Nana Konadu’s 2012 campaign posters out!

A group calling itself Foot Soldiers of the ruling National Democratic Congress has started a campaign to put forward former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings as presidential candidate for the party.

To ensure that their plan materializes, the group has started posting campaign materials of Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings around the metropolis. Two of the posters are posted on a pole in front of Joy FM.

The 20’X 10′ poster has at the top the inscription: FOOT SOLDIERS! FOOT SOLDIERS! FOOT SOLDIERS CALLING!

There is a bold picture of the former first lady occupying almost half of the poster; with the caption NANA KONADU, HOPE FOR GHANA 2012.

The poster also has pictures of other women leaders globally; like Benazir Bhuto of Pakistan and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia.

There was a question mark beneath these pictures with an arrow pointing towards the former Ghanaian first lady.

The group championing the campaign would not disclose the names of any of their regional representatives though their telephone numbers are available on the posters.

The Central Regional organizer who spoke to Joy News said Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings will be the best person to manage the party and seek the interest of the foot soldiers.

He suggests a betrayal of the party by the ruling government, reminding President Mills he did not win the presidency as an independent candidate.

He said the party’s control must revert to its rightful founders to ensure they have real leadership, and woe betides the Rawlingses if they refuse the offer. They should retire from politics and remain silent forever then.

Spokesperson for the Rawlingses, Kofi Adams expressed their innocence of the posters but said the development should inure positively to the party. Listen to Kofi Adams

He explained that the group’s concerns over the need for the NDC’s leadership is in the right direction and commendable but said the party would stick to its principles, regulations and timetables.

Asked if Nana Konadu would support the action of the group, Kofi Adams said “…these are party people, not enemies speaking, they are party people that are speaking so if you have party people endorsing the ideals of a party member who is at the very top, you don’t come out and condemn them, what you do is to encourage them to hold up the values. At the end of the day if they speak good of the leader of the party, it is for the good of the party…”


  1. The former first family is full of bitterness for not being out of power! When Jerry Rawlings was insulting Kuffour and his NPP regime, NDC supporters thought it was alright to do that. Now the fowl has come home to roost!

    Remember, JJ Rawlings operated on this same wavelength on the 15th May, when he took up arms against the government of the day but had the mutiny subdued by some patriotic soldiers. But for the June 4th coupe-de-tat, he would have been dead by now. Those who knew him at the time would tell you that he was scheming here and there, talking to people about the hard conditions and suffering of the mass of Ghanaians. He was suggesting a mutiny, demonstrations and an overthrow. This is surely his modus operandi. The regime at the time found him difficult to handle, but also underrated the feelings of the ordinary people, the poison in what he said at the trial, and the inspiration for a coupe-de-tat. General A.A. Afrifa saw it from afar, and warned the regime, but got paid for his actions in the end. President Limann also got his share of this evil scheming, and I heard he said something like this, “Jato ye me ba, onntumi nye hweee!” President Limann got it all zero! Jato JJ Rawlings was capable. “Obetumi aye hwee.”

    Now, Jerry and his family knew a coupe will not receive any support and applause. Besides, their security could be in danger. The constitution had compelled JJ Rawlings not only to hand over to another regime, but also put to complete rest any ambition of ever ruling this nation again. He will never forgive 1992 Constitution. He is never satisfied. Indeed, he sees himself as the best person to rule. But the constitution has nullified all that.

    Now, his next game is to look for someone he could manipulate to become a president. The humility of Uncle Atta-Mills at the time deceived him and he won’t forgive himself for his Swedru declaration. Very soon, he would realised he could not manipulate his own son, Kimathi Rawlings.

    Maame Konadu is only taking advantage of her husband’s disappointments and regrets. I could see the picture clearly now.
    There was a sullen and bitter JJ sitting and sulking. Maame Konadu, just like Jezebel of the Old Testament asked, “What is the matter this time?” JJ replied hoarsely, “Uncle Atta-Mills, someone I single-handedly help and assist to become what he is has turned against me. After fighting hard, so hard at the risk of my dear life to bring him to power, he has refused to take my instructions just like Kuffour did when he first came into government,” he fumed. “Oh, I see, but this is not a problem at all. I’ve realised that none of these people, both NPP and NDC would listen to you the way I do. So, you know what? Why don’t you help me to kick him out in our primaries for 2012 elections? I can assure you that I’ll do whatever you say. You will rule this nation just like how God directed the affairs of the Jews from heaven. Don’t you trust me?” she asked. And the reply was, “Yes I do.” The wedding vow was remembered and rekindled.

    So the campaign for Konadu as president 2012 started earnestly in their bedroom two days after the handing over, even before anyone could be aware. NPP’s campaign however started a day earlier. We were all surprised! Because the overturns and twists were overwhelming! We all wondered where these were coming from. Criticisms, abuses, insults, innuendoes, curses, angry outbursts became common and were coming from this doubtful source – the home of Jerry. Someone definitely wants his wife to become the president of Ghana just after a tortuous election in 2008. He refused to listen to tiredness. He must hate the other and use “foot soldiers” to torment him. He must find some friends who can do the job of projecting and promoting his wife, just like King Saul to the nation of Israel.

    But JJ has ceased to be the man of the people – the junior Jesus. If there were people behind him yesterday, the situation is different now. He is losing some of his friends and admirers day in and day out. This is happening when Uncle Atta-Mills, the president is working hard to bring in investors, to provide food, education and shelter for the people. The people are obsessed with Uncle Atta-Mills, not the party that brought him to power, and he is being envied by opponents and being encouraged by admirers. He appears to be winning the economic war and is solidly on the ground.

    Fortunately, Uncle Atta-Mills, the president cannot be removed until after 2012 elections. That is the beauty of democracy. Otherwise, Paapa JJ Rawlings would have ordered ammo from the Saudi Prince, the husband of Ezanetor, his first daughter for the foot soldiers to do the thing he is most noted for – the unthinkable coupe-de-tat! But both the NPP and the renegades of the NDC in the camp of the ex-first family would have to wait till 2012 to see how much muscles Atta-Mills has developed to thrash them.

  2. When the CAT’s away…the mice will play.
    Political violence will FILL this Nation someday.

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