Managing Human Resource In Ghana

Ghana is a country blessed with all natural resources in the like of gold, diamond, bauxite. And now oil.  One of the major problems for underdevelopment in Ghana can be attributed to the inadequate of human resources in the country and other resources. When i say resources i mean to say not only the human resources but also the other resources (financial resources, materials required, machineries involved etc.) that are needed to accomplish a task or an objective.

Human resources here describe the individuals who comprise the workforce of the country, Management is a process that involves planning, managing resources to accomplish the set objectives, and measuring the results got. Managing of human resource in the country can be done by first pointing out the main causes of inadequate human resources in the country.

 Some of the causes of inadequate of human resources are: lack or inadequate  practical education ground for the science and other technical, the inadequate human resource in the country is because of the inadequate practical training given to both students and workers of science, technical and other aspect of studies.  Students in both the tertiary and high schools lack the practical aspect of what they study. Throughout the country you will come across students and workers that theoretically know what their career is about but practically they fumble and struggle. This therefore causes the country to lack the human resource to move the country from a technologically-stagnant country to technologically-dynamic country. What can be done to enhance this part of the human resource is by exposing both the students and workers to practical training in their field and not only the theoretical aspect.

Another cause for the low human resource in the country is the financial status of the country, the ability of the country to financially manage the sources that usually make up the human resources, such sources in clued feasibility studies and others. The point that all Ghanaians must know is that there are citizens available to that are ready to be equipped to take on to the management of our natural resources but the finances to help the people or the citizens is the problem. When I say “available citizens I mean that those who are ready and are also educated to the tertiary level or over” In order to solve this problem in the country, there is the need for the government to help the individual and the workers available to help further their education or help them specialize in their field very well for them to back and help the country. I know the government is helping students to further their education but there is the need for the government to put in more effort.

Human resource does not only mean education in schools but it also draws attention to the technical level of the country. Technical know- how in the country also brings about either increment or decrement of human resources in the country. When there is adequate technology and machines to the available students and workers in their field, they will always be able to transform one resource to the other without struggle. If petroleum engineering students will be equipped with the various instruments and machines that pertain to their field, there will adequate human resources to manage the petroleum industry that are for the engineers. The government and the private owners of educational institutions in the country should make it a point that their students are exposed to various machines and technology for the enhancement of human resources in the country.

The available human resource personnel in the country should also make sure that the implementation of such policies, processes or standards that will bring development to the country is done with patriotism. Natural and other resources can never be transforming unless there is human resource to do that.

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