“Rev. Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom Gave Me Breast Cancer” – Woman

Madam Alice Boakye who told the whole world that she had hot sex in a car with Rev. Doc. Ebenezer Opambour Adarkwa Yiadom, Prophet 1, of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center, after which she was forced to suck his erected penis, has given News One some alarming revelations on what really happened and how the media got hold of the story.

Alice, who is currently hiding in a prayer camp on top of a mountain in the Eastern Region, said she has been asked to embark on a 40-day fasting over the matter.

She stated that Rev. Opambour called her on phone and threatened her that until she spoke the truth, her breasts would rot with cancer and since then, the cancer had affected her breasts for real.

Alice said she had moved from one pastor to another in search of deliverance from the cancer and alleged that when she went to Bishop Obinim of God’s Way International Church, he leaked the story to the media and allegedly asked her to repeat the allegations against Adarkwa.

The Sex
There are three versions to the sex story. Alice in the first story noted: “Rev. Ebenezer had sex with me in a car in the bush and God is my witness. This is a serious matter and he has cursed me for coming out to speak and that he would kill me.”

In the second story, Alice visited a number of churches and radio stations, saying she was rather impregnated by one pastor Akwasi and that they plotted to put the blame on Rev. Adarkwaa so as to get money and a car from him. Alice, in narrating the second story, went round with her mother and they both apologized to Rev. Adarkwa for the embarrassment caused him.

Alice waited for some months and started circulating the first story again, insisting the pregnancy belonged to Rev. Adarkwa. She alleged again that she apologized because Adarkwa had promised to give her some money.

Pastor Akwasi
Pastor Akwasi is a junior pastor at Rev. Adarkwa’s church. He was the second person Alice claimed was responsible for the pregnancy. Pastor Akwasi has told News One he actually impregnated Alice. Surprisingly he said he would sue her for terminating the pregnancy without his consent. Akwasi alleged that when the pregnancy occurred, Alice told him about it and demanded money to abort it but he refused and later heard her on radio stations, claiming Rev. Adarkwa was responsible for the pregnancy.

According to Alice, when she alleged that Rev. Adarkwa was responsible for her pregnancy, he called her on phone and told her that until she spoke the truth, her breasts would be affected by cancer. Alice claims her breasts have since been affected by the cancer and she had moved from one pastor to another and from one hospital to the other. Currently, she is hiding at a prayer camp seeking redemption.

Rev. Adarkwa has denied ever having sex with Alice. He said it was only the truth that would cure Alice of her cancer. Rev. Adarkwaa stated that because the lady was using the media to tarnish his reputation, he had sued her before a Kumasi High Court over charges of defamation.

Adarkwa said Alice applied for help from the church on grounds that she had nowhere to stay and that a vehicle had run into her shop.
He said the church, out of goodwill, hired an accommodation for her and gave her money to start another business, only for her to come out with the allegations of sex and pregnancy. 
Source: News one


  1. Rev. Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom you are bless.Pray for me..

  2. Rev. Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom, The most powerful paster in the world.me I say so.

  3. all shows that, God is coming as florence obinim said
    so we have to pray for all men of God, because the devil is atacking them all the time.

  4. the bible says no body should never ever in any way speak against His anointed ones.

  5. the holy book tells us not to judge.

  6. who is anointed ?these fake evil juju pastors ?camon the woman is right .may the good God cure her and exposed of fake pastors

  7. God said “do not touch my annointed.” so my dear lady please come out and tell the world the truth for the truth shall set you free. a word to the wise is enough.

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