Mass rape victim cries out: I’m pregnant

The controversy generated over the reported ‘mass’ rape of bus passengers travelling to Tamale on Monday, October 11, 2010 at a spot near Kintampo, during an armed robbery, seems far from over as the police have detained two persons believed to have broken the story on Adom FM.

Another passenger is reportedly pregnant from the inhuman ordeal. The two suspects were picked up from the Tema-based radio station and dispatched to the CID headquarters in Accra for questioning last Saturday after police had initially rubbished the robbery claims.

They are Amina Mohammed, who broke the story on Tema-based Adom Fm and Papa Bills, a producer of the station. Daily Guide was told that the two persons were picked up by two senior police officers from the police headquarters and were detained there until later Saturday night when Papa Bills was released while Amina was detained overnight.

According to the source, Amina arrived at the radio station around 8a.m upon an invitation by the morning show host and insisted that her story on the armed robbery attack was credible and that her mother and elder brother were on the bus.

However, about an hour later, DCOP Robert Ayalingo, who had told President Atta Mills on Friday that the robbery case was a hoax and had disguised himself as a counselor from the Social Welfare office, walked to the front desk of the radio station demanding to meet with Amina to counsel her.

DCOP Ayalingo met Amina and pretended to be counseling her when suddenly two other men arrived at the station and identified themselves as CID officers. One of the officers had the name John Taylor on his ID card, and they demanded that Amina and the producer of the show, Papa Bills, accompany them to the CID headquarters.
Around 4pm, they departed for Accra in their vehicle.

Workers of the radio station who were shocked at the turn of events, could only watch as the two ‘suspects’ were led into a waiting vehicle and driven to Accra where they were held until later in the night when Papa Bills was released and asked to report the next day.

Amina, who, according to the source, is already traumatized by the incident, was however detained and was still in police custody at the time of going to press last night. The situation compelled top management of Multimedia, owners of the station, to rush to the CID headquarters and were said to have spent several hours at the security facility.

On Sunday October 31, Kofi Adoma Nwanwani announced in a sort of ‘breaking news’ that he was saddened because a female passenger on the ill-fated bus had called to say that she had ‘missed’ her menstrual cycle because of the forced sexual intercourse inflicted on her by the armed robbers. He said he had so far spoken to three other persons including Amina’s mother and a certain Issaka who would speak to the radio station this week when he arrives from Tamale.

‘I can tell you that a lady, a married woman called to inform us that she had missed her period as a result of the sexual intercourse she was forced to have with a male passenger and was scared her husband might divorce her if he found out,” Kofi Adoma said. When asked if she saw the father having sex with his daughter, she said she did not because she was engrossed in her own problems.

According to the woman, she was married but feared that her husband would be turned off of if he knew what had befallen her. She was even more scared now to tell him she might be pregnant from the ordeal. She confirmed Amina’s claim that they were all forced to undress.

Then the women were made to lie down on the ground after all their valuables had been snatched from them. They were ordered to open wide their thighs while the naked men were paired with them and asked to stare into their vaginas.

She believed this might have turned some of the men on even under the stressful circumstances. She revealed that ‘her man’ was an elderly bearded man whom she believed was a Northerner. “He was elderly and his erection was not hard. As for me, I am not a virgin, I am married and therefore did not feel much pain, and the man himself was not strong enough but he managed to ejaculate into me and now I have missed my period,” she told her host.

He remarked that Amina also mentioned to him that it was on the plea of the man who had sex with his daughter and others involved in the sex saga that they lodged a report to the police but failed to mention the ‘rape’ scene because of the shame associated with the whole episode.

He noted that a military man had called into their station to question the attitude of the police who seemed to suggest that the incident was a hoax, adding that it was only the police who used AK47 amongst the nation’s security institutions. He called for probe into the alleged ‘rape’ case since the bullets found at the scene could be traced.

Amina last week shocked the nation when she disclosed that the vehicle on which they were travelling had been ambushed by armed robbers around 1 am and the male passengers had been forced to have sex with their female passengers.

She told Adom Fm that she was only spared because she was in her period, as she was labeled by the armed robbers as a ‘bad luck’ lady and was asked to step aside while the gang forced a man to break his own daughter’s virginity as they made the man have sex with the 14- year old girl at gunpoint.The man, according to Amina, was taking his daughter to school as she had gained admission to the Tamale Senior High School in the Northern Region.

Another elderly lady was paired with a young man, and as she wailed from what she said was unbearable pain, the heartless robbers ordered her to shut up and enjoy the act. The woman was said to heaved curses on the robbers, warning them God would punish them, while they laughed and claimed God had long punished them.Amina told the host of the show that she was travelling to Tamale for her father’s funeral together with her mother. She pointed out that when the bus got to Kintampo sometime after midnight, the road had been blocked, with three men on the right side of the road, three on the left, four in the middle and two standing behind wielding AK-47 assault rifles.

The driver, according to her narration, accelerated upon realizing that they were robbers. He drove through the blockaded, with the robbers pursuing them on motorbikes and shooting at the bus which eventually stopped, with passengers screaming and prying for their dear lives.

Source: Daily Guide

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