We are ever ready for you, Hannah Bissiw!!!

Once again, Hannah Bissiw, the woman I will describe as a Cuban-indoctrinated motor-mouth, has dared some of us to meet her in the boxing-ring of political-insults (Citi Fm, 7/10/10).

The woman was moaning because Atta-Mills is being called names after some riff-raffs within their ranks have launched an absolutely stupid verbal attack on the person of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Now I am convinced that this woman’s sense of memory has completely deserted her since she appears to have forgotten, so soon, what she said about Kufuor during the 2008 electioneering campaign.

Hannah Bissiw must know that if Atta-Mills has rewarded her abusive diatribes in support of him with a ‘begye ko dzidzi’ (highly undeserved) deputy ministerial position, there are people who are also prepared to, literally, die for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as an opposition leader, for absolutely no reward.

And here, I would like to ask the veterinary association of Ghana to properly read and appreciate the context within which a particular write-up has been captured, before raising issues.

I would also ask them to advise people within their ranks, who take up political appointments, to be mindful of the fact that the power to engage in insults does not lie in the bosom of any particular group of people.

Therefore, when an individual who happens to be a member of your fold continuously engages in irresponsible behaviour, the people of this nation reserve the right to whip him/her into line. And in the case of Hannah Bissiw,as I have said already, she is not just a member of your fold but a minister of state whose entire needs, including her out-moded ‘slits-kaba’ clothes and numerous ‘kaakaa moto’ make-ups, are all being paid for by the poor Ghanaian tax-payer.

I am a Medical Radiology Technician professional and I certainly do not expect the professional body, to which I belong, to blindly, rally behind me if I choose to throw caution to the wind and go about defecating in public!!!

So when Hannah Bissiw goes wayward and some of us Ghanaian tax-payers decide to bring her back into line, I guess it will be in the interest of the image of your association to distance yourselves from her abusive behaviour. The woman is a veterinarian by profession and absolutely nothing stops Ghanaians from making references to this fact when talking or writing about her atrocious character.

Now, some NDC riff-raffs hiding under a dubious umbrella erroneously tagged; media analysts group (MAG) and under the sponsorship of a self-acclaimed member of Atta-Mills administration’s legal team, goes about engaging in senselessness and Hannah Bissiw says what? When people linked to Atta-Mills go about insulting Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, you expect the followers of Akufo-Addo to go and insult who, in return? Does Hannah Bissiw expect the sympathizers of Nana Addo to go and insult Fidel Castro, in return, when these NDC non-entities insult Nana?

If Atta-Mills, with all his infirmities, is a president today, through naked lies and unprecedented electoral thuggery by the NDC, then how does Hannah Bissiw expect the followers of Nana Akufo-Addo, with all his faculties firmly intact, not to rise up to his defense and loudly proclaim his attributes and also vigorously defend him from total madness of these NDC vagabonds?

I have always maintain that Atta-Mills is certainly not the one currently running the affairs Ghana and that these gaping sycophants and intellectually bankrupt communists trained animalistic doctorate holders masquerading as ministers, are simply capitalizing on his incapacity in all spheres of human-live, to make hay while the sun shines.

The reason why I am convinced that Atta-Mills is not in-charge of what goes on in Ghana today, is that any conscientious leader worth his salt, would have gotten rid of a person as Hannah Bissiw from her current position as a deputy minister, the moment that STX signing ceremony fiasco occurred.

As for Bagbin, the little said about him, the better. This is a person who descended heavily on Atta-Mills, accusing him of surrounding himself with extremely hostile and boot-licking characters. But what do we see of Bagbin today? And how does a nation progress with such double-faced and stomach direction gluttons, as ministers of state?

Hannah Bissiw, a block-headed communist oriented bigot, whose proper place of work should have been on animal farms taking care of livestock to ensure that Ghanaians get access to cheap and quality meat and other animal products to boost our protein intake, has been dashed, on a silver-platter, very important state appointment. And because she has absolutely no knowledge of what actually entails in her area of operation as a minister, she has taken to the acts of senseless opening of her unkempt buccal cavity and always exposing her yellowish, instead of whitish, looking sets of teethes.

The motivation for this Cuban-brainwashed ‘kaka motobi’ women minister is simple; she trained as a doctor of animals and her prospects of making a good living in this field here in Ghana, was extremely dim. As a matter of fact, it has been alleged that it was hand-outs from the Rawlingses for injecting their dogs, was what used to provide food into the once hungry stomachs of Hannah Bissiw and her family. And it was as a result of this ‘dedicated’ service to the dogs of the Rawlingses that propelled her to her current position, through the influence of former president Rawlings.

This woman is therefore very much conscious of the fact that her very existence on this earth depends, solely, on this highly undeserved deputy ministerial position and therefore she must do whatever will please her current benefactors, by way of heaping insults on anyone who criticizes the chaotic manner our dear nation is currently being ran.

This is a person who is being paid from the sweat and toil of the ordinary tax-payer to render a service in return. But what did we get from her during the debate on the STX ‘kuluulu’ deal? Instead of coming out with concrete arguments to proof to us how viable the deal is and why we must all rally behind it, she was all over the place throwing her ‘kaka motobi’ make-ups about and always resorting to baseless comments about people who were rather raising legitimate questions about the contract.

I followed most of the pronouncements she made on this STX deal and I never, ever, heard her quoting from the contract documents and making reasonable contribution. Whenever she was confronted in the media over this STX deal, she would say “I did not know this issue was going to come up, else I would have brought all the documents to show you”, or, “the documents are in my car at the car-park and if you like I can go for it”. How would a minister drive a fuel-guzzling vehicle to a Radio/TV station to explain such a major government policy always forget the relevant documents in your car at the car-park? Ghanaians, who queued in the sun to cast their votes in 2008, certainly deserve better than such insipid-stunts!!!

As a sector minister in the midst of such a volcanic issue over a stinking contract being pushed down the throats of Ghanaians, would it not have been prudent to always carry with her all the necessary documents whenever she was going for a panel discussion, at the time the issue was raging like the valentine’s day inferno at the ‘boom-junction’?

In my view, this woman engaged in that act of hide-and-seek with Ghanaians who were seeking tangible answers to pertinent questions during the STX debate, simply because, even-though she had access to all the contract documentation, her knowledge in that area is completely non-existent because there is a huge gulf between caring for animals and construction of houses.

And because sincerity and this Cuban-indoctrinated dogmatist are complete strangers, she decided to hide her obvious lack of knowledge and rather showered insults on decent and much knowledgeable people. She and those who think along her line, were branding all those who proposed alternate views on the STX debacle, as nation wreckers and ‘ahoyaa’ people who are scared of loosing the 2012 elections if the project takes off.

Now, with the disgrace visited on the decent people of this nation as a result of that shameful debacle following the STX signing ceremony fiasco, people like Alban Bagbin and Hannah Bissiw who were pouring insults on all those with different views on the deal, would have been swiftly fired if we were actually operating a responsible governance under the current Atta-Mills-led administration.

But, if you have a president who is physically and morally incapacitated and therefore needs the protection of these totally incompetent, but highly efficient bigots, to pour plain insults on people who are rather pointing out his abysmal performance to him, then what do you expect?

I have had the occasion to talk about the insolence of this Hannah Bissiw woman where I sought to point it out to her that some of us are religiously going to follow her senseless pronouncements and reply her appropriately. And I guess she has either forgotten about that promise or probably thinks that we have forgotten ever sounding that note of caution.

I also made it clear to Atta-Mills, in the said article, to cut-out his fruitless admonishment to the people of this country to be decorous with their pronouncements, until he has been able to muster enough courage to bring-into-line, all these block-headed, square-peg-in-round-hole and communist indoctrinated caricatures around him.

And as the president continues to fail in doing this, he must not expect some of us to hold our fire when these incompetent and communist indoctrinated greedy bastards/bitches go about insulting people.

I think I have said this before, and I will repeat it here that; pictures of Atta-Mills’ only son, extremely hungry and actually munching a bowl of food in the home of a ‘good-samariatan’, in London, was brought to my office during the 2008 electioneering campaign but I was prevailed upon by some NPP leaders not to make it an issue.

However, if a person like Hannah Bissiw wants us to travel that road during the 2012 election campaign, then she must rest assured that some of us are overly prepared and eagerly waiting. Just bring it on!!!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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