Ghana Police Killer Escapes to Togo

Johnson Kombian, the fugitive who allegedly killed two policemen and critically wounded another in the Northern Region, has escaped to Togo.

Police intelligence report said the 35-year-old man, described as the brain behind a number of robberies, who broke jail at the Tamale Prison on January 15, 2010, has crossed the border into Togo from his hideout at Gomsuka, a small village near Nakpanduri in the Northern Region.

It said the Ghanaian authorities had alerted Interpol in Togo and provided them with vital information, including copies of his picture, to facilitate his arrest.

In addition to the murder and injury to the policemen, Kombian is wanted to face trial in a number of other cases, including robbery, attempted murder, possession of firearms without lawful authority, escaping from lawful custody, failing to report on licence and stealing.

He had escaped twice from the Tamale Prisons, twice from Togo and once from the Gambaga Prisons and is alleged to have been terrorising residents of Gambaga, Nalerigu and Nakpanduri.

Until his escape, he was serving a five-year jail sentence for a previous escape while he was awaiting trial for robbery and attempted murder.

An operation to arrest Kombian at Gomsuka resulted in the burning of a number of houses and injuries to some individuals for which the police have apologised for any excess.

The police said prior to the raid, they had gathered credible intelligence reports that after the shooting incidents on October 17, 2010, in which Kombian killed the two policemen and injured another, he had been shuttling between his father’s home at Nakpanduri and the d twin villages of Danvorga and Danugu, where his mother’s home is.

The document said in the early hours of Saturday, October 23, 2010, the police carried out the manhunt for Kombian at the villages mentioned, but he appeared to have had some hints about the operation and so managed to escape.

Following reports of police high-handedness in the operation, the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Paul al Tawiah Quaye, has recommended to the minister of the Interior the institution of an independent committee of enquiry into the alleged arson committed by unidentified persons in Gomsuka and surrounding areas.
Source: Daily Graphic

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