Nana Konadu is not marketable – Raymond Archer

The editor of the Enquirer newspaper, Raymond Archer has questioned the suitability of former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, to lead the NDC party in the 2012 general elections.

He says Nana Konadu lacks the qualities to attract votes. Despite acknowledging Nana Konadu’s vast experience in politics, the Enquirer Editor said, that alone does not mean the former first lady is a marketable candidate for the ruling party.

He accused Konadu of flouting the laws governing the NDC party because she is an executive member of the party, so it is improper for her to show seeming indifference by failing to call to order the so-called footsoldiers clamouring for her candidature as flagbearer, since the party has not opened nominations.

He has challenged Konadu to denounce the proposition by the section of the party supporters for her to become the flagbearer in the next general elections, adding that it is an indictment on her as Vice Chairperson of the party for people to break party rules in her name and all she does is to keep quiet.

But while condemning the Enquirer Editor for jumping into unnecessary conclusions, Kofi Adams sought to explain that since the party has not opened nominations, it will be in the interest of all party faithful to ceasefire on discussions on who leads the NDC in the next general elections and concentrate on achieving the better Ghana agenda for the Ghanaian populace.

Source: Adom Fm

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