National Service Is Not Enough For Public Tertiary Graduates In Ghana

Students are patriotic and are dedicated to the development of the country, but they can not only rely on national service as an assurance of building a life. After national service most students wonder without work or job to earn a living, this problem of the tertiary graduates not getting  gainful jobs retard the development in the country because most of the human resource are not utilized. Development of a country mostly counts on the elite and also the grassroots. The government of the country must make sure that there are institutions that will allow students to utilize their human resource even if they are not fully employed after national service.

One way to help national service personnel is to make sure that those personnel that performed greatly during their service are at least employed in their required sectors if there are vacancies. This can only be ensured by both the private and the public organizations. The private sector should also increase the employment of tertiary graduates so that the potential in the graduates will be utilized.

Another way that the government can use in helping the tertiary graduates is by recommending any potential student to available organizations; these organizations can be either private or public. Most students complete their national service successfully but because there no vacancies in that particular organization they keep searching till they become weary. There most graduates in the country who are not employed all because of the unwillingness of most organizations to employ them. If the government is able to give them recommendation letters. There will be a considerable decrease in the number of unemployed tertiary graduates. The government can do this through interconnection with the organizations where the graduates offered their national service.

National service personnel who are posted to the rural areas are supposed to be treated well by the government and other institutions involved so that their stay at that particular regions or areas will be comfortable. If the national service personnel do not get jobs after their service does not mean that there no jobs available but the government do not care about them anymore after the national service. The government therefore is selfish, seeking for its own interest without considering that of the tertiary graduates.

What the government must know is that not all tertiary want to start with a white collar jobs some are even willing to enter into the educational sector as teachers and so on. What people must know is that this is a national matter and therefore should treated as such, this problem of graduates unemployment has been since time immemorial.

The government and the private organizations should please the initiative of employing tertiary in order to improve upon our national resources and increase development in the country.

Lamptey Alfred


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