Hypocrisy, tired vocal-cords and illusionist campaign promises

There is a southern Cameroonian proverb that says: every conscience can be clear when it sets its own standard. The president and his advisers are simply tickling themselves and ripping their ribs apart with cacophonous laughter!!!

Atta-Mills is being lied to, as regards the economic conditions currently prevailing in the country. As such, he turns to get hot under the collar when Ghanaians say they are suffering. I wonder if Atta-Mills expects these greedy people around him to tell him the truth when they are busily stuffing their stomachs with ‘adufudze’ (freebies).

Today, the only people vociferously attesting to mythical positive effects of the delusional and illusionist ‘better Ghana’ are these plain thieves and swine-like gluttons around Atta-Mills. 

These people keep telling the president that the nation’s economy is ‘booming’ and that the ordinary Ghanaian is now a very happy person and the president seem to have believed this. So, why doesn’t he simply open himself up, by way of a public forum, to enable Ghanaians from all walks of life to tell him how they see his performance? The true judges of your performance, certainly, cannot be these gluttons around you, Mr. President!! 

Atta-Mills has decided to surround himself with people who only think about their stomachs and are therefore ready to please him with cooked-up stories about political opponents. This is why the man who has the whole security apparatus at his disposal could go and stand in public and engage in ‘serial-caller’ pronouncements to the effect that Ghana is awashed with security,economic,lying,cheating,raping,robbing,car-jacking,cattle-rastling,sakawa-endulging and all kinds of imaginary saboteurs from opposition elements.

Ghanaians are very religious and easily gravitate towards people who exhibit a minutest trait of godliness. It for this reason that we, as a people, run the risk of continuously leaving our nation in the hands of a group of total incompetent and gluttonous timid-charlatans, instead of bold and sincere competent people.

And listening to Atta-Mills at the golden jubilee celebration of the Upper East region on 6th November, 2010 in Bolgatanga, he sounded like someone who every average Ghanaian will describe as highly arrogant. In addition to this tint of arrogance, were heavy doses of heresies, conjectures, rumour-mongering and what I will describe as empty threats from an ‘okotoo’ (coward).I call him a coward because he is a law professor who should know better by way of reporting criminals to the law enforcement agencies rather than mounting podiums and castigating his political opponents.

I am also of the strong belief that the bad eye-sight of the president is seriously hindering his performance. This is because, at all important functions, speeches capturing cardinal issues relevant to the occasion and the people of the area are supposed to be prepared for him to read at all times.

However, because the president has extreme difficulty with his eye-sight, he is left with no option but to deliver all his speeches, ad-lib.And by so doing; he always shoots off-tangent and ends up echoing the lies being fed him by the gaping sycophants and highly efficient gluttons around him. That is why a whole president can mount a podium at important functions and hurl false accusations and empty threats at his critics.

Personally, I find that outburst of the president very much Rawlings-like. And my reason is simple: Atta-Mills, in Cape-Coast during the 2008 elections campaign, said on a campaign plat-form that ‘sika a oman no akegye de wonfa nnye akwan, Kufuor dze ahye ne kotokum’, to wit, monies contracted by the state for the construction of roads have been pocketed by Kufuor.

This is the same man who introduced the phrase “contract killing” into our Ghanaian political campaign lexicon. He warned of Ghana going the way of Kenya if things did not go the way of the NDC.Atta-Mills and his followers described Ghana as a failed state during the 2008 campaign. And here, I would like to know which of these will least attract investments: a nation battling with the menace of armed-robbery or a totally collapsed state?

Mexico is battling with ruthless drug-lords but multi-national companies are investing in their economy but who would ever think of investing in a place like Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq or Yemen? Atta-Mills engaged in all those reckless pronouncements with absolutely no evidence during the 2008 campaign, but, he was neither accused of spreading fear and panic among the citizenry nor threatened with the unleashing of the might of the security services upon him.

However, this same person becomes the president and he has suddenly developed a very high allergy for critisms and the voices that sound good to his ears have now been narrowed down to only those that are coming from the greedy bastards around him.

Kwesi Pratt, who is one of the defacto inner cabinet members of Atta-Mills, sat in studios of Radio/TV stations and told the people of this nation that we are practicing a democracy and therefore even our unfortunate brothers/sisters in our mental homes are at liberty to express their views. He again said that it is perfectly legitimate for any person or group of persons who do not like a ruling government, to marshal every force at their disposal to, democratically, ensure its downfall.

The likes of Tony Aidoo and Raymond Archer constantly preached to the people of this nation that it is unethical to criticize a party in opposition. And their reason was that it is the government in power that collects our taxes and it is therefore incumbent upon us to constantly hold them to accounts by way of constant criticism.

And when all this was going on, Atta-Mills sealed his ears, closed his mouth and shut his eyes. Today, he is the president and he expects us not to talk? I guess it will be better if he stayed away from such pronouncements because it portrays him as a mega-hypocrite and a cartoon character in the eyes of some of us when he goes about engaging in such gaping-hypocrisy.

The president also said there are some saboteurs in our midst and that these individuals are always at-pains to manufacture various products of fear and panic, package them nicely and judiciously distribute them in all our Shopping Malls and various market centres for unsuspecting Ghanaians to buy. And this is where I will say the so-called ‘asomdwee hene’ Atta-Mills is engaging in what I describe as ‘Rawlings-like’ behaviour.

First of all, it is highly un-presidential for the commander-in-chief of our nation’s arm forces to stand on a podium at a public durbar and proclaim that he is privy to a criminal act and that he has directed the security services to deal with those involved. A president is expected to exhibit a very high sense of moderation when it comes to opening his buccal-cavity in public over matters of security. Failure to do this will paint him just as any ordinary member of these NDC sponsored non-entity groups as AFRO or MAG.

If you are a president and a briefing has been given you by these security dinosaurs masquerading as capos around you, why don’t you simply leave the appropriate people to deal with it behind the scenes but rather go and stand on a podium and shout till your voice start sounding like that of a toad suffering from a terrible cold?

What Atta-Mills should know is that, he became a president by riding on the crest of beatings, intimidations, lies, thuggery and plain thievery.However; we have promised never to engage in any of these vices. But as for talking and criticizing, we shall do it today, tomorrow and till Jesus comes!!! So if the kitchen is too hot, I would like to inform him that nothing stops him from getting out by way of tendering in his resignation. Period!!!

For all you know, then candidate Atta-Mills threatened the government with the ‘Kenya-way’ which is a civil war and I wonder if president Atta-Mills, of today, will also threaten the opposition with the ‘Moscow-way’ by ordering the security services to start breaking jaws, fingers and legs of his critics in order to stop them from speaking, writing and attending opposition functions, respectively.

The good people of this nation, who are currently reeling under harsh economic conditions as a result of visionless leadership, must be spared such bogus threats by a leader who is receiving half-baked intelligence briefings from security-dinosaurs.

Mr. President, what the people of Ghana expect from you is the fulfillment of your numerous illusionist campaign promises and not this constant shouting and straining of your already tired vocal cords in a fruitless exhibition of phony ‘machoism’.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei   
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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