Terrorizing By The Fulani

The Fulani are pastoral and nomadic people of western Africa; they are traditionally cattle herders of Muslim faith usually sub-Saharan regions mostly from Senegal to Chad. The Fulani’s presence in the country is causing more harms than good to the citizens.

These expatriates are located in the grassland and other areas of the country that are good and conducive for the rearing of their herds. Though allowing them to the country enhances the country’s international relation with other countries, these Fulani are causing a lot of problems and making life uncomfortable for the native of the place they find themselves. Most of the Fulani usually destroy the corps of the native farmers and nothing is done to them.

Again these Fulani even go the extent of killing the native of the town any time they (native) try to confront them on some unusual cases. When these Fulani commit such offenses they go scot-free without any punishment and sometimes the police rather turn to the citizens of the country instead of protecting the citizens. Such offences by the Fulani occurred in the greater Accra region of the country in a village called Malejor and up to now the police have done nothing about it.

Another evil work of the Fulani is the contaminating of water of most rural areas with their herds, and because of what the natives knows the Fulani can do they do not complain and live in the uncomfortable condition. The most furious thing is that the police allow them to live at their comfort.

Most of the Fulani in the country have turn to committing various social devices such as arm robbery and tricking the innocent and also engaging in internet fraud. The government must ensure that the Fulani are brought under control and not to protect the name of the country and forgetting the protection of the citizens from expatriates like the Fulani.

Alfred Lamptey


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  1. I am surprised at your article because you dont only sound bias but very ignorant of what you are saying. I believe the Ga’s migrated from nigeria from what i was told in my history class. The Fulani’s have been in Ghana for years and years and most of them call Ghana their home because that is the country they’ve known all their lives. If a group of people are mishaving in a community does not give anyone the right to call the tribe names. You did mention that the police do not do anything when a Fulani kills someone, dont you think it is because they have no evidence of the crime or you insulting your country’s legal system. Do honestly believe in this year and age, someone will kill someone when everyone knows they did commit the crime and go scott free. Be sure of what you write about and investigate thoroughly before publishing such an article. You dont only offend people but you also dont promote peace in the counry. Fulani’s have contributed and continue to contribute greatly to the economical growth of the country.

  2. plz can u tellme if these Fulani people are really Ghanaians. Isn’t there any Fulani in Ghana. plz answer (in my email)

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