Police arrest woman for faking mass rape story

Amina Mohammed, the young woman who reported a highway robbery incident at Kintampo saying that the robbers ordered the male passengers to rape the female passengers, is in police custody.

She has been arrested to help the police in their investigations.
The police have said investigations so far showed that, there was no incident of highway robbery or rape at Kintampo. “The only incident that took place that day was an attempted robbery at Kubease, near Ejisu in the Ashanti Region, where a Yutong bus with 47 passengers on board was fired on by a group of armed robbers,” the Head of Public Relations of the Police Service, Supt Kwasi Ofori, said in a statement yesterday, explaining the state of investigations of the incident.

He said the bullet hit the windscreen of the vehicle but no one was injured. He said the driver of the bus mustered courage, drove through a wooden structure that had been used to block the road, and reported the incident to the police, who quickly dispatched a team to patrol the area but no robber was spotted. “The armed robbers did not have access to the passengers; no one was hurt, no injury took place,” he stressed.

Supt. Ofori said all the witnesses, including some foreigners interviewed by the police, denied any incident of rape and armed robbery. Supt Ofori commended the Ghana Private Road Transport Union for introducing counter foil booklets where they obtained details of particulars of passengers before their departure.

That, he said, facilitated the work of the police by helping them to get in touch with the passengers on the bus. Mr. Ofori advised the media to be circumspect in their reportage especially, on issues of crime to avoid distortions, explaining that investigating crime was the preserve of the police and the media should not do anything to usurp that mandate. “The media should allow the police to investigate criminal issues and not take it upon themselves to do so and eventually end up misreporting,” he said.
Source: Times

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  1. mary williams -vicenza-italy

    i am pleading to every passenger on the bus that day to be confident and go to the police and tell the truth because truth is like a sword, so if you say the truth you don,t fear please for the mercies of her children,s sake please go forward and help this poor mother because her children needs her thank you verymuch

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