Azoka Boys Assaults Hajj Committee spokesperson

Alhaji Alidu Haruna, one of the most obnoxious adherants of the ruling National Democratic congress (NDC) yesterday had his comeuppance when a thug working for Alhaji Sofo Azorka, another NDC supporter, pounced on him and gave him the beating of his life!

Not even twenty police officers who were rushed to the Kanda office of the Hajj Committee yesterday could arrest Sofo Azorka, a member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) who doubles as the party’s taskforce kingpin.

Azorka and his group are in Accra with his fearful group at the invitation of the NDC government, which is preparing to take them to Mecca, but the long stay in Accra has made them restive, the Daily Searchlight newspaper has learnt.

The Daily Searchlight newspaper has learnt that the attack on Alhaji Alidu Haruna, who is a member of the NDC hijacked Hajj Committee follows the inability of the Hajj Committee to provide them their passports to enable them travel to Saudi Arabia to provide security to the Ghanaian Muslims who are embarking on the Hajj as they had been promised by the presidency.

The ugly incident which occurred at about 11:15am yesterday, according to sources, created nasty scenes a the premises of the Hajj committee, which is near the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) head office at Kanda, and it took the intervention of security personnel as well as some gurus of the NDC and twenty police men for calm to be restored!

Four days ago Sofo Azorka and his boys had stormed the Hajj Committee office and attempted to exhibit similar behavior but they were restrained by the security apparatus at the premises following which they were taken to the Castle where the powers that be pleaded with them to exercise patience.

At the Castle, Azorka and his boys, now known as NDC Taskforce, were said to have promised that they would be given their passport yesterday, Tuesday, to enable them embark on the journey to Saudi Arabia to carry out their mandate, but this promise did not see daylight as the Hajj committee for the second time failed to grant them their passports, which situation led to them attacking the Hajj Committee members.

In the process some of the Hajj committee members including the chairman had to run for cover.According to the sources, the NDC government had arrangements with the Azorka boys that they would be sent to Saudi Arabia as taskforce to provide security for the pilgrims but that promise seems to be backfiring hence the decision by the Azorka boys to stage that attack.

When Alhaji Alidu Haruna was reached, he confirmed that he had been attacked and said that Azorka came to their office in the company of one of his boys and threatened that if their passport is not given to them they would deal ruthlessly with them.

But Alhaji Alidu Haruna said he had advised Azorka to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about his concerns but this infuriated Sofo Azorka and his boy, who pounced on him an gave him heavy slaps as well as knocks on his chest.

A contingent of twenty solid police men who were called to the scene could not take Sofo Azorka into custody, but Alidu said that he was prepared to fight for justice.When he was reached yesterday, Sofo Azorka said that he was not there at the time of the incident, and called on the media to allow him to have his peace.

Source: Daily Searchlight

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