Rawlings Goes Into ‘Hiding’

After another of his diatribes which has shook the foundations of the Party he founded, former President Rawlings jumped into his cross country vehicle, and drove straight to Tefle near Sogakofe in the Volta Region, to pass the night, since, according to his wife, Nana Konadu Agyemen Rawlings, he has no home in Accra.

Unfortunately, the homeless Dzelukope-born former military dictator has still not escaped the radar of his party members, who have started firing at him from all angles. The deputy National Organiser of the ruling national Democratic Congress (NDC), Captain Akamba (rtd), has taken strong exception to his claim that the government was paying some top officials to discredit him and his wife.

The NDC Deputy Organiser said it was totally wrong for the former President to have gone public with such information, especially, if he had evidence to substantiate the claims, when he could have resolved the matter secretly with the appropriate authorities.
Captain Akamba (rtd) opined that the former President had direct and unrestricted access to both the government and the party, and therefore, needed not have gone public with such sensitive information, if indeed, it was true.

He said being a founder of the party, nothing debarred Mr. Rawlings from seeking audience with either the party, or even the President, if he had genuine case, to try to resolve it. “What access does Mr. Rawlings not have; why couldn’t he consult the party or even address his grievances through the right channel for it to be resolved. I think it is not the best, and it will not augur well for our party’s progress,” he noted.

The Deputy NDC Organiser contended that Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, who the former President claims was a victim of the government’s machinations, was an executive member of the party, and should have been the one to inform them, if indeed, something of that sort was going on.

Akamba told Fox FM, in an interview yesterday, that the former President could have done him and the party he foundered a lot of good, if he had first reported the issue to them, instead f issuing a press statement. He indicated that ex-President Rawlings wields a lot influence, both within the party and the government, and that anytime he wished to summon a meeting, or seek audience with the President; he could have done so unimpeded.

“Many of us are in the NDC because of ex-President Rawlings; we all are aware of the role he played during the 2008 general elections; he virtually won the elections, and so there is no way anyone can sideline him,” he observed.

Captain Akamba (rtd) said some people with presidential ambitions had resolved to discredit the President, “forgetting that if the government does not succeed, the future of the NDC will be bleak.”
“Does anyone think that if President Mills does not succeed the NDC will be in good position to win elections? We all need to rally behind the government to succeed, and not to do anything to sabotage it,” he stressed. 
Source: The Chronicle

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