Crocodile-tears for the security services (1)

A policy think-tank, IMANI, has revealed that they have sited a document in which it is stated that the originators of the STX deal are currently junketing around Europe looking for the $10billion ‘kweku ananse’ cash for the commencement of the project. The government of Ghana is also reported to be running helter-skelter over the looming catastrophe.

Attempts made to reach motor-mouth Hannah Bissiw (the construction genius) for her to authenticate this explosive revelation by IMANI, drew a complete blank-check. (News, Joy-FM 6pm, 25/10/10).and who knows, she was probably busy planning the next target of her caustic political insults.

The people of this nation woke-up on the morning of 21st October,2010 to a front page story of the Daily Graphic newspaper that all those ‘kuluulus’ originally incorporated in the STX deal, has been rectified by the Attorney General and that the document has been forwarded to the technical committee for whatever needs to be done.

And the statement was, as usual, made by the one and only, ‘mighty’ Hannah Bissiw, who is my ‘favourite’ minister and a great sparring partner in the boxing ring of ‘zero-tolerance’ for political-insults.

As to what necessitated the signing ceremony fiasco in the first place, the good people of this nation have been kept in perpetual limbo by these pseudo-apostles of probity, accountability, integrity and transparency.

How can we be sure that all those ‘enyi da ho’ (deliberately) incorporated discrepancies have been sorted out when we did not know what those discrepancies were, in the first place? Some people will definitely be puzzled by such a development. But for me, as long as Hannah Bissiw,the woman I would continuously and fittingly describe as a Cuban-indoctrinated motor-mouth, is displaying her now too familiar ‘kweku ananse’ gibberish, it certainly does not surprise me a bit!!!

There is this famous Fante adage that says, ‘se wotu wo fo na anntse a, wodze wo ko anntse adze’, to wit, when you persistently turn a deaf ear to wise council, you will be confined to the land of unrepentant fools. And the shame visited on our nation with that STX-GoG signing ceremony fiasco, the current NDC administration under the stewardship of Atta-Mills has proven beyond reasonable doubt that they fit perfectly into the description of the above Fante adage.

Very pertinent issues have been raised by decent Ghanaians who are equally concern about accommodation for every ‘homeless’ person, but, not only the security services. But the NDC, in full display of their trade-mark belligerence, stuck to their narrow mindedness and bull-dozed the half-baked STX ‘kululu’ deal through parliament.

Hannah Bissiw,the who is parading as a ‘construction consultant’, was on Radio Gold on the morning of 22nd September,2010 engaging in what the NDC is well noted for;lies,lies and more lies!!!!

She was asked as to why the documents had not been fully perused by the Attorney-General and yet the Koreans were invited and a ceremony organized for the deal to be signed. And her answer was that, the government of Ghana never invited the Koreans.

The host then asked her how did, and why were, the Koreans present for the ceremony. And her answer was that the Koreans must have been informed about the programme by their Embassy here in Ghana!!

Again, a stark illiterate as Anita de-Souza, was all over the air-waves branding very learned and conscientious Ghanaians who raised pertinent concerns with some aspects of the contract agreement, as nation wreckers who were scared-stiff of the electoral demise of the NPP because the STX project was going to make every Ghanaian rich by way of job creation.

Alhaji Bature(a self-styled media practitioner),out of total ignorance, branded an independent and highly credible policy tin-tank, IMANI,as an appendage of the NPP simply because they voiced out what they saw as being detrimental to the overall interest of the people of Ghana if the contract was executed at its current state.

As for Kwesi Pratt, the little said about him, the better. This is an individual who projects himself as the sole champion promoting home-grown ideas and businesses. He said Ghana could solve its housing deficit problem if we had a leader who will forget about travelling abroad to seek for loans and rather concentrated on exploiting this limitless deposit of black-cement at a village called Otekpolu.

He saw this kind of a leader in the person of Atta-Mills. He therefore abandoned his ‘beloved’ CPP and jumped into bed with the NDC.But true to his perfection in political-acrobatics, Kwasi Pratt is today urging Atta-Mills on to go and virtually prostrate before Koreans to come and build us houses, in total abandonment of Otekpolu black-cement deposits. How can we make any meaningful advancement as a people when we have such liars, unprincipled and political-prostitutes amongst us?!!! 

Now, must we continue to sit aloof while the future of our dear nation is being managed as a game of ‘chass-kele’ by this group of complete incompetent, but extremely proficient property grabbing Champaign-social-democrats? Some of us will definitely not keep mute over such ‘concert party’ manner of running the affairs of state and it is about time some of these professional bodies who are quick to jump to the defense of their own, without first appraising themselves about the issues at stake, took a note and advised themselves accordingly.

At times I wonder how people who claim to be social-democrats and therefore have the welfare of the ordinary Ghanaian at heart, can turn round to engage in plain lies and populists nonsense. They deliberately engage in peddling falsehoods and skewing whatever is being done by a government which they do not seem to be comfortable with.

Now, an intension by any government to build affordable houses to accommodate its citizens is a move in the right direction which needs to be supported by all. The support of the citizenry behind such a move by the State will come about, only when the processes involved in its execution is done in the open. The people must be brought into the picture so that they will see the whole undertaking as belonging to them and that they truly stand to benefit when it is completed. This is what is done in all civilized societies.

The sites of A, B and C block of SSNIT-flats of community-3 in Tema, were put up during the P (NDC) regime.Infact, I had then been posted to the Tema General Hospital as a newly qualified Medical Radiological Technician, and even applied for one of those flats through SSNIT.My application, as expected, never saw the light of day!!

Then came the Sakumono Estates which consisted of the ‘affordable’ neighbourhood and where the members of parliament were formally being accommodated.

Now, from what I know, most of these houses and flats put up at Tema community-3 were allocated to high-flying institutions. Some were sold to those who could afford to buy and the rest dished out to close associates and concubines.Here, I am not engaging in conjectures because I had a lady friend, at the time, who was actually allocated a flat, free of charge, at Site C, comm.3, Tema, by a very top official of the then P(NDC) administration.

This man I am talking about here actually went into total political-hibernation during NPP administration and everybody thought he had said good-bye to politics. But today, this man has again, resurfaced in the current Atta-Mills administration and he has, once again, been given an extremely juicy job. And I believe if the STX housing deal ever materialize, there will be another bouquet of ‘koforidua-flowers’ lined up to benefit from free accommodation once again.

The Sakumono Estates, which was touted as ‘affordable’, were all purchased by then P(NDC) political elites and their top business cronies both within and outside the country. The neighbourhood in this area which was developed to cater for the accommodation needs of members of parliament were also ‘looted’ by the members of P(NDC) before they exited power in 2000.And today, the poor Ghanaian taxpayer is coughing out $20,000.00 for each of the 230 members of parliament to go and rent accommodation.

Now, would the State not have been spared this totally useless expenditure on accommodation for MPs and the monies channeled into other areas of our strangulated ‘ecomini’, if those Flats had not been ‘looted’ by these pseudo-social-democrats who claim to be highly allergic to property ownership, while they go about scrambling for all the good things of life with both hands and feet like how the European colonialists scrambled for Africa?!!!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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