Man splits brother’s stomach open

A 40-year-old khebab seller is in the grips of the law for splitting open the stomach of his elder brother, with all his intestines gushing out, all because he suspected him of sleeping with his senior wife in Bolgatanga.

He has also accused the elder brother of stealing his four cows, squandering an unspecified amount of money meant for organising his-late father’s funeral, and spiritually stealing GH¢1.000 from his room at Sapeiman even though the locks to the safe were not tampered with.

Issaka Adongo thinking the victim, Naoshilla Akasokar had died from his stomach wounds, felt greatly relieved and expressed his appreciation to God.

He also told the police that, if he had not “killed” Akasokar, he himself and his two wives and two kids would have died an unnatural death.

“It is our custom at Bolgatanga and its environs that, if a person sleeps with his brother’s wife, it is better for he alone to die, than an entire family to perish through mysterious deaths,” Adongo told the police.

The Accra North Divisional Police Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Bossoh who briefed the ‘Spectator’ about the bizarre incident, said Adongo invited his elder brother, resident at Bolgatanga, to Accra to take over his khebab business at a drinking spot at the Race Course, Abeka Lapaz, because he was travelling outside the country to seek greener pastures.

Mr Bossoh said Akasokar obliged and came down but Adongo said he was no longer travelling, rather the two of them should carry on with the business and share the profit.

He said on October 15, 2010, Adongo, who lives with his second wife at Sapeiman, near Amasaman, sneaked into the drinking spot at about 3.00 a.m. and split open the stomach of Akasokar with a very sharp knife, with the sole aim of killing him.

He said Akasokar managed to push his intestines back into his stomach and came out, of the bar, but collapsed because of the excessive bleeding.

Mr Bossoh said at about 6.00 a.m. a police man who was returning from duty, spotted Akasokar lying in a pool of blood, and sent him to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, where doctors operated on him and saved his life.

On regaining consciousness, Akasokar mentioned Adongo as the one who attempted to kill him.

The Police Commander said, Adongo, who thought Akasokar had died, came to work as usual, with the intention to plead alibi, but was apprehended, and handed over to the police.

He said Adongo, who did not show any remorse, confessed to the crime and even expressed appreciation to God that Akasokar had “died”.

Adongo was arraigned before court on Monday but his plea was not taken and has been remanded into police custody.
Source: The Spectator

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  1. aluta bologna italy

    why are the police waisting time?.he confess his sin.he should be put to jail ..he say their custom. but not that of ghana.

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