Africa Tops World Corruption Rankings

An anti-corruption group says Africa is the most corrupt region in the world, with Somalia being the most corrupt country.

Transparency International released its annual report Tuesday surveying perceived corruption in 178 countries.

The 2010 list ranks six African nations among the 10 most corrupt countries. They are Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Burundi, Angola and Equatorial Guinea.

Transparency International scores countries on a 10-point scale, with zero being the most corrupt.  Forty-four of the 47 African nations scored less than five on the index, meaning they have serious levels of corruption. 

The Berlin-based group ranked Botswana as the least corrupt African country, with a score of 5.8.

The report defines corruption as the “abuse of entrusted power for private gain,” in public and private sectors. It scores countries based on assessments of the prevalence of bribery of public officials, embezzlement of public funds, kickbacks in public procurement, and questions about the effectiveness of public anti-corruption efforts. VOA

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  1. Eurocentrism and colonialism can no longer be the excuse that’s stopping us from real development. While they’ve played their part and had significant influence on African economy, what about bad governance? what about accountability? what about discipline?

    Africa needs to set achievable goals. After independence and colonialism, extreme and highly unmeasurable goals have crippled Africa. We all know the saying that ‘Rome was not built in a day’ however many Africans continuously hope that they’ll wake up the next day with sky-scrapers lining their streets. When goals are set up so high, it actualy proves counterproductive. It makes Africa seems like there’s not real development. It sets the normal citizen up for crushing failures.

    If we can say that our goal is to reduce national curruption by 1% and actually achieve it, that’s one check mark for us; rather than coming up with an outrageous percentage that’ll be too high to climb.

    Curruption is the result of the lact of internal control and weak governance. while It should be noted that virtuously every country has these elements, why should curruption be so rampant that it disrupts a WHOLE economy in Africa? We need strong leadership that can set realistic goals and actually achieve it.

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