Spio attacks Mills for leaving Rawlings homeless

A National Vice Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah is angry at what he calls Government’s lack of care and sympathy to the plight of the Party’s Founder, Jerry John Rawlings.

According to Dr. Garbrah, the Mills government has not made attempts to house the former President nine months after his house was gutted by fire.

Dr. Garbrah, who was speaking at a youth empowerment workshop organized by the Tertiary Educational Institutions Network of the NDC, expressed shock that disaster victims in far away Haiti had support from the Atta Mills’ government whiles the founder of the ruling party is homeless.

“I understand that President Rawlings cannot award contracts today and that because he doesn’t make appointments anymore he is not relevant and of no value to the party. Otherwise it is not possible that even when disaster victims faraway in Haiti  can receive a donation of three million dollars  but when a disaster befalls the founder of the party and  former President of the Republic of Ghana who by the Constitution is required to be given official accommodation, till today he does not have official accommodation. And yet there are over one thousand Government bungalows in Accra and I personally have identified some of them and have recommended it to the people concerned. NPP don’t take us serious because they see that we are unable to house our own father and are aware that the party is not strong enough to face them in the 2012 election” he said.

Dr. Garbrah also lashed out at members of his party who claim the term ‘foot soldier’ is a creation of the opposition NPP and alien to the party. According to him, the NDC has been hijacked by certain individuals – mainly CPP and NPP elements – to the detriment of loyal party members.

He expressed regret that National Executives of the party, who were begging foot soldiers for votes some few months ago, are now distancing themselves from them, claiming the concept is alien to the party.

“Foot soldiers were not something created by the NPP as some people are trying to suggest. So we cannot alienate the foundation of our party being the foot soldiers and the Leader and Founder of our party being President Rawlings, and then be hanging in the middle and call ourselves a party that is going for an election” he said.

Dr. Garbrah is also unhappy with President Mills for failing to meet with those he contested for the party’s flagbearership slot after almost two years in office and four years after the contest.

Source: citifm


  1. This kwasea kwasea JATO was able to purchase a state owned company for his ”UGLY DUCKLING WIFE” but can’t affort to rent/buy a place to live?
    Mills knows what’s going on in that family.

  2. wow do you think Rawlings is all that Ghana has, no what was given to Haiti was done in the name of Ghanan as a whole. Rawlings should go to hell. The immediate formal president is quiet why cant you be, Ekow help him you to can if you care so much

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