lot of individuals should study the laws of their country and educate themselves rather than throw out unbeneficial ignorant and negative comments based on no fact nor merit.

  6. @FESTE

    Where are you getting this erroneous information? Where were you educated? Glenn Beck’s School for Scholars?? LOL

    1. . Slavery was and IS the BASIS of COLONIALISM ECONOMICS. Any dumb ass can see the benefits of slave labor. This is why EVERY SINGLE LOCATION that was colonized by the Europeans was rife with Slavery.
    Slavery gave birth to the CAPITALIST system we are currently in. How else would less than 5% of the world’s population have control over 95% of the wealth (earth resources)????? That couldn’t possibly happen in a pure trade system because by the definition of trade it is an EXCHANGE. Exchange meaning BOTH PARTIES RECEIVE SOMETHING!!.

    Mathematically, a TRADE SYSTEM WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE when you have 5% of the population owning 95% of the wealth (earth resources)!! If we were truly under a trade system those numbers would be more balanced. That means that the 5% that now own nearly everything were able to ACQUIRE RESOURCES WITHOUT HAVING TO GIVE AN EQUAL OR FAIR AMOUNT FOR THAT ACQUISITION. Something was put in place that allowed them to profit GREATLY with little or NO INVESTMENT. There was no stock market back then….they made money off of trade….trade is necessitated by LABOR. Slavery is the FORCED LABOR AND IMPRISONMENT. You do the math Genius!

    Please read the book Slavery and Capitalism.

    2. Islam is a fairly NEW religion (less than 2500 years old) and is generally isolated to particular regions. It recently has spread to other countries and even then they have small communities within other countries. Chiristianity is and has been a WORLDWIDE RELIGION. Largely because Christianity is the Religion That GOVERNED the LAWS of the European empire. So think about how many wars the EUROPEANS have been fought in the past to gain control of land and instill their religion and ways of life…. Lets see…… We have the Spanish Inquisition, Roman Inquisition, The Crusades, The Slaughter of the American Indians, I could go on and on. Go add up the death tolls on those wars and you will be well into the tens of millions….

    The Muslims on the other hand were the victims of the Crusades. So much that the Christian church apologized for the Crusades AGAIN in 2005. Any other wars the Muslims fought were amongst EACH OTHER or were small battles with other countries so WTF are you talking about? Give me some examples…

    3. Who the hell was bitching about the Mosque (which is actually not a mosque but a cultural center) being built by the World Trade Center?? You don’t want a CULTURAL INSTITUTION but it’s OK to open a Strip Club that’s a notorious hangout for prostitutes right across the street. Goodness!! People’s priorities are all screwed up.

  7. Why is it that majority of the people that have responded to this article turn it into a descussion about the prez??? You guys have nothing better to do but respond with a whole different toppic that looks over the fact that a woman was burned to death. And some of you have no clue abou the 50 states or continents. To bad it just shows how racist majority of you are. I’m glad he’s the prez, Bush fucked us for 8yrs and everybody was fine with that but you REPUBS expect him to fix the econ in he short amount of time he’s been there… get a life all of you and let the man do his job. You people have no sympathy for this woman or her family.. UGH you guys make me vomit

  8. Its sad really, this post could be about an animal being ran over, and you guys would turn it into something being wrong with Obama. This story has NOTHING to do with Obama! I don’t get why people are so hateful, and angry, and eager to know things that really have nothing to do with them. I bet you guys wake up in morning, and blame Obama for the sun not being bright enough, smh!

  9. Now I’m 18 and African American….I don’t get why everyone is arguing over race and where Obama was or wasn’t born. I don’t get to into politics for this reason, people are just one sided. I mean a woman was burned alive and all we can do is argue over race. I wonder would the arguments be different if it was a Caucasian, Mexican, Indian, etc person? Honestly I’m just a little confused is all. I can care less where a person lives or the colour of their skin or race were all human at the end of the day we all have two arms and two legs. Not to be corny but its like Lion King Two…”Them, us? What differences so you see? They are us.” Unless someone is trying to bomb or blow us up I don’t see a reason to discriminate at all, its sad we can’t get along because of race or the colour of our skin.

  10. I titled my name as ‘almost speechless’ because I am ‘shocked’ at the reality that has unfolded before my eyes as I read comment after daunting comment initially regarding an article about a human being who was brutually tortured and murdered all with the pretense of ‘Christianity’. The comments that ensued and the direction most of them subsequently took was, for me, immensely disturbing. Unfortunately, most people are unaware how much they can communicate, unbeknowingly, by not only what they say but also what they don’t say! The insight that was conveyed to me about the various comments is what was so disturbing for me. All I can say is that for many commentors-my heart goes out you and I hope that at some point or one day-you’ll get a revelation to understand what I am really speaking about. What I am seeing almost across the board is many people who are seemingly unhappy. Do I understand it-yes! Can that happiness be found-YES! It so unfortunately how the comments went so wayward and off topic (but I understand that too because the wayward comments where obviously on people’s mind and in their hearts).
    All I can say is that if all of the people who made negative or offensive comments where to use that same passion in a positive and constructive manner-imagine what a difference you all could make in this falling world that we all have inherited from our fore fathers just as President of the United States has been the unfortunate benefactor to inherit a fallen government as a result of MANY presessors who stood before him. We may have all come to the US, or to any country around the world in different ships, but not matter our skin color, nationality, creed, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, education, etc. we are ALL in the same ship now!

  11. Okay I’m still curious to how did Obama become the topic of the conversation here.!
    Its ashame how people can be so evil and jealous towards someone who is simply grinding and prusuing there dreams.
    Regaurdless of anything you say (fact, opinon or bullshit) Obama I still in the white house trying his best.!
    Y’all need to be praying for this lady family, instead making all types of judgments.!

  12. Obama was born in Kenya. He himself has said this. However since his mother was an American citizen, that automatically makes him a US citizen. Oh, and in America, we have the freedom to worship as we like, or not worship at all. Unfortunately, it is those who choose NOT to worship who are trying to take freedom of worship away from all of us. The main reason the pilgrims came to America in the first place was so that they could worship as they wanted to. That is a known fact, despite what revisionists say.

  13. So sad. Obama was given the power and opportunity to be a Rev. King, or a Mandela and instead he has ripped our nation apart for political gain.

  14. Yet another example of how enlightened religious folks are. As we enter the 21st century, we should abolish all forms of relgion or these stories will become the norm not the exception.

  15. Wow I read this horrible article and the very first thing that I see is a racist and outrageous comment disrespecting the President of our beloved country. I feel really sorry for those of you with so much hate in your heart. How about you quit turning every situation into an “Obama” situation. He is BLACK and from the USA (a country that has oppressed his race forever). Get over it and move on with your lives.Your complaining will not prove anything except that you are ignorant and sad about something that you can NOT change. On behalf of a wonderful group of college students I say “Welcome to the Future!”

  16. Pitiful, how did we get from an innocent person being murdered so horribly, to our president and what he is or isn’t, and where he is from? All of you that spoke about that are ignorant and cruel, U might as well stop complaining, because HE IS NOT GOING ANY WHERE. Prayers to the family, hope they heal from all the pain this has caused them. You people suck harder than a vacuum cleaner!!!

  17. and for those of you that dont av any clue in geography, Ghana is in west africa and Kenya is in east africa. Morons!!!!!!!!!

  18. Taxes are lower under Obama. Other Presidents do not need to provide a” birth certificate” to run for President and Hawaii is part of America. Doesn’t matter where he was born as his mother was a natural born US citizen. John McCain wasn’t born in A US territory but was a US citizen also.

    Some really stupid people here who embarrass America

  19. what the freak is all of yalls problems this has nothingto do with barack obama in the first place and all you people who want to see his birth certifcate get over it his the presidnet you cant do anything about you had a problem when it was bush now you have a problem grow up and get off your bumie behinds and do something with your life instead of worrying about somebodies birth certificate. and yes im fourteen so if you wanna say im too young go ahead but i see everything and i understand that some people cant understand that when stuff is done it cant be undone. so get over it he is in the white house now if he wasnt suppose to be there he wouldn’t be…

  20. OK guys to clear the uneducated air here…you have to be a natural born citizen of the US to be president. So a child of two American citizens who is born on U.S. SOIL is clearly eligible to be President. Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii…AMERICAN SOIL (which is considered a part of Oceania, but politically part of the US). So for you slow people, someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t be president. RED, Obama was not born in Kenya you need to go back to grade school and learn your constitution.

    ON ANOTHER NOTE: how sad what they did to this woman. It’s very reminiscent of the Salem witch trials. So sad.

  21. I admire the student-nurse for doing the right thing and trying to save this poor woman who surely did not deserve such a death. Why does being seen sitting in a sister’s bedroom warrant such cruelty? This story makes very little sense.

  22. Ihatebuffoons,
    No, the two most violent religions are atheistic communism and Islam. In its various forms, communism is responsible for the murders of between 170 million and 180 million non-uniformed civilians. Islam is estimated to have slaughtered over 270 million people throughout it torrid history. By the way, Islamic states throughout history have been the most profligate slavers. Virtually all the slaves sold in the world in the 16th and 17th century were kidnapped from their tribes and trafficked by Muslims.

    It is you who needs a more complete education in American history. The founding fathers recognized that slavery was an abomination, and took measures to phase it out. Slavery was still an accepted practice in much of the world economic order in those times, and these “white folks” as you called them, had the vision and inspiration to organize a government whose sole purpose was to protect individual liberty. They debated freeing the slaves at the constitutional convention, and settled on a compromise to phase it out in order to secure unanimity among the states in signing the new Constitution. They recognized slavery was wrong and detested the practice of slavery, but also realized that, in their economically weakened state from the war, that the fledgling United States, now deeply in debt, would have grave difficulty competing economically and establishing itself as a sovereign power without maintaining its economic strength. This was the reality. These “white folks” set in motion, via the their efforts and with clear vision, the very system that would eventually free all mankind if subscribed to.
    Destroying the age-old practice of slavery was not a simple matter – you aren’t qualified to sit in judgment of these “white folks” who created the American miracle, and who did it with the hope of blessing all mankind with individual freedom.

    Go read “The Real George Washington”, then you might start to see things a little more clearly, and realize that those old “white folks” were a helluva lot smarter than you give them credit for.

  23. Listen people. Stop responding to these hateful people.”Vengeance is mine!” says the Lord. If Obama is a liar and he is a bad man God will handle that. One thing is guaranteed you hateful people hiding behind Christianity you already have a spot ready for you in Hell.

    I am a Christian and I battle with my faults everyday. I will not add hate,self righteousness and ignorance to my sins. I am not speaking to the non believers. Based on the laws of the Good book. I rebuke you my fellow Christians turn from your evil ways of hatred and self righteousness. The end is near and you are Luke warm and the Lord will spew you from his mouth.
    You were shown the way but you ignore what was taught you. You cling to politics and worldly ideas. Jesus said “Give to Cesar what is his and give to God what is his.”

    My brothers in sisters in Christ you that read this you are compelled to do what is right now.

  24. I am not sure if any of you who have commented on the article are aware of this, but I would like to add this. The people who did this are Christian not Africans who just happens to be Christian or Christians that just happens to be African, but Christian. To be clearer, these murderers are Western Christian thinking people who just happens to have been born and live in Africa. They have Western Names. Samuel, Nancy, Emelia, and Mary. When Africans and all other non-White people convert to a Western religion called Christianity he or she must forsake their cultural names for Western names. Moreover, they must forsake their culture for Western culture such as Western holidays (Africans celebrate Christmas with Santa and reindeer). They must have a Western education in order to think like a Westerner, act like a Westerner, live and dress like a Westerner, and speak like a Westerner. It is Christianity (Western Culture) where women were burned after being accused of being a witch. Many women died due to the witch hunts by Christians in Europe. However, in a pure African indigenous culture prior to Western influence women like Ama were embraced as sacred healers and kept the cultural legacy intact. But, under Christianity (Western Culture) there can not be any other culture observances or Spiritual guides other than (Western) Christian Pastors or Evangelists. Thus, people like Ama are deemed witches and killing them are justified, for the Bible tells them so. Exodus 22:18 says, “Suffer not a witch to live.” Deuteronomy 18:10 says, “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.” However, the spiritual guides in Africa are not witches, but anything opposite of Western think is or Christianity is evil thus Ama and others are deemed witches. Billions of dollars are spent to maintain the Christian (Western) stronghold on the minds of Africans. Why I find it funny when real Westerners are shocked and appalled when they see Africans acting as Westerners killing and judging their people by Western standards. One person (Westerner) said Africans are barbaric. I say Africa is your mirror and since you don’t like what you see, change yourself first and then Africa can be what she was before our kind forced onto them our barbaric way of life.

  25. Forty8…. Kenya is not a continent… It is a country

    1. The civil war was not fought to free blacks from slavery. It was an economic battle. Freeing the slaves was a means of economically crippling the south. It wasn’t like white folks decided their acts were atrocious and needed to be stopped. If this was the reason, it wouldn’t have taken another 100 YEARS for whites to grant blacks with Civil RIGHTS.


    3. CHRISTIANITY hails as the most violent religion with over 80 million people murdered while trying to promote Chrisianity as the dominant religion.

    4. CHRISTIANITY concept was stolen from Africa. Original texts are written in the pyramids which predates the Bible by 5000 years but are almost an exact replica

    5. MUSLIM actually requires that they accept Jesus as a prophet ( Surah 4:159). So in essence Islam follows the Bible in the same manner that the New Testament follows the Old Testament.

    Since most of u appear to be knowitalls research these points for yourself. Do anything besides sound like pseudo-educated hate bloggers. Y’all may be educated but certainly not intelligent. Intelligence is the application of knowledge, logic, AND wisdom.

    After reading these posts I clearly understand why people think Americans are idiots.

  26. Celebrate Diversity, you primitive small brained thick skull-ed hypocritically racist retards.

  27. What a litany of bullshit. Unbelievable!

  28. What does the suspects being unemployed have to do with this elderly woman losing her life? Are they implying that only people unemployed people commit crimes, oh ok ! Not

  29. This poor grandmother is not part of the “Redneck Agenda” listed in these above comments and thank God neither am I or Barack Obama!

  30. Obama is from the continent of Kenya , born and bred !

  31. This is so bizzare to me. A woman was murdered and the replies are centered on where the president reins from. Insanity at its worse. to solve this issue on who belongs here is simple. get back on your banana boats and go back to where your ancestors came from and give the land back to the ones who founded this country. we are all foreigners in this place called America. all these folks complaining about my president can just pack up and go back to where your people come from (England, etc, etc) get out..this world would be so much better without think because your people stole, lied and shed blood makes you an American? Everything your sorry ancestors gained was at the cost of another life, dignity. Who would be proud to be known as this sort of animal?..shameful..

  32. Every country has some crazy people….

  33. Seriously, this frenzy of comments is all about Obama and the lies you are coming up with? That’s all I see here. This woman was burnt at the stake, no you can’t think of anything else, and all you go in Hey Ghana, Hey Kenya OBAMA, MUSLIM Christian stolen election, blah blah.

    I can’t believe how Sarah Palin (and others) you’ve gone over this. It is DISGUSTING!!!!

  34. regal – You wrote: “…according to american forefathers, the only way to make a country or continent civilized is to rape and pillage and murder the humans that already inhabit it..”

    You are confused. The Spanish Conquistadors did that in SOUTH America, and to this day S. Americans try to get North. North America was occupied by collonialists, not Conquistadors. Jamestown, Plymouth Plantation, and New Amsterdam.

    You seem entirely oblivious to the difference between Latin and North America. Latin Americans seem not oblivious at all.

  35. I have a 7 month old and it breaks my heart to know that this is the world that will be passed on to him. And it pains me that my husband and his fellow service members die and are dying to protect their right to say such hurtful and abominable things. God bless America!

  36. man that woman look like the spitter from left 4 dead. on a serious note a see in some places ignorance stills breeds, even if the woman was witch they still should of left her alone….witchcraft/wizardry isn’t against the law.

  37. To American – You wrote: “The audacity of us to continue to believe that one skin color is better than another.” You stipulate an ‘us’ who elected a brown man for President. Hardly evidence of colorizm in the US. Further, IMHO, the US is one of the least racist societies on earth. And I have been to about 50 of them.

    Further, I am unaware that any witch has ever been burned in North America. Salem HANGED a few, but the governor of Massachucetts put an end to that as an embarrasment more then 300 years ago.

    In addition, the Roman Catholic Church is entirely responsible for many unfortunate historical events. It is also entirely responsible for the fact Islamic Conquests were stopped at Tours and Viena [twice]. We might all be banging our heads five times a day towards Mecca otherwise.

    If we consider those places where the Islamic Conquests were complete, we have, well, North Africa as role models.

  38. most of you havent been to africa especially kenya and no wonder majority have got no clue as to what they are talking about. Most of it is a fat lie and am a Kenyan so stop hating.

  39. Did this thread really go from witchcraft to Obama to birth certificates to Republicans and and land on racism? LOL I can’t, I just can’t some people are just too easy!!!! LOL…..

    now what had happened was……”””” …..withcraft….”””””” old lady…..””””” dead! All that other shyt in between is irrelevant.

  40. I think every African American should thank the European colonialists for bring slavery to America. They can be thankful that the South put them to work and kept them from being sent back to Africa. Without slavery in America, many of today’s African Americans would be suffering he same fate as this poor black woman.

    • I thank the African man and woman who were strong enough to endure the harshness of slavery and Jim Crow, for had it not been for their sacrifice although against their will, many whites in America today like me who have black blood in them would not be here. If Africa is so bad, why are White Elites vacationing and living there? If Africa is so bad, why were the African Slaves praying to go back home. Remember, the Africa Africans who became the slaves of lazy Whites is not the Africa you know of today. That Africa was not totally under the foot of Western colonist as it is today. That Africa was not dominated by Christianity and Islam. In that Africa, there were no burning of the elders who were spiritual guides, Kevin.

  41. Wow…The American education system has really fallen I see…..the point of this story is about how evil people are around the world….we should be denouncing this act of violence, but yet we managed to turn it into something about Obama. Here is some advice in 2012 don’t press the button next to his name and move on. This was a very sick act, and I pray for mercy and for God to touch these people. Really sick of everything being Obama this Obama that….News: Weather is really bad out: Poster: Yeah liberal Obama is making the weather like this WTF! Seriously people LOL!

  42. To the woman who was tortured….No words could begin to say what you had gone thru…no body deserves to be persecuted like that at the hands of another being…your better off on the other side…ur safe now….God made us all and god doesn’t make mistakes.

  43. Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    Are we further advanced because we make witches ‘Speaker of the House’ ?

  44. whoever said obamas life is such a mystery, what’s a mystery? there has been childrens photos, and we know what high school and colleges he attended. what can he possible be hiding? it’s scary that hatred must be thrown upon racism, and prejudice. as a current college student, i hope this is not what the future holds for this country.

  45. You guys are duffusses. Kenya was part of Great Britain when Obama boy was born so he is a duel citizen. Part American / part great Britain. No one of duel citizenship is allowed to be president legally. Besides his father’s religion says he is what his father is no mater what his mother says they do not honor what women say in fact they beat their women if they act out….Hmmm you never hear that on the media do you. In fact it says in their unholy book it is OK to lie to forward the cause. He can lie all day a repent at a later date just so it forwards the cause. What a real lair he is.

  46. regal I must say you gave me chills speak on speak on

  47. The President is Obama so when refering to him you say “Mr. President” it wasn’t a problem doing with any other President in office so why is it now? President Obama is such because he was voted in. There has never been so much debate about the actions of other President’s in office and people need to look into what they were doing before President Obama came into office. Its amazing what you will find out that the government try to keep hush hush. What would happen if we get another black President in office will there be this much debate? Maybe then we will really see if this is racially motivated.

  48. do you know what you are all the most stupidest, idiotic fools I have ever come across, I was born and raised in Africa ok, and you guys are here arguing about a stupid issue. Obama is not fully black so your stupid talks about him being black and African is dumb, his white and so how do we know that whatever decisions his making was not bought on by his white side since he was bought up in a white environment. You are all racist, this article has nothing to say about what black people do or not its stating that a woman who some people thought needed help was killed and so you ignorant people should acknowledge her death and not her race. Black,White,Asian,Chinese, Green or Blue as human beings we all do things to each other, Blacks and Asians are not the only ones that are suicide bombers, nor are they the only ones that take innocent lives and so White people and everyone else needs to acknowledge that we all have evil in us. You guys disgust me, I am not a black person to dwell on the past but all White people have done is ruin everyone elses life when your ancestors went to Africa to steal people are force them into slavery, they took culture, they took purpose and meaningfulness from their descendents. Adolf Hitler was White and a racist he killed every color and every belief that did not agree with him, he killed black people and Jews, Have any of you idiot ever heard of black people killing white people cause of their colour. All of you are ignorant and what you don’t Acknowledge is that in the world there are more Blacks and Asians than there are Whites and so one day you guys are all going to regret what you did to us. All of you are Raciists and you are going to get whats coming to you. Barack Obama has nothing to do with every Black person out there, just like George Bush has nothing to do with all White people, remember that, so you guys grow up and shut up with your racist claims

  49. OMG!!!! I’m only in 10th grade and some of these comments make me ashamed to be a republican. I don’t care to much for Barack but lets be honest….. He’s from North America. Ghana is a country not a continent (duh). I can’t believe people actually are saying that Hawaii isn’t part of the US. So tragic and sad.

  50. @American

    Im glad to see that good americans still exist.

  51. truly moved me.

  52. All the comments I have read are very sad. They all show ho much Americans really hate each other and it sends a message to those wishing to do more harm to America, that it is going to be rather easy to bring us to our knees because of how deeply divided we are, making it very easy for us to fall. The audacity of us to continue to believe that one skin color is better than another. God bless your ignorance and pray it is not your demise.

  53. Its astonishing the amount of people that are afraid and lash out at eachother on a daily basis. Even more insane are how many unrelated culprits seem to be at fault for random crimes of injustice.
    We have become a world of prideful “besters”.So many incapable of showing true charity or even empathy for the human race. Yet you claim to be the most evolved, that your religion is the most morally sound,or to not be enslaved by religion at all. Some even claiming the largest penis. Either way, the word evolved will never be accurate for individuals who cripple and reduce the only existing race to such immaturity…the human race that is. In reality, according to american forefathers, the only way to make a country or continent civilized is to rape and pillage and murder the humans that already inhabit it, then enslave other humans to HELP your lazy crazy relatives to farm and build the entire country you now know as North America. That’s where helping someone gets you these days. Men Women and Babies lie under your obese unthoughtful hooves, you animalistic primative fakes. How so very evolved.It is not every country’s or continents goal to build monstrous metal structures on rich soil or saturate the planet with a poisonous media OR suck oil from every orifice in the earth. Keep pretending like america being in the middle east wasn’t to blame for 911 not to mention dear old bush’s affiliations. America only minds other countries business when they want something…no? Every human has a good purpose and if you don’t shut your bigoted mouths and start caring about one another your F***ed. And the “dark continent” OR any of thier dark inhabitants don’t seem to be responsible for the majority of deaths and genocides in this world. but I think you know who is. Look at your own “species” faults before you brag about their accomplishments. Then perhaps you will truly know thyself and thy fellow man (or woman). How about a new religion called kindness and understanding you cold calculated androids.

  54. I found this article through another site, opened the link to read the story. After reading the story I decided to see what my peers thought. And I must say I’m embarassed by most of the ignorant and brutal comments.. I mean what everyone need to understand is that we are all HUMANS and GOD made us all different on purpose, he gave most of us the ability to choose right from wrong.. And no matter what your religious beliefs are right is right and wrong is wrong… Wake up people start loving one another stop judging and hating. Because your just setting up for failure.. We all have one true judge and only his opinion matters… And if you don’t believe that than you already decided you fate… Peace!!!!

  55. You folks are crazy. You shouldn’t allow fear to control you. Obama is your president, and he will be re-elected. You know when people say “The Sheep” “The Masses” A bunch of you folks are. Obama can’t prove his from America? That is not an original thought, you heard someone say it now you run with it. Think for yourself.

  56. Obama was born in the USA? Really? Prove it. Until you can, he wasn’t. Period.

  57. Religion or lack thereof doesn’t kill people. People kill people. Especially megalomaniacs and most likely psychopaths with homocidal tendancies do. Citing Hitler or Stalin means nothing. A maniac who wants to kill will do so for any reason or ideology they see fit. So stop blaming christianity or atheism. These folks here are just crazy and probably stupid too. Notice the article mentioned they were not employed. Which proves they had time on their hands for this foolery.Idleness is the devil’s playground. And NO the devil didn’t fo it.

  58. Talk about stupid people..everyone knows this is all mbombo’s fault..and don’t forget iut was the democrats who took on Abe Lincoln and the new Republican party and fought the war to free the slaves and won and then fought tooth and nail to bring them where THEY are today…NOT

  59. From the time the savage Germanic and Celtic peoples were first subjected to Roman occupation, until the time that they broadly achieved a comparable level of civilization, was about 1700 years roughly 200BC to 1500AD. Let’s give the Sub-Saharan African peoples an equivalent period of time to get up to speed before we criticize.

  60. It is interesting how some Obama hater will rush to show the world how dumb and ignorant they are. My advice to these people for once in your life buy an atlas and look at the maps which are neatly drawn so that some of you can understand where countries are located. Some of you sit in your couches and believe some of the lies that ignorant left learning politicians feed you about Africa. For once use the resources that God has given you and do your research
    before believing what some politician is telling you about Africa. By the way I am proud to be African.

  61. Why aren’t you all talking about how Glen Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990?

  62. My grandmother is just a few years older than this victim and she says and does some wild things too, but she was diagnosed with dementia… My guess is this woman had the same. These people should be prosecuted and punished severely for their ignorance.

  63. Ghana (christian) and Kenya (muslim) are both countries on the continent of Africa. Obama’s mother went to Kenya with Obama’s dad when she was 18 yrs old and pregnant with Obama . Some folks believe she did not make it back to Hawaii in time and Obama was born in the Costal Medical Center in Mombasa and a few days after the birth Obama’s mother flew back home to Hawaii with her new son. Some people belive this because the only birth certificate Obama has produced is a Hawaiian short from one to which he would have been entitled to becuse as the son of an American he is an American at birth no matter where he was born and since his mother was a Hawaiian resident he is entitled to a Hawaiian birth certificate under Hawaiian state law. Some argue had he been born in a Hawaiian hospital he would be able to produce the long from birth certificate showing time of birth, hosptial, delivering doctor etc. In addition Obama’s paternal Kenyen grandmother has stated that she was present when Obama was born. The above facts lead some people to conclude that Obama, while an American citizen at birth was in fact born in Kenya. Those belivers are called “birthers” . The evidence that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii is his statement that he was. Those folks who believe that are some times call SOB’s (soldiers of Obama) . Feel free to mock “witch” side you are not on.

  64. Geez I posted the most intelligent reply to this whole comment list and Moderator erased it go fig

  65. Just shows you how sick these people are. No surprise some religious freak is involved in this crazy nonsense. How do you help people so backward they think witches are real? My sympathy to the victims family. The guilty should be burned alive…………Rusty

  66. First of all, a true follower of Christ would NEVER do anything like this!! So if this was done intentionally then they were NOT true christians. Second, I think the media should broadcast all acts of violence against Christians by Muslims around the world!! EVERY DAY! Christ commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves !

    • “they were NOT true christians”

      What Christians badly need is some form a certification. That way it would be easier to tell the True Christians from the NOT true Christians. Were the folks who did this heinous deed, TRUE Christians before they set the poor Grandmother alight? And only became BIT true Christians after the flames started burning her living flesh. Strange that no one seemed to try and help the poor Grandmother until a stranger (student Nurse) happened by the situation.

      Question – Were they TRUE Christian, I mean the ones who may not have lit the match but who stood around watching the flames and listening to the screams? The article seems to indicate that no one bothered to try help until the stranger arrived. I assume that the stranger (student nurse) was likely an Atheist because she actually tried in vane to save the poor Grandmother’s life while the Christians (TRUE or not true Christians) all just stood around watching the poor Grandmother burn and scream.

  67. This reminds me of the african holy man that prayed for Pain, after accusing some old woman in africa of being a witch and driving her out. Same type.

  68. what a country of Savages. Obama should be proud of his race, and the continent half his family hails from, and where his roots truly are. Well done Ghana.

  69. Grwm brock ap gawr (stepson)

    There seems no where to escape an argument about Obama, even on a topic like this. anyway, this isn’t about religion but fear and superstition. And it has become about the west imposing its more and world view on another culture. We used to call that imperialism. I’m guessing that this sort of thing went on before christianity came to the region, and will go on after it’s forgotten.

  70. Obama is an American citizen. He didn’t steal the election.

    Ghana is a country with a primarily Christian (68.8%) population.

    And do you know which American politician on of these witch-burning Christian evangelicals was seen with? Sarah Palin.

    Let us not cast stones.

    Oh, and Stalin was religious also.

  71. What does the POTUS have to do with this article? Nothing.

    As one who calls himself a Christian, I condemn the actions of this “evangelist” and his “christian” followers. This is not in any of Jesus’ teachings to treat people like this. Yes, believers will cast out demons, but not by fleshly means. There are many who mix superstition with Christianity, and this is the kind of stuff that comes out. It isn’t correct and it should be condemned (as I have done).

  72. If Ghana is not safe for witches, then where is a nation that they are welcome???

  73. this is africa….doesn’t this type of thing occur every day?????…unlike the british media,.american media pretty much ignores this….eager politicians always visit to pose with the savage african children and to let voters know ‘they care’.

  74. Now if “witch” had begun with a “b” it cudda been Pelosi!


    • even the idiots that voted for him know he’s not and American.. they don’t care, they did not build this nation. they are losers in life and whiners about everything – just like him.

  76. Was Pelosi on a trip to Ghana?

  77. Did they eat her?

  78. You know, I don’t support President Obama, and have my doubts regarding his birthplace.

    But, to those who post comments trying to link this event too Obama; my I say — “YOU ARE COMPLETELY FRIGGING NUTS!”

    Thank you…

  79. RE: [Obama] “He did not steal any election. His mother is from Kansas in the United States and his father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr, is from Kenya.”

    His father had dual citizenship with the UK which means it was passed on to his son, and therefore Obama is disqualified from being a US president. We all know he was born in HI, it’s the nature of his dual citizenship which is in question ….

    • and his mother had citizenship in the USA, which is passed on to her son, so that and the fact that Obama was born in a United State affirms his citizenship and qualifications, and the fact that he IS Pres.

      • You certainly are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to make up facts.

        Ann, the Pretender’s mother, was underage and not able to pass on any citizenship, according the the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952 – the Law of the Land when Obongo was born. His nationality at birth was from his father, either U.K. or Kenyan, since the father is the controling grantor of citizen to his children.

        As an aside, since Obongo’s father was moooooslum, his religious status at birth was as a mooooooslum. Just as a Jewish mother confers her religion on her children, regardless of the religion of the father, in the moooooslum cult, the child takes on the religion of the father.

    • actually since his mother is from the US he is part american thus making him eligible and if thats the case then most people in the US are not eligible to be here you wouldnt say someone born in germany to military parents are german but because the parents are american and US born the child is american just german born so once again i think some of the people on here are realy stupid

  80. How did this unfortunate occurrence invoke reference to Obama? After centuries of denying their existence, the reality of the existence of witches and witch burning was embraced by the Catholic Church circa the 1200s, and the Church embarked on the torture and killing of witches which also entailed burning. The Protestants also engaged in such practices. By the way, these folks were – (wash my mouth out with lye soap for uttering the thought) – Caucasians. Caucasians do it better, and developed protocols for securing confessions and burning and otherwise torturing, mutilating, and killing witches. Shades of Cotton Mather.

    Stimulus – Response? Mention Africa and some people have a word association epiphany and think “Obama,” and connect him with all (negative) things African. Wow! This is a “mental” fixation. Get over it. There are other things in this world for which to disparage Obama or blacks generally without this inanity.

  81. This is what happens when the mob rules. Everyone in the community is guilty of murder. The people who did nothing and the people who did this killing. Africa needs a Constitution, central Law Enforcement and Education.

  82. Ghana is making wonderful progress! In New England they used to burn and drown witches, too. They’ve finally caught up to being just 250 years behind the USA! Bravo!

    • There has never been a documented case of a witch burning in New England. Check you facts before you put out a stupid comment.

  83. This is just another horrific event undertaken by the subhumans who originate on the African Continent. The statistical documentation of the black group’s lowest IQ can be found, for those who have an interest, in the book “The Bell Curve.” You can make up whatever politically correct documentation you want, but the actual data collected over time really cannot be refuted, can it?

    The ignorance of these sub-humans is the basis for this horrendous action.

    • Hmm I once made long sweet love to a fine sweet lady from Ghana with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. She spoke 6 languages fluently. Black Dynamite has a degree in Statistyics so I’d love to see that study HMichaelH…you Cracker!

    • LOL…Have you heard of lynching?…I think that same thing happened right here in America, no less then 80 years ago…So try another argument

  84. Actually, communists are not really atheists, they just don’t like it when people don’t worship the leaders like they are gods. A true atheist would never do anything like kill others because of their religion. They prefer to leave the dumb alone.

  85. The fact that the majority of the comments query where the President of the United States originated gives fuel for worry. Why should we be having this conversation if there was not doubt? But the fact remains he does not act like a person that loves his country and has an allegiance to her.

    • There still needs to be irrefutable evidence; that one damning document that shows Obama for what he is. In all likelihood it’s all been destroyed.

    • What are you talking about? Is this something you came up on your own? Or did you hear this from FOX? Don’t let any new source control you. Who really cares where his from, none of us are from American expect the Native Americans. I’m sure your white, do you know your own origins?

    • Sorry, zuccchini breath, It is not doubt that they have. It is fear and anger at having lost the election. “The fact remains”?? What fact? You mean “My opinion”. Let’s see: he wants every american to have better access to medical care so they can be more productive and improve the country. Like all the rest of the modern countries. What a commie bastard. He wants to prevent a handful of men grabbing all the cash and running away with it? Does he not know that greed is good? Bush made us all rich and Obama is making us poor. That socialist jerk.

      Welcome to third world america. Soon americans will be going to Mexico for work. If they can only get over that 2000 mile long fence……

  86. I know that woman–she really was a witch

  87. Communists are atheists. Communists are responsible for the deaths of around 100 million people in fairly recent history, a fact that the left seems to conveniently ignore.

    • Sorry, Kath, wrong again. Communists didn’t kill anyone in the name of atheism. I’m a right winger who is not afraid to get inconvenient facts that prove me wrong. I would rather be wrong and get the truth, than spread lies to “win” an argument. The only place on the planet where christianity is growing rapidly is sub-saharan Africa, where it is only used to kill the witches in the tribal villages. Elsewhere in the world, all religions are dwindling in numbers, as people have more access to informatioin and education, even in islamic countries. Even in America, where Atheists were only 1% of the population in 1980, now number close to 20%, with about 20% having no religion or are agnostics. Someday the world will be free of this childish nonsense. There will still be strife and wars, unfortunately, but we won’t have the “God made me do it” excuse anymore.

      Faith is no reason

    • I guess that is why they still go to church in these communists states. What a dork you are. A communist leader doesn’t want anyone but themselves to be the leader. Believers simply have another thingy to worship other than the great leader. Deep down, if you could actually ask them, they were believers and prayed they would not be overthrown. A true Atheist would never be elected or ascend up the ladder to be a leader because the believers would simple not go along. Only after these communists take power that they suppress the gullible and create a non-beleiver state so they can be the supreme being of the state.

  88. did the fire kill the demon or just the old lady?

  89. Isn’t this in the area where Obama is from? Oh, joy, that we have someone running our counry that loves Islam and is from an area that still burns people for being witches.

  90. Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Hitler and ALL of the Popes? Thats right Crackers, they all had little tiny units and feared the African (or Moorish) Anaconda of love. Look what the Africans did to the “Arian Supermen” in Hitlers olympics…You see there are no examples of those with African penises mass murdering people because when you can get the ladies you don’t concern yourself with those jive turkey triffles. Just think about what a little tiny one Kim Jung Il must have and you have your answer, Crackers!

  91. It’s Bush’s fault!

  92. You Honkys are missing the main reason for this article. It is the white mans attempt to show how “primitive” or “backward” black societies are as a counter to the threat posed by the African penis. Even the most devout evangelical or athiest amongst you knows that your Cracker wives secretly long for the African penis. Creating grand rhetorical battles or minor theist skirmishes will not allow you comfort for long or solace when the African penis arrives at your door!

    • Black Dynamite sucks

      too bad the african penis’s isn’t connected to a brain. if it wasn’t for the whites, who would be paying for your food stamps, welfare, section 8 housing, and on and on. you must be so proud of how “well” your race has done.

      • well even if the world is “browning” out the fact remains that more whites are actually the ones on food stamps and section 8 all blacks are not on government assistance (i’m not) the world is and has and always will spin things the way they want to make it seem as if it something it is not and that has nothing to do with religion or anything thats just politics and the way of money which is the ultimate motivator over everything period

      • I have an uncle who thinks the very same way about Blacks until I showed him the facts that Whites, as an effort to prevent Blacks from competing and doing far better than whites shortly after slavery ended, destroyed every institution and town built by Blacks for Blacks. What shocked him most was that between 1865 and 1915 Blacks had achieved so much in such a short time considering having been enslaved that it scared Whites.

        With Marcus Garvey’s Negro Empowerment movement and his call for Backs to return to Africa, the elite Whites in this country could not allow that, for unlike the average White person who has been led to believe he or she is superior to all, they know the historical value of Blacks. So, the perception that Blacks are these lazy, want something for nothing kind of people had to be made. But, you couldn’t do it before destroying their towns such as Rosewood Florida, Greenwich Tulsa Okalhoma (Black Wallstreet), several in North Carolina and Georgia even. Everywhere Blacks when and set up Black towns jealous whites came in and burned them down. Why? Because we Whites with our so-call superiority can not exist without a permanent underclass to point the figure at to say,
        I’m better”. We need Black people to be “ghetto” and trillions of dollars are spent to make sure a certain minority of the them stay ghetto so we can point our fingers and say there is problem.

    • Does it hurt to be like that?

    • Actually women want men with jobs that can provide for their children, that’s why black women don’t marry their baby’s daddy.

  93. What do most Africans and Muslims have in common? – They haven’t evolved much in the last 2000 years. This makes dealing, negotiating or educating them nearly impossible.

  94. This article, for sure, is most horrific. But the comments seem even more “mindless”. This issue of B. Obama not being Constitutionally qualified to hold office as President is one that never seems to end. The detractors seem to hold the upper hand on the issue because the followers of Obama have little factual information, other than, “we saw his actual birth certificate and it is OK, and he was born in Hawaii”. Mr. President. Stop sending lawyers to “defuse” law suits asking you to provide to the American public your Long Form Birth Certificate, your passport records, all your school records, including all student loan papers, and your social security number. Your failure to provide these records are dividing this country, and it is time to STOP the INSANITY. Put this issue to rest NOW, or be assured that failure to provide information, information that the average US citizen has to provide just to get electric service, is prima facie evidence that you are not qualified to be President of this United States of America.

    • He can’t produce them because they will incriminate him one way or the other, how do you think he paid for his schooling? By claiming to be foreign born he was able to get government assistance. So if he releases the documents it will either look like they prove he was born elsewhere or it will prove he was a fraud and took advantage of the American taxpayers.

  95. I didn’t know Michelle O was on vacation again….in Ghana this time. Is the reporter sure SHE wasn’t the witch that was burned?

  96. apparently you atheists arent familiar with the death of millions of christians at the hand of atheist mao tse tung, who wanted all good chinese to be atheists. If you were caught worshipping anything other than the atheist state, you were killed. And that continues in china even today. Only govt snactio0ned churches are allowed and only then if they follow the rules laid down by atheists. Worshipping in a house church is the death penalty. Also google Asia Bibi, a christian in Pakistan. The ignorance of atheists never ceases to amaze me.

    • So you do agree that murdering people or any person based on any misguided notion or beliefs is wrong

    • Yeah, and the high intelligence of the believers is so overpowering. Every single word in every single religious book in the world was written by a man, and by man I mean a person with a penis. (I think if the persons with ovaries had had a chance to write a few chapters in the buybull, the world might be a better place). I am constantly amazed at how many christians (mostly american, born again types) believe the buybull was handed to Peter in its current form as Jayzus rose to the clouds. The King james version, at that. You want ignorance? Ask a christian how long it took to put the buybull together, who (and how many men) wrote, re-wrote and incorrectly copied the pages over what period of time, where the original copies of any page in the buybull are kept, (hint: there are NO ORIGINAL COPIES left anywhere, and all the copies we do have date from around 200 – 500 AD and are full of mistakes) and other buybull specific questions, and you will be ashamed at the wilful lack of knowledge.

      “There are no atheists in a foxhole”. Correct. Because atheist don’t start wars. Lunatics and religious wingnuts do.

      When G W Bush went on Pat Robertsons’ TV show and said that little baby Jayzus came to him in a dream and told him to invade Iraq, and people agreed with him, this told me all I had to know about American christians. Christians in the rest of the world thought he was insane. Now over 5000 american young men and women are dead because some delusional, draft dodging “C” grade mental case decided to show the world He could “kick some ass” by saying “bring it on”.

      Yup. He sure brung it.

  97. The continent where mankind began millions of years ago, and still oh so savage.

  98. Theres no such thing as a witch, she was murdered, plain and simple. The judge needs to bring out the rope.

    • There are a lot of witches in the US that would refute that. The only thing about it is, they believe that they are doing good by being witches.

  99. Just a few historical points to make. While Lenin, Stalin and all the other commies were Atheists, they didn’t kill in the name of Atheism. So you can’t really claim that a lack of belief in God causes you to become a mass murderer.
    Hitler wasn’t an Atheist. Just because you don’t believe in Jesus, Moses, of Muhammed, doesn’t mean you’re an Atheist. Hitler believed in a higher power, therefore, he isn’t an atheist.

    As for the body count, do you really believe that the amount of deaths caused by your list of “atheist murderers”, done soley in the 20th century, adds up to MORE than the combined kill count of Christians AND Muslims? You’re shitting me, right?

    • TJC,
      Hitler had occultic tendencies and beliefs but that kind of belief doesn’t make him a theist any more than, say, being a Buddhist makes one a theist. Disbelieving in a God of the Anselmian sort (so: the God of classical monotheisms) makes one, by definition, an atheist (or an agnostic, depending on whether they’re denying God’s existence or just withholding judgment).

      I cannot speak for the body count of Islam, but I have no desire to defend Islam, either. Indeed, I think Islam is false. I can speak for the body count under the name of Christianity and two things need to be said. First, the body count of atheism dwarfs that of Christianity by orders of magnitude. Second, murder in the name of Christianity is inconsistent with Christianity. Murder in the name of atheism is not inconsistent with atheism. That distinction makes all the difference.

      • “Burn them all. God will know his own” I guess that Pope was really an Atheist.

      • Hitler’s belief of a higher power, and himself being a servant of said higher power is enough for me to place him in the theist camp.

        If murder in the name of Christanity is inconsistent with Christanity, please explain the Crusades.

        Saying murder is not inconsistent with atheism is like saying clouds are not inconsistent with literacy. How does not having a belief in higher power influence weather I kill someone on not? It doesn’t. However, when murders are committed in the name, or under the influence of, religious dogma, however inconsistent with the belief structure of said religion, there is a problem. And to nip the next argument in the bud, I don’t care if the “majority” are non violent, the fact that any religious group can be so easily ” hijacked” should be enough of a concern for us all.

        • TJC,
          Re: Hitler’s belief in a higher power. Your definition of what makes one count as a theist is odd for several reasons: (1) it fails to acknowledge the differences in properties between, on the one hand, the “higher power” (i.e. God) of classical monotheism and, on the other hand, the “higher powers” of the ancient pagan sort, the ancient Greek sort, or even of the Kim Jong Il sort. (2) Because of the failure to make that distinction, it trivializes what a higher power amounts to, so that even an atheist can hold that there are higher powers, and thus count as theists on your view! On your view, then, atheism fares no better than theism.

          Re: explaining the Crusades. The explanation is this: people can do all kinds of things and say they’re doing it in the name of Christianity without Christianity endorsing it one whit.

          Re: murder not being inconsistent with atheism. See my point to an earlier poster on this. Consistency/inconsistency is all one needs to appeal to to show the gulf between atheism and Christianity vis-a-vis atrocities. Necessarily, Christianity condemns them and contains the resources for doing so. Necessarily, atheism does not and lacks the resources for doing so. (Don’t confuse what I’m saying with another claim that I do NOT think true, namely, that one cannot be a good person and be an atheist).

    • Lenin was studying in an Orthodox Russian seminary before he got the call to slaughter more than 20,000,000 Russians and Slavs. Ask the Ukrainian people about his forced starvation policies before the onset of WWII.As far as killing i the name of God, blame the trigger men not the religious faithful. Just consider yourself fortunate to be an agnostic or atheist or God-hater you decide. But, shouldn’t you worry about your own vitriol-spewing bigoted outlook than slamming other people for their religious beliefs?

    • some homework dumbass

    • Much, much greater body count for Darwinists and students of Nietzsche than for the total of all religion based murders of all history, including child sacrifices to Molech or virgins being tossed into volcanoes. Now, more Christians have been killed by the Catholic Church than by anyone else, but in terms of pure body count, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Pol Pot together are responsible for more murders than all the religious murders of all history. But they will pale in comparison to the body count to come – which will also be by the Darwinists. (And I do NOT blame Darwin – he refuted his own theories before he died. Nietzsche just went insane.)

      • Sorry, fool, “Darwinists” have never killed anyone. You must listen to Limbaugh. Remember him? The guy who once said that all drug dealers and users should be put to death. Then sent out his illegal mexican maid to buy his percocets 3000 at a time. He was charged and convicted, and is now a registered felon. Too bad the drugs have made him stone cold deaf, permanently.
        I think that you’ve overdosed on those great Idaho potatoes. By the way, speaking of clever uses for potatoes, when you go to the beach, try putting it in the FRONT of your trunks, not the rear.

      • Let’s just keep it at a simple starting date, 1095. While I’m sure Christans were killing heathens in the name of God long before that, the Crusades were really the first time Christanity took an organized militant approach to other religious groups. So you honestly think the 20 mil Stalin, 10 mil Hitler, and 5 mil Pol Pot, (figures are arbitrary, but I don’t think the total number would be all that much different) are more than all the killings done in the name of Christanity, or committed by Christians? (Hitler and Stalin did not kill in the name of atheism, however since religious apologists ALWAYS include them, I’m including any Christian who’s killed someone.)

        • Let’s say your numbers are correct at 35 million dead by Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot. 35 million probably equals the total population of Europe in 1095. The world has never experienced the industrial scale of death production we achieved in the 20th Century, the bloodiest one ever by a mile, and that 35 mil figure you have is far too low. What about Chairman Mao, he should prolly be at the top of the bloody list.

          Putting aside this athiest-theist sqabbling, the answer to the question of why we witnessed death on such a massive scale is socialism. It is true that all atheists are not socialists and vice versa. But the theists do have a valid point in that the animus behind the folly of socialism is the conviction that man can establish heaven on earth. It is as familiar as the old Tower of Babel problem. These men, Hitler, Stalin, Pot, Mao, to name a few, all possesed radical and often twisted Utopian views involving a New Man in variations of socialist contexts where the State was the New God. The great purges, the death camps, the killing fields, the re-education camps, all these are products of the attempts to realize these dreams. Religious beliefs, particularly those recognizing the endowment of Natural Rights bestowed by a Creator, are the broad antidote to these statist delusions. I suppose atheists may on an ad hoc personal basis dervive separate and personal moral strata which may immunize them from succombing to general socialist prescriptions. But there is nothing systematic about atheism which would serve as broad foundation for such moral views; they would remain ad hoc.

          So, in short, the theists do have a point to make when they point to the great tragedies of the last century, and it’s a good one. Also, atheists have a point to make when they say that atheism does not necessarily lead to these things – but that’s not such a good point to make, in fact it’s a minor point to make. The theists aren’t equating each atheist to Pol Pot, they are pointing to the tragic fruit from trying to build Heaven on Earth, from essentially a war on God.

          • You misunderstood what I meant by 1095, obviously. From 1095 till today, theists have been responsible for more deaths than non-theists. Were Atheists responsible for the “industrial revolution” of mass murder, absolutely, but that doesn’t excuse the mass murder, on a global scale, that organized religion has been responsible for. Let’s not forget, religious organizations were responsible for the mass death’s of most Native American peoples. Combine that with the massive cultural “murder”, in the name of “civilizing” the savages, and you’ve got even more blood on the hands of religion. How many cultures and non-western civilizations have been wiped out by Atheists? A lot fewer than by theists, I’ll tell you that much.

          • Sorry, Bud, socialism wasn’t the motivation. Absolute power, totalitarianism was. Period. Socialism never said that it could make heaven on earth. It was a theoretical way to keep the many from dying or being abused by the powerful. But socialism only works until the other guys money runs out. Natural rights by a creator? Prove that. How about humans realizing that we should not have to walk around with the fear of being punched in the nose with no consequences to the attacker. Man made the rules of peaceful society using logic, fairness and logical thinking long before god was invented.

          • To the contrary, TJ and Dave. I’ve taken the trouble to lay out a pretty good analysis in response to TJ’s challenge. Your critques don’t match it, nor do they address the heart of the argument.

  100. What if she was a witch?

    • Then build a bridge out of her.

    • even if she was a witch and even if it was in the name of religion the bottom line is she was a human first religion is something learned so if you want to play the blame game then blame all the people before you who put the ideas and theories in your head as i said the bottom line is she was a HUMAN first and no human should be killed for believing or being something you do not believe in
      *if you dont like it leave it alone*

  101. Sounds like they could use a little education about dementia in some parts of Ghana

  102. Piatnek…I don’t know why you call Hitler an Atheist…he was Catholic to the core and yes he did the will of the Pope.
    Whether Atheist, Catholic,or Christian you all practice the Pagan holidays making you one in the same and you all have had a hand in the destruction of the world and the murders that have taken place throughout history because of your superstitions and fears.
    If you don’t understand it or if it not one of the accepted religions…Baptist, Catholic, Masonic, etc… you want to destroy it as you have always done in the past . Look at history , I’m not talking about the crap they teach the school children I’m talking about the real history of who is behind all the murders and deaths, the with hunts, the burning at the stake, the tortures to extract confessions, THE CRUSADES….The Pope…The Catholic Church…The mother of all the whores (Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Unitarian, Adventists, Mormons,etc…etc…etc…

    • David,
      Er, no. Certainly, it’s true that Hitler was using the state church for his purposes, but that’s a whole other entity from the so-called “confessing church” which opposed him (cf. DIetrich Bonhoeffer’s fate). But Third Reich documents also record that he had plans to dissolve even the state church once it had served his purposes.

      RE: the history of the number of deaths caused by Christianity, you’re wrong. Take the Inquisition, for instance. This is seen as the paradigm instance of the “evils” of Christianity wrought upon the world. The number of deaths? Off the top of my head it was between 1000-2000. That’s 1000-2000 too many, to be sure, but the point is it’s inconsistent with Christianity–i.e., it’s condemned by it. Contrast this with the work of the Hitlers, Stalins, Mao Zedongs, and Pol Pots of the world, whose butchery is wholly *consistent* with their atheism. That makes all the difference in the world.

      • Plans to dissolve a competing religious institution does not prove atheism. By that measure, Catholics are Atheists because they tried to get rid of Protestants.
        The Nazi’s taught religion in their schools, justified their actions via the bible, and had religious slogans on their uniforms.

        • You’re certainly right, guest, that dissolving a competing religious institution does not prove one is an atheist. But that’s not what the point was supposed to prove. What it does prove is that even Hitler’s involvement with the state church was one of convenience. People can attempt to use the Bible or Christianity to support a mad vision–this happens all the time. So what? Merely citing the Bible or Christianity as supportive of one’s vision doesn’t mean the Bible or Christianity actually endorses that vision!

      • Someone actually knows some history!! True about the Inquisition – even those numbers are a bit high. Christianity / Catholicism was devoured from within for centuries and corrupted. The Reformation helped the Catholic Church to survive as much as it challenged it.

        There is Christianity, Christian Churches and Christians – all very different entities.

      • There is nothing consistent about murder and atheism. Atheism is a lack of the belief in God. One can be morally upright and an Atheist. Murder by religious or atheist is a morally repugnent shortcut to a selfish end.

        • Paul, To say some claim is consistent with another is to say that the truth of one doesn’t entail the falsity of the other. The claim that atheism is true doesn’t entail the falsity of the claim that murder is permissible. I wholly agree that one can be morally upright and still believe atheism true (I know no one who has ever denied that claim, in fact), but that, too, is perfectly compatible with the claim that atheism is consistent with the moral permissibility of murder.

        • I should add to my previous post:

          Contrast what I just said about atheism with Christianity. Here, with Chrisitanity, you have a view whose truth is INCONSISTENT with the moral permissibility of murder.

    • David,

      Masonic is not a religion. Masonry is also not a religion. I sense you are upset.

    • you are a dumbass if you think hitler was a catholic. He was nothing…but claimed a lutheran parental lineage. Anyone can say they are anything.Hitler was an atheist.

      • Hitler was a believer in Aryan pagan mythological pseudo – nonsense. And, it was a Lutheran Pastor who at least attempted to place a bomb to assassinate him – failed.

        Does NO ONE read history anymore?????

      • Wrong. He thought there was a god, he just hated the church. Dictators hate any organization that can get public opinion against them, like the chinese trying to control the internet in China. Informed people eventually get tired of being lied to, which is why atheism is now at about 18% in the USA, 50% in europe. Information and facts will eventually destroy all myths, like the one about a gullible woman, a magic apple and a talking snake leading to the downfall of humanity. When I tell the kids in the school bus I drive that story, they laugh their heads off. When I tell them the story is in the buybull, and that their parents actually believe it happened, they look shocked. But they are catching on quick.
        Who is the dumbass now?

        • You are dave, you claimed earlier I was wrong when making the same point. So pick a side and stay with it. Wiping out churches to promote communism, is killing in the name of Atheism. Dumbass.

      • So you knew him personally then I’m guessing.

    • Hitler, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin – were Darwinists. They believed the “truth” called evolution, that in order to make the human race better, the weaker, poorer specimens should be eradicated or at least sterilized. Eradication is better, of course, then you don’t have to feed or clothe them. And since there is no spirit and when you die you are just dead, no other consequence, there is nothing “moral” about it – in fact, it is morally a superior thing because you are strengthening the human species by eliminating the weak and feeble from the gene pool. Obviously, God is a myth as well, so there is no eternal consequence – they all knew (Darwin, Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler) that when they died, they would just become worm food and be reprocessed. They are probably a flower now.

      Certainly that is a far better reason to become a mass murderer than because of religion! After all, religion is just an opiate to the masses, a crutch for people that cannot handle the truth, and a means of controlling the unwashed masses by the intellectually superior. Killing in the name of a religion, why, that is just – subversive! It takes away control from the intellectually gifted, who of course, should make all important decisions for the less intelligent. That is the best way for mankind to evolve.

      What is sad, of course, is that there are actually (a lot of) people who will not be sickened by this whole discourse.

      “Obey God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man”.

      • “Obey God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man”.

        This line was created by a man, ie, made up from the fevered brain of a religious lunatic who probably didn’t have a lot of power (or brains) to begin with. Remember, folks, every single word in the Buybull was written by a man, a human, who went into a room alone, wrote down whatever came in to his diseased mind, emerged and said:”Look at what Gawd told me to write. OBEY ME, oops, I meant obey gawd.” Wake up, people. There is no gawd. Gawd is just a sorry excuse to get people to do what YOU want. It’s all about control, power and weak, dearful minds

        Faith is no reason.

        • That would be “fearfull” minds. Gee, I hope there isn’t a witch or a demon in my Apple (I-Mac, that is).

          I realized in kindergarten what bulls*** was when my teacher told me that the downfall of humanity was caused by a gullible woman (eve), a magic tree and a talking snake.

          A talking snake. Just say it out loud: I believe in talking snakes.


          Faith is no reason

        • Tell that to the atheists who’s god is evolution. Both are a leap of faith.

          • Wrong. You believe in what cannot be proven. You understand what can be proven (and reproduced, ie, the scientific method). There is not one scientist alive who “believes” in the theory of evolution. They know and understand it. Belief is for the gullible.

            You are correct in the leap of faith thing, however. Believing and not believing are both political stands. Neither side can “prove” their case.
            We are all agnostics, like it or not. You are an agnostic believer, I am an agnostic unbeliever. I just want facts, not an imaginary friend.

      • Here’s some cognitive dissonance mental whiplash for you…

        Evolution is proven true in repeated lab experiments. Period. If you don’t believe it you don’t understand evolution and science. Nothing in Darwinism says people must be eliminated. Hitler and others read that into it.

        And Hitler hated Christianity and saw it as a major threat to his state. Hitler was in fact a paganist who followed the 40-year-old mystical Aryan beliefs promoted originally by Madame Blavatsky and later even Alesteir Crowley. The SS were in fact the high priesthood of the Thule Society and were required to learn “rune magic” as part of their training.

        Nazis were sorcerors in the truest early-20s occult sense. Look it up. They only tolerated Christianity to pacify the population, and worked to incorporate the rural paganistic rituals and ideas into their own ritual activities to overpower Christian theology in the cities, because the ignorant rural people were the source of their power. Intellectuals lived in cities, and intellectuals were dangerous and had to be suppressed.

    • Hitler was a Catholic, Where did you study history? A truck stop bathroom? Dude seriously look things up before you make stupid remarks!

    • David,
      Not that I have any idea what Hitler has to do with primitive tribal customs, but at least get your facts right. Hitler believed in a pseudo ancient pagan Aryan (remember the ‘superior Aryan race’?) religion – which he and Goebbels sort of re-invented. Read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich – all 1500 pages of it. Well worth it to understand many truths about Nazism.

    • Wong, David, Hitler hated the Pope. The Pope issued the encyclical, Mit brennender Sorge (With Burning Anxiety) unusually in German, had it quietly distributed to all the churches in Germany, and read aloud at mass one Sunday in 1937. The stunned Nazis were furious for it denounced their racism and it sought to warn the world of the Nazi’s military ambitions. Nazis interpreted it, correctly, as thinly veiled attack on Hitler. Hitler and the Pope hated each other’s guts.

  103. Athiests who have killed: Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot. These body piles dwarf those of both Christendom and Islam. Any questions?

    • Thank you.
      Both Religious and Non-religious people are capable of bigotry.
      And both groups of people require a proper education so as to avoid circumstances like this and to not judge entire groups of people based on small, isolated incidents. All of you who back bite any group of people whether they be religious, atheistic, rich, poor, whatever should step back and re-think your stance because there are good and bad people in any group.

      • Bigotry? Come on…
        I would think that after 2.8 trillion dollars in aid since the 1960’s, of which the US has been by far the biggest contributer, we can safely assume that the “Dark Continent” has proved itself unable to govern itself in any way measurable to Western Culture standards. Look at what a mess South Africa has become. Say what you want about apartheid, the average guy in So. Africa faces a much more dangerous existence now than before. Look at what has happened to every nation in Africa which has thrown out White rule and replaced it with black rule. It has been an utter and abject failure.

        But bigotry is the worse crime than rape, murder, and slavery I suppose…

        • agreed, everything comes down to race. when will these people end the BS of playing the race card as an excuse? When responsible people living responsible lives stop being worried about “political correctness” and call it for what it is, the BS will end. It takes more than minority subsidies to get people up to the standards of Western Civilization. It takes honesty and accountability and integrity, These are things that too mnay of the people in that culture ignore

      • “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion”.

    • Not to be a grammar Nazi, but the term is not Christendom, it is Christianity.

      • Christendom is an accurate term to describe the land under Christianity, don’t know what the equivalent for Islam would be.

      • And for someone to think that “evil things” are done by “good people” takes a fool.

    • Yes we get it… people that believe in god are smarter and better than everyone else. But what I want to know is… how many ppl have you killed? Since atheist have killed more than anyone then you have a green light to kill who you want since you’re trying to play catch up right? I swear, some of you don’t get it and never will. Don’t make this about atheists….it’s about murder and people that are obviously crazy killing someone. Keep this in mind. Too much of anything is bad for you… including religion. I think everything in moderation is a good way to live. And I’m not and atheist, but I get sick and tired of non atheists resorting to this kind of justification.

  104. Ghana is also the country where a man asked a Ju-Ju man who asked to be made bulletproof. The ju-ju man poured some kind of potion on the man, and a bystander grabbed a gun and shot the man to see if the ritual had been successful. It wasn’t, and the man died almost immediately. Ghanains must be some of the stupidest, most backward people on the planet, second only to Liberals.

  105. Savages. When will these people evolve?? Hmmmm…

  106. Well she admitted it, right?


    • Writing in all caps definitely makes you seem more intelligent, you’re a real credit to the internet.

      • Kev,

        It’s just a question of arbitrary etiquette. Let the guy say his peace in CAPS. He probably tolerates persons who utilize upper and lower case letters. It’s his internet to do as he pleases as much as anyone, even elitists and holier-than-Thou creeps.

      • Got your attention though…

  108. Well, not even a Christian in the house… imagine that.
    Where are the atheists?

    • As an atheist, I can say with total conviction that to my knowledge, atheists have NEVER burned a “witch” live or otherwise. I don’t understand your point…or question…sanjosemike

      • Atheists may not have burned people, but the atheist communists did a pretty good job of filling mass-graves with “non-believers” to their system over the 20th Century, and continue today in the 21st. If one considers Marxist-atheism a belief system akin to religion (which it is) then it is one of the bloodiest on record, killing 100+ million in the 20th Century alone.

      • Actually the “atheists” have burned many, many people alive. The Bolsheviks would throw prisoners into the coal burning box cars of their trains while the victim was still alive. The Mandela’s started the wonderful fad of “necklacing” in South Africa. You know, where you put a gas filled tire around the neck and light it on fire?

  109. That evangelist is going to suffer a lot worse in the afterlife if his religion is true. I’m assuming he believes in a lake of fire. Well, false teachers are an abomination to God. You cannot EVER burn anyone alive in the name of God, no man of God could do such a thing. It is anti-Christian against the teachings of Jesus.

    • So burning people alive is against the teachings of Jesus! WRONG!! Jesus himself apparently burns billions of people alive forever in a lake of fire. The disconnect you Christians have with reality is absotlutely stunning!

      • Charlie, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is the mechanism to keep people out of that lake of fire, not put them in it. If you find yourself smoldering in it one day, don’t blame God. We all punched our own ticket there, the cross is the ticket out.

        • Some sacrifice. He knew he was god, he new he wasn’t “really” going to die, and he was going back to a great job after he left. There are thousands of religions in the world, all having their own opinion of what their “god” wants or did in the past. Your religion is merely one. I prefer to stick to reality, and try to figure out how we got here without resorting to an imaginary friend. I am not afraid of not existing one day.

  110. Ever notice that so-called “religious” people are the ones who kill or maim others in order to appease their “correct” religion?? Followers of the Islamic religion and Catholics have a HISTORY of doing this the the helpless who have differing beliefs.
    Yet… people who admit to being witches are the innocents and the ones who suffer.
    How often do you hear about a witch torturing or burning a Catholic or Islamic at the stake?

    • Rational Hypostasis

      I guess you never heard of Joan of Arc. Or how about St. Lawrence. Oh, how about the saint eaten by the American Indians. This poor old woman was a victim of a primitive society, not religion.

      • The American Indians were the victims of a primitive society, driven by religion.

        • They were victims of eugenicists within our society.

        • I think the indians were pagans in a way which was abit like atheism
          Thank god whites came but that primative religion of paganiam has returned.

          • Atheism is the absence of belief in a higher power. Paganism is a belief system involving many deities . The two are totally dissimilar in almost every way.

            “Thank god whites came…”? Are you kidding me? That’s like saying “thank god for the Holocaust.” No one can change the past, but the simple fact of the matter is that the arrival of white settlers amounted to one of the vastest genocides in human history.

    • I know I can be accused of an an ad hominem tu quoque but in your world do atheists ever do anything wrong? Only Catholics and Muslims (the correct term for followers of Islam) do bad things? In San Fran, where I live, the Giants fans rioted and beat up innocent people because their baseball team WON, not lost, the World Series. I did not see any priest or imams in the crowd.

      • You’re wrong. i live in San Francisco as well, and it’s quite obvious you were only watching the news. You saw a video clip, saw a soundbyte, and that’s as good as gospel so far as you’re concerned. The ‘innocent people’ you refer to drove a car into a crowd of people, sending 4 to the hospital. The people who beat up the driver were people he almost killed.

        i was out that night, and there was certainly no ‘rioting’…there were a lot of celebrating fans getting rowdy, and a few causing some mischief, but even the most raucous fans fall far short of rioting.

        As for atheists having committed significant historical wrongs, of course they have. i don’t think anybody is arguing that. Remember Stalin? In the USSR, your loyalty was supposed to be to the state, and thus atheism was encouraged–even enforced. However, it’s a well known fact that the vast majority of genocide and persecution throughout history has had religious motivations; people of one faith attempting to convert or subjugate those of another.

    • He Who Must Not Be Named killed and tortured a bunch of Muggles ..

    • I guess you anti religious people never knew the following atheists and how many they killed…mao tse tung- 30 million, pol pot 3 million, hitler 12 million, stalin 15 million, …I could go on and on..ghengis khan, roman empire, idi amin, kim jung il, govt of myanmar, ivan the terrible, etc etc etc. The amount of killing done in the name of christianity, judaism. islam pales in compares to what atheist have done thru the centuries…so give me a break or get a clue.

      • you're argument is not logically valid

        This is equivocation, when one side says that something like religion causes death you can’t respond by mentioning people that are not christians and attribute their actions to their lack of faith. Perhaps more atrocities have been done by atheists, but the people mentioned didn’t kill all of these people for their lack of religion; they did so for other ideals like fascism and communism. You can however point to religion in many cases as a direct motivating force to kill people, while atheism has rarely been a direct motivating factor to kill others

        • you’re argument is not logically valid

          People kill because of their moral code or lack thereof. If it can be said that “religion in many cases as a direct motivating force to kill people” then it also can be said that “a lack of religion in many cases as a direct motivating force to kill people.” The sword has to cut both ways, if one statement is true then so is the opposite, since after all both religious and non-religious people kill people.

          • Echo of Intelligence

            I believe in all of this debate we have determined that People kill People. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, the outcome is all ways the same!
            Greed! I want something you have, or I don’t want anyone to be happy with you so I’ll kill you, or you don’t like my politics, the reason for greed is always self, never a positive force for others. And we claim, no we demand, that self preservation is essential. Opps there is that greed again. No hope for humanity, ok Christians jump on here.

          • yes your right about people killing who have no moral code
            where do Atheists get their morals from as I know it is not taught in school science class because I know atheist wont allow religion back in school after gaining the keys thru trust.
            by the way trust was a moral and atheists broke that too as it was not up to science to decide what subjects get teached and by banning science from teaching intelligent design is a form of fascism.

        • The most atheistic area of the world is Europe where 18% of the population does not believe in a god or any kind of mysticism. So the mere fact that so many Atheists have killed so many people proves a correlation. If a minority is doing a majority of something one must believe that what makes the minority act is what links them as the minority. Either that or the factor that causes them to be linked (in this case, whatever caused them to become Atheists). However, that brings to the table an entirely different arguement of whether it is natural for someone to be Atheist or religious. With that said I don’t believe in God either, but I still understand that people who don’t believe in a god, for the most part, are more likely to kill or hurt other people. Bottom line!

          • Is the “37” in your name your IQ? Nothing of what you said makes any sense. You don’t believe in gawd? (Neither do I.) Then by your own “logic” you are probably a killer. The facts do not support you. Go to the American Census bureau. In american prisons today, 91% of convicted murderers are christian, while only 1.1% are atheists. There goes your brilliant argument. You’ve been listening to Lush Limbaugh and Bill O’Liely again. Mere fact???? Are you kidding??? Listen, just because things pop into your tiny brain doesn’t make them true. Get the facts. I never heard Stalin or pol pot or Hitler say “We are going to kill millions in the name of atheism”. But I have seen priests blessing airplanes as they flew off to bomb babies. “Allahu Akhbar” ring a bell, Quasimodo? Get a clue, Sherlock.

      • The Nazi’s were religious, not atheists. Clearly you don’t know any actual history of the Nazi era.
        Also, none of these people killed in the name of atheism, they killed in the name of communism etc.

        • Actually, the communist atheists did kill in the name of atheists. There was a focused effort to wipe out everyone of faith, because communism only works in a godless society, or where the state is god. I’m an atheist and want no part of what they did, but they did focus their attacks on potential problems for the state and religious people are a problem for them. That said, religions have had just as much capability to kill as atheists. For all we know this woman was killed because she witnessed a crime and the criminals used the old Salem Treatment on her to cover their actions.

          • Wrong. Communism only works when you put a gun to people’s head, god-filled or not. Or if the leader of the god fearers is a commie too. Communism is about power, just as leading large congregations is. Nothing new here.

      • Hitler was Catholic, All the Nazi leaders were either Catholic or Lutheran, later drifting to paganism. Goebbels committed the atrocious act of marrying a Protestant and was excommunicated. He’s the only one ever excommunicated. Stalin was also raised Catholic. Go do some research… read Mein Kampf.. before you give knee-jerk opinions.

        • That’s not an accurate depiction of the Nazis. Hitler was a cradle Catholic, but he developed a deep hatred for the Church. He grew to despise Christianity believing it too weak, insufficiently martial, and over-influenced by Judaism. Consensus is that he did remain religious in that he had active sprititual belief in a higher power, but he was often hotly anti-Christian. It’s not clear exactly what he was, but seldom would he be confused with a practicing Catholic (never went to Mass, married Eva Braun only at the last minute on the day of their mutual suicide, and indeed, was a suicide himself). The idea of Hilter in a confessional defies imagination. Other leading Nazis were straight up pagans who developed a Woden cult, who did urge Hitler to adopt it as a state religion. Some were atheists. In addition to Mein Kampf, read Hitler’s Table Talk. Also, transcripts of the Nuremberg trials from the testimony of Speer, Goering and others revealed plans to eliminate Christianity entirely from Germany after the war.

          • Ok… sowhat you’re trying to do is distance Christians from killing people? But people form all religions kill people. People are violent sometimes. Religion can not be taken into that @ all. Who cares what religion some one is if they are a murderer?. A Christian murderer is the same as an atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist murderer. I think the point of the article was to show how religious fanaticism.. in this case Christian fanaticism…can lead to people doing horrible things to others. They killed this woman. She didn’t deserve that. I think that people are showing that they will justify killing someone because of religious beliefs. But the case is this… it’s wrong to kill people. Period.

        • Uh, Stalin (not his real name) was baptized Russian Orthodox, not Catholic. He was in a Russian Orthodox seminary before they kicked him out. Just correcting the record, not making any other point.

      • “hitler 12 million”

        As far as I know Hitler never killed anyone. Germans did a lot of killing during WW! and WW2 and and some Germans helped in the killing during the American Revolution.

        During World War II all German soldiers wore a belt buckle with the words “Got MIt Us” which translated means “God is With Us”. Germany back then was about 50% Protestant and 50% Catholic. Ever wonder why the Germans made a Satan out of the Jews?

        Stalin and Mao were Communists and gained power from a revolution. Anarchy reigns during and after a revolution. It has nothing to do with Atheism.

        Yes the European Christians from Spain and Portugal came to the New World without any Priests and missionaries. They respected the religious beliefs of the local peoples. They never burned any of the books of the local people. They never plundered their wealth. Such acts would be unChristian in nature.

        The Christian Crusaders wore a huge red cross on their garments only for decorative purposes. They were the early form of Holiday Travelers. They also liked to travel in groups for companionship. They went to their Holy Lands to share their Christian good will towards all men (no comment what they did to the women).

        The Roman Catholic Inquisition authorized by Catholic Pope John XXII was just used to create festive atmospheres wherever the Inquisitors would visit – like modern day rock concerts. It had nothing to do with burning human being at the state because they had supposed contrary religious beliefs. Do some research on the Holy methods of torture used by the Holy Roman Catholic Church to get supposed confessions.

        If the religious zealots had their way, there would not be any Atheists as they would be burned at the stake or beheaded. Their religion gives them the right. Just as the so called evangelist used his Holy Books to give him the right to have this poor Grandmother burned alive. In the days where Humans have visited the Moon, seen images of Mars and millions of us play on the internet that such inhumane acts are still being committed by religious zealots.

        I wonder whatever happened to the golden rule “Treat others in the same manner that you would want others to treat you”.

    • Then there were those atheists in China and Russia who slaughtered 100,000,000 people in the 20th century, but who’s counting?

    • You need to study this more. If you look you will find that atheists such as mao and stalin have exceeded all of the religious people killings by well over 100 million.

      • Stalin….yeah, maybe he learned in from the Seminary where he was educated. You be blaming communism, not atheism. The only way you can blame atheism is if you claim (falsely) that religion is required for moral beliefs.

      • So it’s a numbers game? Give me a break. If the crusaders had modern weapons, none of us might be here, since they would have slaughtered people until their trigger fingers got tired. To be truly evil, you need religion.

      • And your point is?… So Christian murder is ok.. but atheist murder is not? I thought murder was wrong no matter what the reason. But I guess it’s easy to justify anything when you throw god and jesus into it.

    • The burning alive bit is mostly a Christian thing. Haven’t heard of Muslims doing that. Once in a while maybe stone someone to death.

      • The burning witches is routinely done by muslims in Africa. This is not just a Christian thing.

        • Wrong. Christianity is used only to kill witches in Africa. I’ve been there. You have to see it to believe it. It seems fantastically tragic to us, but to them, it’s just business as usual. There is hope, however. Atheists are opening humanist centers all over africa, trying to change things, while american christians (saddleback church) are endorsing maniac preachers who are saying that gays should be killed because they are immoral and “eat da poo poo”. Hitler was right in one thing, when he said “Science will eventually destroy all myths” (Hitlers’ table talk). Myths such as in the buybull, koran, etc.

        • Stop lying… christianity is not a real religion to start with! You bigots need to analyze your bible and do not believe what you are being fed!
          Jesus will speak against ALL of you who call him GOD! I have read the verses where he spoke about the subject. He said” I did not tell them to worship me!” I can’t wait to judgement day to see all of your pitiful christian faces!

      • Except those burning alive on Sept 11th and in car bombs, shoe bomber, underpants bomber, etc etc… Just this week another terrorist tried to burn people alive at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Oregon… umm yeah they burn people alive too.

    • For many, “witchery” is a religion – see “Wicca”.

    • And so did protestants

    • So what is your excuse for all of the millions murdered in the name of communism which has grounds in atheism?

    • Have you ever notice how secular atheist always blame events from the dark ages as as a reason to blame faith in this century for all the violence when the last century has been secular and run by atheists from Stalin, Marxts, Lenin, Polpot, Mao, Amin, Holbrook, Albright, Cone to Obama.
      You think witches dont belong to a religion ? in most cultures the devil is still regarded as a fallen god, even atheism is a religion as it worships evolution and nature as its god believing life started from rocks and minerals becoming alive.

      • Wrong. Saying atheism is a religion is like saying that not having a refrigerator is the same as having a refrigerator. And we don’t “worship” evolution. We understand it. By the way, it was a catholic brother who came up with the big bang theory. When he told Einstein about it, Einstein wasn’t very impressed. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized it was possible, then probable. I can understand how minerals can meld together in various combinations, changing over time and becoming something else. It makes more sense than having a giant hand come out of the nothingness, saying alakazam and “POOF” everything is here!! By the way, if god made man in his own image, I have two questions: How big was his johnson, and why would he have one, if there was no water to metabolize and no women (or men) to have sex with.
        Who created the creator, and why did he wait 100 gazillion years (the time before the “creation”) to do it? He must have been bored out of his giant, non-existant skull. Religion is a business. Period. Want proof? Tell your preacher that you still believe in god, but you are not coming to his church anymore. Watch what happens.

    • ANIMALAURA… Yes I have noticed that they will kill an occasional person. Have you noticed how people without religion ie Mao..Stallin..Hitler…Pol Pot will kill millions ‘in correct’ non religion (Marxism)order to appease their

    • I don’t really care what a persons religious beliefs are but your statement is incredibly idiotic. Some of the biggest mass murders in history have been atheist – Stalin, Mao….

  111. Those two men who set her on fire should be hung.

  112. This is the continent from where Baraq Hussein Obama hails.

    • Ghana isn’t a continent…

      • It is the continent that Obama is from and where he returned to help steal the election for his Marxist Muslim cousin right before his US takeover – Kenya and Ghana are on the same continent, no?

        • Cat you and Kev are so dumb. President Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is from the continent of North America. He did not steal any election. His mother is from Kansas in the United States and his father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr, is from Kenya.

          What has the POTUS got to do with this? Here a woman has been brutally murdered under the guise of religion and what you have to opine on is the POTUS?!

          • Szyf. The president is from Hawaii, not part of the North American continent.

          • Moochell sez, “Baracks home country…” remember that?

          • Wow you people have to be from another planet, the whole point was that this person knows so little he believes Ghana is a continent. Africa is a continent, Ghana is a country, Barack Obama is an American, you are insane.

          • Obama IS NOT an American citizen, never was. He was born in Kenya, raised Muslim as a citizen of Indonesia, then MOVED to Hawaii.

          • Thanks for that insight there Jesse Ventura

          • Can you prove he is from the USA. For some reason he can not come up with a legal birth certificate as all presidents have had to do.

          • actually barack obama is NOT from north america. he was born in hawaii which is a part of oceania. NOT n. america.

          • Wrong! Obama is from the “continent” of HAWAII.

            And, saying Ghana on the same continent as Kenya is like saying Texas is on the same continent as California. It may be true geographically, but not culturally.

          • Damn, it’s true some Americans r so uneducated about a lot of things, especially geography. Most Americans don’t know anything about geography… just ask Sarah Palin lol.

          • and i meant to say what does a grandma being burned to death have to do with the president

          • Maybe I’m the confused one here…if Obama doesn’t have a legal birth certificate, how is he president?? Here we are in 2010…past the mid-term elections and you all are still stuck on false facts? He is the president so get over it. How can Americans be so ignorant?? lol its funny but yet so sad. A poor old woman just got burned alive and you guys are posting false statements on Obama?? I bet God is shakinghishead right now…

        • that is the most ridiculous post I have ever read.

        • Wow… Get an education, and a clue:
          A women is burned to death and your reaction is “It’s the continent that Obama comes from.”
          You think that Muslims are Marxists?
          You completely miss the part about it being an evangelical Christian that did the deed.
          It’s not the Muslims we need to worry about.. It’s folks like you.

          • No mention of the word christian in the article. idiot

          • Hey Joe: Where is that part about these devil chaser’s being “Christian”? Funny how you Obama defenders and all Liberal Democratzi must lie to make a point. Produce a valid American Birth Certificate, you know, one like yours perhaps, and its over. End of Debate. Why wont he just show us the real deal? What is the problem?

          • evangelist is a Christian word but what kills me is that it doesnt matter where President Obama is from he has a parent from the US so he has a choice to be a US citizen or not get ya facs straight. Ya haters need to stop this mess and Pray for this women’s family ya would bring up President Obama when its a black story to spread hate instead of words that sends blessings.

          • @Truth Hurtz, are you a retard it says evangelical in the article, probably your ignorance missed it since you were so in a rush to criticizethe president …. i mean get the fuck over it the man is still in the white house and u fucking on a computer talking about him and still doesn’t affect his status.So Shut up and get over it!

          • Exorcism isn’t scriptural, so it would be very difficult to argue that it’s a Christian practice, even though so-called ‘Christians’ practice it. The only thing that remotely resembles exorcism in the Bible is Exodus 12:7-12:13.
            There are peoples of all vocations who practice in ways that contradict their own rules, which includes you and me.
            Regardless of this person actually being possessed (I know virtually nothing of the subject), I’m sure these people will be judged for their personal acts of violence.

        • Listen first of all, kitty kat-
          – Obama was never raised in Africa.
          – Africa is a freeking continent
          – The people who committed this babaric offence are so called “christians” and NOT muslims!
          – Not all muslims are from Africa
          – You sound to me like an ignorant person who clearly knows nothing about anything
          – you’re probably a white republican woman whcih explains the fact that you may acquire a hint of racism towards black people!
          – Hitler was evil and a dictator- he was Evil and he was a white man. Does that mean that you possess the same characteristics as him?

          Get your damn facts straight and put an end to your foolery and stupidity!

          • Oh here we go with the “Republicans are RAAACIST” garbage again. Again…it’s the liberals who do the race-baiting as usual. Man…they are becoming so predictable.

          • Uh, Bebey..Obama was born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia, and admitted into the USA under a stupid plan in Hawaii to give aliens a “honorary” certificate. Basically, if you could appear before the bureaucrat, it proved that you were born somewhere, so you got this certificate that simply acknowledges the obvious, and nothing else…No place of birth, time, date, doctor,hospital , town ,Father..etc. the thing is pure junk, and Hawaii had it for one year only.So you are the one that needs get educated here. Further, you also racist, bigot, and a fool. I truly hope you do not live in the USA.

          • first of all, cat says nothing racist what-so-ever in her comment, and second, isn’t saying that since she’s white, she has the same qualities as hitler racism in the exact definition? if you can say that, then I can say that you are a black democrat who believes she deserves to have money for nothing because 100 years ago, her race was enslaved. WE FAUGHT A CIVIL WAR TO FREE YOU BASTARDS, SO STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT!

          • amen to that girl still wandering what the president have to do with this old woman get burned alive like you said it had to do with someone black so they always gotta play the race card…smfh at these clowns.

        • Evangelicalism, Christian theological view emphasizing personal conversion and the authority of the Bible. Marxism is a different concept from Islam. Open a book and get your facts straight before you spew your rhetoric. You sound paranoid. Obama might not be the best president, but he did not steal the election. Check your facts, he was raised by his caucasian mother and her caucasian grandparents and had very little to do with his father!

        • I think you are rediculous firstly why did you even start typing and you didnt even know the geographic area of the two countries well yes little brain they are on the same continent but one is on the east side (Kenya) of the country and the other is central west (Ghana). Secondly there is nothing wrong with helping a family member in a election do u know the meaning of family. And lastly Obama didnt take over America he was voted in by the American people. You know a mind is a terrible thing to waste so educated yourself very well before you release the hot air from your mouth.

        • Is that you Sarah?

        • How ignorant of you to even say that. Seal is from that country too…so is Djimon Hounsou…are they bad as well? People like you should be quarantined, so as not to further infect humanity with your cancerous racism. I bet you’re a Republican. HAHAHAAA…what a loser. Obama is his own person, as the rest of us are. To say that because there happen to be “crazy” (as if there aren’t crazy people everywhere) you associate that to Barack? Wow. Love the correlation (not.)

        • You are completely insane. A christian burns someone alive and her you are talking about Obama, and muslims… they have nothing to do with this. A woman is dead!!!! You need help as soon as possible because there is something wrong with you. It’s funny how people bring up Obama whenever anything goes wrong in the world. Get a life. And people… Hawaii is a state! I know… I’m from Hawaii. And Obama was born in Hawaii… they published his birth in the newspaper when he was born. The last time I checked that means that you are a NATURAL BORN US CITIZEN. The point of this article was to inform people of how an innocent woman was murdered. Have some respect for human life.

      • What a moron. A slip of one word does not diminish James’ observation.

        • But it also doesn’t state that all people on the African continent are burning people alive. Islamic do stone women, behead people that don’t agree with them or do something else the “clergy” or “tribal leaders” don’t like. I don’t think Obama himself ever committed any of these acts:)

          • How do you know Obama has not done any of these acts as his life is a mystery and he was in full contact with Odaiga in Kenyan during the acts of violence that took place and the church full of christians was burnt with obamas full knowledge by his muslims followers
            the govenment of kenya even ask Obama is not involve himself in their elections as he was instructing his relative how to communtiy organise the muslims against the christians.

          • why are u talking about OBAMA???An evangelist and his friends burned a 72yr old woman alive for witchcraft in 2010 are u serious? OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT GET OVER IT, I guess whatever he showed the government was good enough for them so quit wasting your breath about where he was born…lmao. Somebody needs to torture the bastards who killed that woman, but u idiots too busy fussing about the presidents birthplace lol.

        • Observations? HAHAHAH what observation? The observation that he’s an uninformed, ignorant, and thinly veiled racist? Obama is the most inocuous president of the last one hundred years. Chances are, and I’m betting they are because I’m guessing you’re not a lawyer or a doctor, that your taxes are lower than they were under Bush. A black guy is president with an odd name, deal with it and a read a book, you’re pathetic.

          • You might want to check your taxes in January after the Democrats FAIL to extend the BUSH TAX CUTS that are in place. Now…before you start calling people RAAACIST you might want to get a clue. This racist race-baiting liberal nonsense is getting O-L-D.

          • Awesome! Taxes are lower then under Bush!?!?!? Wow. do tell the IRS for us will you?

          • Taxes lower NOW then under Bush!!???!! I think that witch put a spell on you. You are delusional!

          • Unless your in the top 95 percent income bracket, yes, I’m an accountant for twenty seven years, don’t worry the IRS is well aware.

          • You can have your own opinion, but not your own facts, get a grip, come to terms with the fact that you hate him because hes black and he won something, stop lying to yourself.

          • Yes because clearly there is no racial motiviation in some of these peoples attacks… right. You mean the same tax cuts that only benefit the wealthiest one percent of America? Yeah, I don’t think those will effect me to be honest, or you for that matter. Aside from this though, how do you honestly expect taxes to never rise again? You realize that president you loved so much got us involved in two separate wars which have cost trillions of dollars. He let the economy decay to the point where HE, president Bush, had to bail out Bear Stearns and the other big banks. TARP was a Bush initiative, not Obama, where do you think all of that money is going to come from? Or are you willing to just cut a check for it and save everyone the tax increase down the road? Get your facts straight.

          • WOW I applaud you. It took Bush 8 years to ruin our country and Obama was supposed to fix it after 6 months in office.

    • africa’s a big continent with a majority of people who wouldn’t do this

      • And a majority of Africans don’t buy people so they can eat their hearts or kill albinos for their body parts or maintain several concurrent sex partners that spread aids or own slaves and most Catholic clergy don’t rape children. All these acts are due to underlying cultural or belief currents. So what’s your point, don’t criticize these criminals because they’re “african”?

        • Most Catholics don’t rape children. Yes, some have, but that doesn’t mean the whole religion is rapists and pedophiles. Jack The Ripper was a serial killer, so, following your state of mind, all British people are as well, correct? Catholics wish the rapes never happened. Don’t criticize the criminals simply for a religious belief or race. What “You’re a dumb ass” is saying is most Africans don’t burn suspected witches, the same way most Catholics don’t rape children, and the same way all Muslims don’t hijack planes to crash into buildings. You are an extremely ignorant and close-minded hypocrite.

          • facts seem to upset you, so far all terrorist have been islamic so are we suppose to ignore facts, just like most pedophiles have homosexual backgrounds.
            Liberals over the years have divided humans into groups based on race and social studies then call others bigots when they find stereotype exist ?
            Also Liberals just make claims without thinking as Jack the Rippers race has never been identified as far as I know and he may have been jewish as their was a note left on the wall which said jews will not be blamed but was removed by the police at the scene it has been reported.
            if you know about freemasonry you will understand why so many pointed the finger at them but were wrong

        • slavery still exists in many African countries.

          • Wow I cannot believe what I am reading right now… Mark you must be joking right now to say that sort of stupidity. Liberals divided humans? Hah, who fought to keep their slaves in America? Let’s crack open a history book, shall we because you are looking ridiculous right now…
            Let us also delve into why conservatives keep on bringing up the fact that Obama is part African WHO CARES! Get over it. All Americans are not originally from America, once again open up a history book!

      • No ,they would hack you to death while yelling “allah akbar”.

      • No, they are too busy raping people.

    • James you are ignorant. Barack Hussein Obama is from Kenya. Barack Hussein Obama Jr., the president of the US is from Hawaii,US.

      Jeffery Dhamer, the serial killer and cannibal, is from North America, the United States. Adolf Hitler is from Europe. It is absurd and foolish to associate a negative depraved action of an individual(s) as in this case, with ALL individuals of whom the perps are a part.

      • Blacks do that all the time with white people of today, hating them like they are slave masters and talking of killing crackers and their babies even on TV without hate crime charges. Obama and Holder drop guilty sentences against blacks who threathened whites during his election in 2008 because of race and this year the black panthers were out in force causing problems at many polling places. This is a african mindset as Obama and Holder were educated by Wright in black liberation theology. Blacks are blaming whites today for the past still
        What I think the other person meant was its a mindset of african thinking as since Obama has come on the scene the country has become more violent like africa is by race or tribe. Rule of law is on the way out with illegals doing what they want with Holders backing and now christians are under attack from islam.
        Not having a say during war time if islam puts a monument next to ground zero was the last straw? I think whites will now care where their society to going with the danger of importing minds that may not have evolved as much as us.
        Africa has never advance like the west, the drives are different just like in muslim lands. They dont think of improving life for the next generations or they would clean up all the rubish and build sewers.

        • You watch too much television. You are clearly fascist and a racist. Most people are mixed now a days anyway and the bottom line is that eccentric christians in africa committed a terrible crime against a woman who has absolutely nothing to do with our president. I’m a white woman with a black husband and a mixed race family. We are christian and not violent. Most black people who are violent commit crimes against eachother its called gang violence. Do you even know black people?? And further more, building a mosque in new York city near a place where an alleged terrorist act occurred is not even mildly offensive. Worry about real life problems what do You think that the Muslims are going to suicide bomb their entire place of worship to kill pathetic American nobody’s life yourself? The ignorant waste of space that You are.

        • Mark you are so ignorant, we all know that you are a poor fat white person sitting on your dirty couch reaping the benefits of welfare and governmental assistance yet you are the first to scream foul at the government! Have you been living in an alternate fantasy world?? What proof do you have of an Islam monument next to ground zero?? If you checked your FACTS you would be aware that the whole thing was a media circus blown out of proportion based on the INCORRECT statements of a CHRISTIAN religious zealot and there is no such monument! What kind of stupid statement is ‘the country has become more violent like africa?’ The crime rate in the US is on a level of it’s own and has absolutely nothing to do with Africa, and how does a man who was raised in the U.S. have an African mindset? FYI African countries have government’s and parliament’s and are not ruled by race or tribal law! WOW the ignorance and thinly veiled racism that spews out of these forums is unparalleled! Again, i will say to you, please study your history and learn your facts before you make such stupid baseless comments!

          • Wow Nicole, you are pretty stupid. While African countries may have so called governments, they are barely more than a farce. And the Africans are still selling each other as slaves . . . which is generally based upon their hatred for the other tribes. So if one tribe is ruling an entire country and doing their best to kill all of the other tribes, what then would that be called? Probably “tribal law” as another person posted. And another thing you f*cktard, statistically speaking, there are far more people of races other than Caucasian on welfare. Just saying.

        • First off, I agree with WOWW. Mark, without getting pissed off at you for your plain ol’ STUPIDNESS, have you ever lived in any of these countries that you blather on so poignantly about? I doubt it. Your close-mindedness is the thing that has caused so much genocide in our history…people who believed like you that had access to military resources actually carried out YOUR train of thought in action. That’s a shame.
          You really need to check yourself. Life is wayyyy bigger than that. Open yourself up man.

        • I can not believe here in 2010 people like Mark still exist! You really should get a life and stop sterotyping other races of people. It is people like you in todays world that cause the violence and hate crimes against each other. It is small minded, racist people like you that keep hatred alive. You sound like a idiot!!!!!! You really should travel outside that peanut you call a brain and look at society for what it is. And FYI in this day and age there are just as many Whites that commit crimes as any other race. It is not just blacks, or hispanics for that matter.
          I just had to comment on your ignorance.

        • Mark,

          I feel sorry for you. You must really be a sad,angry, pathetic,poor excuse for a human being. Do you really think that black people are out to get white people for slavery? Get a life and read a book and educate yourself about the real world. This is not 1820. There is no white against black. There is no one race against another period. In fact, race is a socially constructed theory and doesn’t exist. Human beings are human beings…we just have different skin colors. You are extremely ignorant and you are a prime example of how racist idealogy and fear mongering will warp somone’s mind. Please for your sake.. get help. Or pray to whoever you pray to help you get that fear and hate out of your heart… That’s a horrible way to live your life.

          And maybe while you’re at it you could pray for this poor woman who was murdered and her family. Surely there’s some shred of humanity in you

    • I have seen a number of racist comments. The wording in many reveals that these racists are victims of something that only suicidal persons can try to get rid of, their very thick brains if they have any, embedded in their heads.

    • Anyone explain why with it’s vast natural resourses, the African continent for the most part remains barbaric?

      • The lack of a successful government, if it were up to some of you, we wouldn’t have roads neither.
        we didn’t build this country ourselves. our government played a big role.

        and to all the racist who still argue that Obama is not from the U.S. Just kill your self NOW. the world would be better off. i promise we wont miss you…

        its 2010 almost 2011 and people are still racist WTF!!!

        • More roads were built in the first half of the 1800s through private funding. They were better roads than government roads. Most government project went bankrupt. And learn your history the Democrat party is the most racist group ever. Why do you keep black children in failing school’s getting the same education as when they where slaves under their democrat slave owners. The KKK was founded by democrats. Eugenics was pioneered by democrats/Margret Sanger and her Planned Parenthood thrives in innner cities. Affirmative Action means you think blacks are incapable and need your help. So now that you’ve been exposed as a racist, you kill yourself.

      • Jim. Barbaric? African people are indeed the oldest people on the planet. The influence of their ancient and advance societies even to this day are still felt although many do not know it. As a Caucasian who traveled within and learned about Africa’s vast beauty, I do not lie when I say what you consider barbaric is not African, but merely the effects of the gift of Colonialism forced onto them by Whites. The vast natural resources you speak of are not controlled by Africans but by Westerners and I assure you any African Country that seek to take back control of its vast natural resources will face extermination. This is called Neo-Colonialism. African faces running the government, but White controlled. It is a very clever concept, for it has even fooled many whites like yourself who while enjoying the fruits of Africa and Africans while viewing them as barbaric without seeking to know why Africa is the way it is.

      • Jim,

        since you feel that way .. and you’re obviously so intelligent to solve the entire continent of Africa’s problems.. why don’t you go over there and fix it.. help them. If it’s so “barbaric” then go fix the problem… I bet you have ever even been there… so shut up. People like you are what’s wrong w/ the world. We need less ignorant people in the world and more logical people who can get along w/ ANY human being regardless of color.

    • What a horrible death! From here in America I cannot imagine such an event. But no doubt there well be those who blame Christianity, Bush, and the USA. May God rest her soul. Her face exhibits pain and disbelief. Her face is so painful to look at.

      • Dawkins and Hitchens will use her death to earm more money

      • Ignorance and superstition still exist in many cultures and sadly this poor woman is a victim of such. But take note of all the men women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan, burned by incendiary devises and dismembered by shrapnel and dying for years from the effects of depleted uranium, compliments of the American and British Military, what for, Greed, Oil and money for the big corporate companies and then feel free to comment about what others do. This is for some truly hell on Earth!!

        • Let’s see, the price of oil and gasoline in the US has been climbing like a rocket since the war started, and you say we did it for oil? What a maron!!! When you wake up and smell the coffee you may learn something. You certainly will not right now while listening to the MSNBC crowd.

          • What’s a maron? Gas prices are high because of a business practice called “What the market can bare.” We pay 2.70/gal because people have shown they will pay that much. It has nothing to do with the cost of oil and everything to do with what people will put up with, moron.

      • From here in America you cannot imagine such as event? Wow. We whites have been very well sheltered from not just what we did to Black people hundreds of years ago, but 50 years ago. These people were enforcing the cultural beliefs of a non-African culture called Christianity. When Christians kill doctors who perform abortions, is that the same? When Christian Knights Of the Ku Klux Klan drag a black man’s body behind a pickup truck ripping it shreds, is this not imaginable? When a peaceful man like Martin Luther King Jr is killed when all he wanted to do bring an end to hate in a CHRISTIAN NATION, you can’t imagine it still?

    • why does everything, no matter how unrelated like a women being burned alive, ends up being tied back to Obama? Some of you people are so filled with hate for the President that you can’t think, see or hear anything but your own hatred. It is really ridiculous how focused you are on that one person. And the fact that what you say doesn’t make any sense, doesn’t matter to anyone but you or have any relevance doesn’t seem to phase you. I find your behavior very disturbing as an American and a human being.

      • Would you have made the same statement defending President Bush from the far more deranged criticism he received? I wonder…

    • And so what?? Isn’t America the continent where the Klu Klax Klan hails? Ted Bundy? David Berkowitz AKA Son of Sam? Charles Manson? Jeffrey Dahmer? Isn’t America the continent with the history of lynching, tying up and burning to death people??? What does any of that have to do with the price of rice in China??? Please take your bullsh*t racism elsewhere. Thank you. Oh, and as someone else already noted Ghana is a country not a continent. Obama’s father is Kenyan. Please read up on history and educate yourself before you make inconsequential stupid statements.
      Thank you!

    • The same continent which composes of appx 20% of the wolds land mass, the same where great pyramids were built? yep thats it, ? not sure what the point is of the post, I can surely find many things about most continents both good and bad as well as factual, was hoping to see maybe something postive regarding humanity… great minds speak of ideas, average people talk of events, and then there are those who simply put down others without a constructive goal.

    • So James you think this was the fault of Mr. Obama ??? Where do you come up with this nonsense?

    • Please, don’t feed the trolls.

    • Obama is black and white….however if the woman was a witch, she deserved death!

    • Hypocritical America

      Just because your ancestors are 1 parent originated from a certain country or area.. doesn’t make you a citizen from that region (James The Village Idiot). Barack Hussein Obama was born in the UNITED STATES concieved from a union between a american/anglo WHITE woman and AFRICAN man and raised by his WHITE grandparents. So smart guy he is an AMERICAN CITIZEN like both you and I… who actually represents what America claims to be… “the melting pot for all cultures”… however by the constant hatred that and ignorance that ANGLO’s continue to practice.. the slogan is really VOID

    • It seems to me that ALL you ppl lack REAL morals and and are so CLOSE-MINDED that you missed the big picture. A woman was BURNED ALIVE for gosh sakes! Look at the matter @ hand and stop being so ignorant! I’m sure some of u have kids…. so be ADULTS!!

    • What does Obama have to do with this poor woman? What does America, for that matter, have to do with this horrible crime? Except for the fact that we should be helping these people make a better life for themselves, not a goddamned thing. All of you people need to get over yourselves.

    • since people are making ignorant statements that have NO basis in truth. i’m assuming james, cat and kev are racist hicks that hang the rebel flag and drink liquor from a jar am I warm??

      • I believe that a lot of people are racist regardless of color. I myself have a rebel flag and also drank ” shine” from a jar. I have friends of all colors and we get along fine. As for the grandmother being burned to death by being accused as a witch just shows people are either scared or stupid (or both). History has racism in it including the Bible and other religious articles as well and some tortures were just as bad,if not worse than that. As far as Obama, I did not vote for him, but he still won an election.There is nothing we can do about it until his term is up. I spent 13 years in the military and I am denied veterans benefits even though I am a veteran.I served my country and state,where is the fairness in that?

    • God why are you so IGNORANT! A woman dies and that is your response! Why dont you tell residents of Hawaii that they are NOT AMERICANS! There are 50 stars on the flag not 48! Lets give it up 2 the Morons. SMFH