‘Napoleon’ Kwesi Pratt meets his Waterloo

Napoleon Bonaparte was a great French war-lord who was so efficient with his battle-field prowess that he was almost seen as super-human who could not be defeated by any army. This man, unfortunately, was comprehensively annihilated by the British army in the battle of Waterloo. Hence, the saying “every napoleon has his waterloo”.

The NDC’s current troubles began when Nana Konadu granted an interview to Joy FM to the effect that her family was still homeless after a close shave with death during the Valentine’s Day inferno at the ‘boom-junction’. She made it known to the whole nation that Atta-Mills, whose rise to the presidency was through the efforts of her husband, had decided to stay aloof while herself, husband and lovely children had been scattered all over the place.

We were made to know that former president Rawlings actually has been going through a daily ordeal of traveling from Tefle to Accra to conduct official duties. He is also said to be perching in a one-room wooden structure, and that, the standard of life he currently enjoys is worse that that of our unfortunate ‘kayaye’.

It was in this revelation by Nana Konadu on Joy FM that some of us got to know that she is also perching with her mother. And here I must say that she is very lucky to have such a sweet and loving mother who was prepared to take her in after serving the nation as a First Lady for close to 2-decades.This is because, a ‘wicked’ mother would have seen her as an irresponsible woman for not being able to properly prepare for her future and therefore refused to take her in.But,I guess the mother knows Nana Konadu to be a moderate and sincere person who would not dip her hands into state coffers to put up mansions and for that reason was not surprised at the predicaments of her daughter following the refusal by Atta-Mills to resettle her husband.

This bad blood between Atta-Mills and the Rawlingses got to the peak when we woke up one morning and found glossy campaign posters of Nana Konadu splashed across the length and breadth of the country.

I have been a student of politics for a while now and I can say without any fear of contradiction that the exercise to paste those posters across the entire nation during a single night was a massive logistic ingenuity that could not have been efficiently executed the way it was done, by these so-called unemployed, hungry and forsaken NDC fooled-soldiers. From my personal experience, covering the city of Accra in a poster campaign cannot be completed on just one night, let alone, the entire nation.

And the debate as to whether Mrs. Rawlings was interested in challenging Atta-Mills for the NDC flagbearership slot for the 2012 elections continued, the Atta-Mills apologists went overdrive with tons of insults on the poor woman. These people were asking her to publicly distance herself from the activities of the poster-campaigners.

These self appointed CPP ‘loyalists’, who have now become defacto close advisers of Atta-Mills, were all over the place insulting Nana Konadu and accusing her of trying to divide the NDC party. They said all sorts of negative things about her and tried to paint her black in the eyes of all Ghanaians and how she and her husband superintended over the sale of all the industries Kwame Nkrumah established and disappearance of hundreds of Ghanaians into the thin air.

And the irony of the whole issue is the fact that these very same people, who are describing the Rawlingses as devils, were the very same sycophants praising them to the high heavens during the Kufuor administration.

And when the storm over the accommodation ‘palava’ was just about to die, Samuel Okudzato-Ablakwa, in his usual haste to conjure water out of a stone with his usual insipid-propaganda, went and sat on Metro TV and proclaim that Nana Konadu, at a public forum, had castigated Nana Akuffo-Addo by saying the NDC was going to retire him (Nana Addo) from politics in 2012.

Nana Konadu felt scandalized by Okudzato-Ablakwa’s attributions to her and she came out with all guns blazing in the direction of the latter.Here, Ablakwa realized that he had bitten much more than he could chew, was left with no option than to lick back his vomitus with his long lying tongue and apologized to her.

Then came the debacle surrounding the nomination of a candidate to the CAF board.Here, the law empowers the GFA to make the nomination.CAF regulations say the nomination is to be made and the name presented 90-days in advance of the election date by CAF.And from what we have been told by the GFA, the nomination was made and the name appropriately forwarded to CAF (Egypt) in July 2010.

However, we woke-up on the morning of 11th November, 2010 to the news that the sports minister has written to the GFA directing them to withdraw the nominee presented to CAF in July and replace it with that of Abedi Pele.

The GFA convened a meeting following this directive and unanimously resolved to stick to the CAF regulations and call the bluff of those long and crooked hands that are always hiding behind the walls of the old slave castle and doing things to prove the point that Atta-Mills, is indeed, incapacitated in so many areas and vital decisions are therefore being taken over his head.

And here too, these current Atta-Mills apologists, led by ‘nkwan deewa’ Pratt, struck with venom accusing the GFA chairman of behaving like a ‘Rambo’ by trying to carry on his shoulders, every juicy-pie.

Kwesi Pratt, on the 12th November,2010 edition of Peace FM ‘kokrokoo’ sought to portray Kwesi Nyantakyi as a greedy person who is even prepared to forego his personal comfort, with an expressed purpose of depriving others from gaining access to ‘nkwan deewa’.

But, the truth is; each time Kwesi Pratt shouts loudest against a particular issue, just be calm, put the said issue under an electron microscope, examine it with a critical eye and you will find his finger-prints, boldly, embossed on it.

This is because,Kwesi Pratt edits a daily paper, appears on TV Africa on Mondays, Peace FM on Tuesdays, Hot FM on Wednesdays, Vibe FM on Thursdays, Peace FM on Fridays, Radio Gold on Saturdays and ‘bare facts’ and ‘talk-time with kwesi pratt’ on TV Africa and Hot FM respectively. He also dabbles as a ‘security’ consultant to the sports ministry, leading member of CJA, The Socialists Forum, ‘presidential-adviser’ to Atta-Mills and ‘CEO’ of the ‘Freedom Centre’. This brings to 14, the number of jobs and other engagements Kwesi Pratt currently engages in. This makes him so tired that he is always captured on camera, deeply sleeping and snoring heavily on live TV programmes.

In effect, Kwesi Pratt is the single most shameless hypocrite in our nation today. But, because he has an extremely loud mouth and he can also blackmail most of these radio presenters who are also in the habit of going about collecting all kinds of things from political office holders, they are always being cowed into submission by Kwesi’s tactics, and he is always given unfetted access to persistently lie through that ‘nice’ dental formula of his and disturb the peace of the decent people of this nation.

‘Massa’ Kwesi never admits his mistakes and anyone who dares him on radio programmes is quickly dispensed of. He did it to Alhaji Bature at both Radio Gold and Hot FM.Ken Kuranchie, the editor of The Daily Searchlight newspaper, suffered the same fate at the hands of Kwesi Pratt at Peace FM.

Where hosts of radio programmes have stood their grounds and allowed other discussants to challenge Kwesi’s dictatorial tendencies with facts, he (Kwesi) has had no option but to run away with his tail between his legs, as happened to him on ‘News-File’ and ‘Egwa So Nsem’ on Joy FM and Adom FM respectively.

So for such a political-acrobat, who has mastered the art of summersault-artistry, to be allowed by programme hosts to constantly pontificate to Ghanaians, is something I, and I believe most Ghahaians, are extremely worried about. And here I must doff my hat to Randy Abbey for his resilience in standing against the lies, hypocrisy and empty noise of Kwesi Pratt on Peace FM, on the morning of 12th November, 2010.

Indeed, Kwesi Pratt, who sees himself as the ‘Napoleon Bonaparte’ of Ghana’s contemporary politics, actually met his waterloo when Randy Abbey matched him, boot-for-boot and bumper-to-bumper, on that Peace FM ‘kokrokoo’ programme.

Effectively, Kwesi Pratt is full of naked hypocrisy, but, when it comes to bare facts, he is totally empty!!!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei 
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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