Deputy Minister Escapes Death

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), needs to invite both Ursula Owusu
and her driver for examination before they cause a major accident on Ghana’s roads
thereby sending innocent people to their premature deaths.

Verifiable reports gathered by the Daily Post indicate that about five weeks before
their recent arrest by the police for over speeding, this same driver, with Ursula
by his side, nearly snuffed the life out of the Deputy Minister for Communications,
Hon. Gideon Quarcoo.

Thanks to his own alertness and the smartness of his driver, the Deputy-Minister
escaped certain death.

Daily Post gathered that the accident occurred sometime last month on the street
that runs in front of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) in Accra.

As the Deputy Minister’s driver headed in the direction of parliament, the Deputy
Minister happened to glance at his right where a road joins the main street on which
his car was. He was in time to spot a vehicle approaching at a terrific speed
ostensibly to join the main road.

Judging from the speed of the approaching car, he calculated rightly that it would
not be able to negotiate the curve; that it would run into the side of his car where
he was sitting.

He immediately screamed out to alert his driver who, though saw the
approaching car too late, sent his car surging forward, saving the life of his
master as the approaching vehicle rather smashed into the rear of the car. All these
happened in a matter of seconds.
Both drivers then parked their cars after which Ursula’s driver got out, approached
the Deputy Minister and admitted being at fault.

All this while, Ursula stayed put in her car, unwilling to come out to commiserate
with the Hon. Gideon Quarcoo. The Deputy Minister, after being told by Ursula’s
driver that his madam was in the car, got out and walked over to her car. It was at
this juncture that Ursula Owusu rolled the glasses of her car down and introduced
herself to the Deputy Minister.

In her usual snobbish attitude, she told the Deputy Minister that the accident was
no big deal and that he should take his car to his mechanics and send her the bill.
It was only after the Deputy Minister introduced himself to her that she toned down
a little and offered a half- hearted apology.

According to our source, the Deputy Minister, described by many as a gentleman,
simply walked back to his car and asked his driver to drive away.
“You can bet that if this accident had happened the other way round, with the Deputy
Minister’s car being the one to smash into Ursula’s, she would hit the airwaves
immediately, screaming herself hoarse that the NDC attempted to kill her” said the
source who witnessed that accident.

When the Daily Post contacted Hon. Gideon Quarcoo about the accident, he confirmed
that it happened but was not willing to expatiate on exactly what happened saying
only that he was thankful that he did not die or get injured.
“Please, let us leave the matter here. It is enough for me that I am alive. There is
so much to do to enable President Mills realise his BETTER GHANA agenda and for now,
that is my focus” he said.

Currently, Ursula’s driver is on a GH ¢500 bail granted him by an Accra Circuit
court after he was arrested by the police on Tuesday, November, 2, 2010 on the road
to Amasaman for over-speeding and driving without a license.

As in the accident that nearly ended the Deputy Minister’s life, Ursula was in her
car at the time the police busted her driver. According to the Police, she was at
her insolent best afterwards, a behaviour that has become her trade mark.

Source: Daily Post

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