Hospital accused of ‘Killing’ twin babies

A young couple whose twin babies died during delivery at the Tema General Hospital on Wednesday November 3, has accused the Hospital of  “murder” through negligence.

According to them, the two girls could have survived if nurses and doctors on duty had been more responsible and professional in attending to them.

Narrating her experience to Citi News, the frail and sick looking Mrs. Adwoa Safoa Addo indicated that her folder was not thoroughly checked for her maternal medical records resulting in the mishap.

According to her, although earlier scans taken during her antenatal days had indicated that she needed to be delivered through caesarean section; nurses at the hospital on that fateful day forced her to deliver the normal way.

She says even though the first baby died through a normal delivery, she was forced to keep the second baby in her womb for well over 12 hours.

Mrs. Addo told Citi News that realizing she could not stand the pain, she began crying upon which a doctor gave the advice that she should go through the caesarean section.

According to her, the problems compounded when she prepared for the operation, there was no one available to give her any anesthetic.

When she inquired, she was told that the one who is expected to do that was not available.

She maintains that if those on duty had been a little more diligent she would have at least gotten one of the twins.

The Husband of the victim Mr. Carl Addo has accused the Hospital staff of murder and is demanding explanations for the death of the twins.

“The consequence of this is so cumulative and very heavy on us but I hope that very soon my wife will recover because she is nursing her caesarean wounds. She is so weak that she can’t walk or do anything. I blame the medical practitioners on duty that very day but not all of them. My intention is not to rundown the sacrifice of  medical practitioners but I am not ruling out murder in their way of doing things at the Tema General Hospital” he said.

Mr. Addo questioned why a pregnant woman, who had been attending antenatal services at the same Hospital since May 2010, could not have had a successful delivery. 

He told Citi News he is prepared to face the Hospital authorities in Court for the death of her twins and many others who have lost their babies through negligence.

“I will not entirely discount the fact that murder through whichever means is an everyday activity at the Tema General Hospital”. Obviously, a Doctor is not setting out to kill, but the law is not only concerned about your actions, but your inactions as well. Why shouldn’t a Doctor go through her history? Why do you push back the umbilical cord and get her waiting for twelve hours?” He asked.

“I would petition the Health Minister and the Ghana Health Service and based on their feedback, if nothing comes out, I will go to Court. I am challenging the management of the Tema General Hospital to explain not just to me but to Ghanaians. Again, how is it that there is no fuel in an ambulance to go and pick an anesthetic? The Management has to explain a lot of things to me and then afterwards, if it is not satisfactory, of course nothing can bring back those kids, but I believe in victory of good over evil and I would go to Court” he vowed.

When contacted by Citi News, authorities of the Tema General Hospital refused to comment on the matter.

This is just one of the many recent cases of alleged medical negligence which has often caused the deaths of unborn babies and sometimes their mothers.

In April 2010, the wife of a Deputy Energy Minister, Inusah Fuseini, died at the Police Hospital during child birth.

Not too long after, popular comedian Koo Fori lost his wife and baby during delivery. 

The most popular was that which involved the Vaah Family who lost their son at the Lister Hospital in Accra due to alleged medical negligence.

The Couple later formed the Vaah Junior Foundation for Better Maternal and Child Health.

Source: citifm

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