CHRAJ condemn calls for Kombian to be killed

The Deputy Commissioner of the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Ms. Anna Bossman has described as disappointing the mounting public demand for suspected robber and killer Johnson Kombian, to be killed without trial.

According to Miss Bossman, the citizenry ought to abide by the Rule of Law Ghana has subscribed to and allow Kombian his constitutionally guaranteed right to a free trial.

Since Kombian’s arrest, a cross-section of Ghanaians have suggested that he is killed by firing squad. Even his brother, has suggested that his hands are chopped off.

Speaking to Citi News, Miss Bossman explained that there is no such thing as killing extra judicially so far as Ghana is under the Rule of Law.

The three-time jail breaker, who is alleged to have killed two policemen and wounded another at Nakpanduri in October 2010, has been charged with Escape from Lawful Custody, contrary to Section 226 of Act 29/60.

He has been remanded in custody and will reappear in Circuit Court 1, presided over by Eric Kyei Baffour on December 8, 2010.

His lawyer George Asumaning told Citi News his clients’ human rights have been violated by the police, breaching the constitution which protects the fundamental human rights of citizens.

Ms. Anna Bossman bemoaned the report explaining that once Kombian is in the hands of the Police, there was no need for him to be brutalized.

“It’s a bit disappointing that people sometimes forget that we are in a State of Rule of Law and that in actual fact, when we call for the killing of anyone whether or not they are criminals without going through the due process, then it’s really an indictment on us as a people. This Gentle is alleged to be dangerous but the point has to be made that once he has been arrested and is no longer a threat because he is being tried, the first thing that you do is not to beat him up or maltreat him but rather let the law now take its course” she said.

Miss Bossman also reminded those calling for Kombian to be killed even without trial that all Ghanaians are equal before the law and Kombian like any other person, deserves same.

“There is no different law for anybody. We are all under the same law and we should be happy with that. There are some amongst us who may even be worse than Kombian. But luckily for us in Ghana, we are all under the same law so we shall all go through the same procedures and be given a fair trial” she emphasized.

Source: CFM

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  1. How can any want a thief and a serious armrobber to be set free. Some one like Miss Bossman must be ashame of her self because she must be connected with the rubbers or she fancy them like some women do because it is so anoying for her to even make a comment about the killing.
    This man is been killing Ghanaians,and stelling from people a very dangerous man. So i hope she shut up and keep away from this gangster. I wish and i repeat iwish one day she her self get rape and have all her things stolen.

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