Nana Konadu’s ‘friends’ whip Vice President

The Communications Director of the Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings (FONKAR), Dela Coffie, has accused Vice President John Mahama of betraying the National Democratic Congress when the party was in opposition.

According to Dela Coffie, information FONKAR has accessed shows that the Vice President received monetary and other benefits from former National Security boss, Francis Poku during the New Patriotic Party administration in exchange for his silence.

FONKAR was reacting to statements Mr Mahama made about former President Jerry John Rawlings during an interview he granted Radio Ghana last week.

In the interview, the Vice President entreated the NDC to find ways of dealing with Mr. Rawlings’ grievances as his outbursts do not augur well for the party.

“It gives the impression of a party that is not united and solid and often that can affect your chances electorally. So it is an issue that the party needs to confront and deal with.

“He has some grievances and if I pick some of the issues that he normally raises, one is about justice. You can’t just pick people and put them in jail, you need to go through a process to prove their guilt,” the Vice President had said.

Those comments are what have angered FONKAR (which says its primary objective is to champion former President Rawlings’s ideals, principles and legacy) to raise those accusations against Vice President Mahama.

Speaking to Adakabre Frimpong Manso on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem, Dela Coffie said even though Vice President Mahama and Communications Minister, Haruna Iddrisu were supposed to be in charge of the communications apparatus of the NDC in opposition, they were not able to effectively champion the cause of the party because they were compromised.

“We know the sort of things they did with the security apparatus in the country at that time, so that even when it came to defending the principles and values of the NDC, they could not do so as they were supposed to,” he alleged.

He said because of the benefits Mr. Mahama was getting out of the system, he was not able to criticise the NPP government at the time.

When asked whether he had grounds on which he was basing his accusations, Dela said the information was declassified; it was an open secret that was available to any journalist who wants to find it and proceeded to challenge the Vice President to come out and speak to the allegations he had raised.

Dela Coffie also lashed out at the government saying there is a carefully orchestrated plan to destroy former President Rawlings who stood and defended the party throughout the eight years the NDC was in opposition as evidenced by the Vice President’s comments.

He however vowed that FONKAR was not going to allow that.

He said when the NDC went out of power, a lot of the members who are now in government abandoned the party when they were needed most; while some went abroad to lecture, others claimed to be sick while some went into premature retirement and it took Mr Rawlings to organise the party in opposition to regain power so those who want to discredit him should stop it because FONKAR was determined to uphold the legacy of the former President.
He said if those who had no legacy wanted to destroy the hard won legacy of former President Rawlings, then the group was determined to fight for him even if it costs them their lives.

Source: Adom

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