Police Officer Bonk 16-Year-Old In Patrol Car

Police Boss, Paul Tawiah Quaye’s campaign to build a professional, non-corrupt corps of men and women in the black uniform received a major jolt when a cop raped a teenager in a police patrol car last Thursday.

After Daniel Addo committed the first degree crime, he set out to atone for it sort of, but stingily gave the victim only GH¢2.00, hardly making the single spine structure salary he had recently received reflect in his atonement.“I was bleeding and feeling pains after he forcibly pulled my pants and had sex with me at the back of the patrol car. I told him I was feeling pains in my private part but he asked me not to tell anyone and that it would be alright.” This is how the 16-year-old girl put her ordeal, after the hammering sexual bout Addo subjected her to, told the Heritage newspaper.

Policeman Daniel Addo is stationed at the Kpone office in the Greater Accra Region. According to the girl, who prefers to be referred to as Tina, Thursday’s was not the first, but the second, time the police officer had sexually exploited her.

Narrating her ordeal to The Heritage in an interview, the tender-looking girl said, on the ‘second advent’ which fell Thursday, November 11, she was heading home around 7:00 p.m. after school when the cop, who happened to be a family friend, offered to pick her home in the patrol car he was driving.

Tina asserted that, after accepting the offer, sex-craze Addo pleaded that he had forgotten something in his house and would like to drive quickly back to his abode before he drove her home with the promise to call to inform the girl’s mother she was with him.

After the nerves of the once-bitten-twice-shy teenager was thus calmed, the man paid by the tax-payer to provide security rushed to his home in the Roman Down suburb of Ashaiman and returned to the car but with a different alibi. This time, Mr. Addo pleaded that he wanted to do something at the office which happened to be at Kpone.
“While we were going, he drove into some bushes around the outskirts of Kpone and told me he wanted to have sex with me. That was the time he took me to the back of the patrol car and took off my pants while I kept pleading I didn’t want to do it,” the 16-year-old girl lamented.

After the hot sex session, Tina added, she told Mr. Addo that she was bleeding but the latter consoled her that “nothing would happen” to her.

Recounting her first encounter with the sex-hungry cop, she said she used to vend rechargeable mobile phone cards at the vicinity where the officer resided. She was offered a refuge by the policeman one fateful day while it was raining but that refuge turned out to be the lion’s den, one comparable to what Daniel in the Old Testament was thrown into. “He asked me to come and sit in his room to save me from being beaten by the rains.

“While I was in his room, he asked me whether I had a boyfriend and when I responded in the affirmative, he said I was beautiful and that he would like to marry me. And then, he asked me whether I had had sex before and, when I said no, he declared he was going to sleep with me, assuring me that nothing would happen. After that, he gave me GH¢2.00,” the pathetic girl said.

This came to light when the irate mother, Auntie Mary, dragged her daughter to the administration of the girl’s school for her to be dealt with by the school authorities.Speaking in an interview to The Heritage, Auntie Mary intimated that, when her daughter arrived home at a very odd hour last Thursday, she became suspicious and subjected her to lashes while querying where she had been. “That was when she told me what brother Dan had done to her. So, I was shocked; that is why I escorted her to school today,” she said.

According to Auntie Marry, Brother Dan has the effrontery to later call her to inform her not to worry and that he only “took my daughter out.”A traumatized Auntie Mary let out yet another shocker: as a supposed family friend, Dan had long feigned taking upon himself the honourable task of advising her little daughter Tina, not knowing he had diabolic plans. Her prayer now is that the police officer would be made by his superiors to face the full rigors of the law to serve as a deterrent to men who are unable to zip their trousers up.

The issue has been reported to the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit at Ashaiman and the DOVVSU has, in turn, issued a form for the medical check-up of the victim.

Four attempts to get the officer to respond to the accusation of an offence that could attract 25-year jail sentence all successively failed, as he decided to play a hide-and-seek game with the Heritage newspaper. Daniel Addo’s modus operandi was to plead to be given time with the promise of calling back but never did.

Daniel was called 6:34 a.m. yesterday to react to the story, but he said he was busy and that he would call back in 30 minutes, after acknowledging that he knew the victim. He was again called seven hours later after he had reneged on his earlier promise, only to plead once more that he would call this back in five minutes’ time. When the reporter persevered in getting Bro. Dan, he took refuge in handing the phone over to someone to keep informing this reporter that he “is not around.” 

Source: The Heritage

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