Crocodile-tears for the security services (2)

I would first of all like to take this opportunity to commend Paapa Owusu-Ankoma (NPP-MP) for Sekondi for his wonderful display of vigilance and patriotism at the floor of the House, on 25th October, 2010 for spotting yet another ‘fraud’ nearly visited on the republic of Ghana.

An aspect of university of Ghana law, which deals with the appointment of chairman of the university council, sent to the president for his assent was surreptitiously altered to state that; instead of members of the council electing their own chairperson, the president has now been given the power to perform this duty in consultation with the council of state. Whether the said alteration occurred before or after the president’s signature, is one of the numerous cobwebs currently being woven around the faces of decent Ghanaians.

It is in the light of such ‘better Ghana agenda’ trickeries, that the STX contract must, as a matter of urgency and transparency, be brought back to parliament for a precise surgical operation to be performed on it before it is finally signed. Failure to do this might spell economic doom for the nation, and inevitably, line-up some people as forward-marchers into the confines of high-walls of our ‘reform institutions’.

 We are certainly not ready to be treated to stinking cock-tails of ‘free this or that person movement’ and I hope somebody out there is listening.

While people are going through contract agreements with surgical-precision in order to fish-out discrepancies, there are other groups of Ghanaians who, though claim to be concerned with the advancement of our nation, are perpetually expending all their energies on only interim audit reports. Selectively, myopically and narrow-mindedly, they will quote profusely from these audit reports to advance their jaundiced-arguments.

And as expected, matters of proper scrutiny of a multi-billion-dollar contract as STX that has a potential of mortgaging our nation’s future for centuries to come, does not really matter to these hypocritic social-democrats because the contract is being spearheaded by their pay-masters.

Apologists of the current administration have been telling the people of Ghana that the signing ceremony had to be put-off so that all the T’s could be crossed and the I’s dotted. Kobby Acheampong, in a desperate attempt to water-down the saga surrounding this STX ‘kuluulu’, ended up turning the whole issue upside-down by saying “the signing ceremony had to be abandoned to enable all the T’s to be dotted and the I’s crossed”,(Good Morning Ghana,Metro-TV,27/10/10).  

Now, for the 53years that the nation of Ghana has been in existence, the P (NDC) would have been ruling for 23years, by the time Atta-Mills ends his first term in office. This will be almost half of our lives as a nation. But, these same people turn round to accuse the NPP that was until the year 2000, had been in the political wilderness for 30years, for our current housing deficit ‘palava’.

The P (NDC) which has its umbilical cord firmly tied to the military barracks could not do ‘teeee’ (nothing) to improve the accommodation situations in these military enclaves for the 19years of mismanaging our country.

Now, after the 8years of NPP, these same congenital liars are back again with their ‘Kweku Ananse’ tales as to how they care for the ordinary Ghanaian. These same people are today sitting in the studios of Radio Gold and shouting themselves hoarse, about their ‘love’ for the security services and how they intend to put up ‘heavenly-mansions’ for them. These people are therefore accusing every individual who raises issue with this totally fraudulent and ill-prepared STX-deal.

Since this animal called STX reared its ugly face here in Ghana, the economically-disenfranchised citizenry have never had peace from these NDC apologists masquerading as senior journalists and CPP activists. These people, who claim to be experts in everything from archeology to zoology, have also, now metamophosized into Civil Engineers and Building Experts.

 They have now become the ultimate ‘authority’ on the matters of STX operations across the globe.
The extensive work of research done by the likes of Danquah Institute, IMANI and others, are all being lampooned by these unrepentant proponents of a dead ideology called socialism.

The only argument being advanced by these stomach politicians and their surrogate double-tongued socialist senior journalist as Kwesi Pratt is that the success of the STX deal will spell doom for the opposition. Therefore all these glaring flaws in the contract are being pointed out just to scuttle the smooth take-off and execution of the housing project. Can you believe this, my fellow Ghanaians?!!!

Conscientious individuals who have spent great amount of their time and energy to fish-out the discrepancies and fraud that had been smuggled into the contract, just like how the indemnity clauses were smuggled into our current constitution, are rather being branded as nation wreckers who do not want to see Ghana progress.

Now, if the STX contract had no blemish as those NDC apologists were trumpeting, then why did the President asked for it to be withdrawn from parliament so that a much better work could be done before it was returned to the house? And why, again, was the signing ceremony debacle that made our state officials, including the vice president, look like cartoon-characters in the eyes of the international business community?

The shouts of the current government trying to put-up houses for the security agencies under this STX deal and that whoever is opposing the fraudulent nature of the deal is a traitor, is only a façade behind which is the diabolic intension of these greedy bastards within the current administration to reap millions of dollars into their pockets through the dubious contract arrangements.

After all, the current accommodation problems of our security agencies have been with us since the colonial days. And I challenge people like Tony Aidoo and Kwesi Pratt to tell us the state of accommodation of our security agencies, between 1982 to the year 2000.What did the 19years of P(NDC) misrule do to improve the state of accommodation at the Accra central police station?

Haven’t the fridges of policemen at the Nima police barracks been kept outside their rooms since the day Rawlings overthrew the Limann government till he (Rawlings) and hypocrites as Tony Aidoo exited power in 2000?

And here, I am not saying we should sit down for things to continue in the same fashion. But, it is also quite ironic when practicing prostitutes and operators of brothels as NDC and their pathetic surrogates, turn round to pontificate on morals to decent Ghanaians as we are currently witnessing with the accommodation plight of our security services.

Now, if all these noise being made today about the NDC’s desire to accommodate the security agencies were really sincere,then,one might be tempted to ask why, with this soft-spot for our security personel,the Estate houses built under the 19years of P(NDC) misrule were all distributed among themselves, cronies and concubines?!!!!

Kwesi Pratt and Tony Aidoo were splitting their hypocritical hairs, as usual, on the 24th July,2010 edition of their notoriously abusive ‘alhaji-alhaji’ programme on Radio Gold, over the fact that policemen are sleeping on bunk-beds at the Central Police Station in Accra so the STX deal must be pushed through irrespective of the opposition coming from “all these ‘mati meho’ elements who have the propensity of unnecessarily opposing everything that will bring relief to the suffering masses of Ghana”!!!

Were these hypocrites oblivious of the fact that our police officers were sleeping on bunk-beds when those SSNIT flats in Tema, Sakumono and other places were being dished out to concubines as birthday presents during the P(NDC) era?!!As I have said in the time past, Ghanaians really have short memories and this is what political-vampires as Kwesi Pratt, Tony Aidoo and Raymond Archer have capitalized on to continuously throw boulders into the eyes of the decent people of this nation.

This current shouting of the Atta-Mills administration’s good intention of putting up houses for the security agencies is a familiar road we have travelled before, and the funny aspect of the whole issue is that, the noise is coming from the same people who built Estate houses in the early 1990’s, but forgot to notice then, that the fridges of policemen were being kept outside due to lack of space in their rooms.

Atta-Mills, Alban Bagbin and about 99.9% of these people in power today were all part of that shameful legacy of bringing our security services to its knees by way of total neglect after being in power for close to two decades. These same nation-wreckers, through unprecedented fraud, lies, thuggery and plain thievery, have managed to smuggle their way back into power to come and throw ‘kpakpo shito’ into the eyes of Ghanaians, once again.

I would therefore like to prompt our decent compatriots in uniform not to be fooled by allowing themselves to be used as ‘guinea-pigs’, this time round, by swallowing hook-line-and-sinker, all these cacophonous rantings about your accommodation problems, by these too familiar political-hermaphrodites who are ever prepared to jump into bed and engage in looting and lying intercourse, without protection, with whoever is in government just for the sake of some teaspoons of ‘nkwan deewa’.

Indeed, the P (NDC) simply does not have any record of caring for our security services in the areas of accommodation and other logistics. Therefore,  if the seeming obedience to the wishes of the current government by the police administration has anything to do with this fairy-tale STX accommodation promised them, then they(police)must better wake-up,erlse,as the famous Fante saying goes; ‘wobedzi hon dokon kwa’(chasing the wind)!!!

And now to my cherished readers; due to the hullabaloo the “kokoo ase kurase ni” pronouncement has generated in our nation, I have decided to explain to the understanding of all Ghanaians, the true meaning of this phrase in order to put the whole caboodle to rest once and for all. Stay tuned for next week.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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