United States Renews Travel Warning for Ivory Coast

The United States has renewed its travel warning for Ivory Coast because of what it says is the increased probability of demonstrations and unrest before and after the scheduled October 31 presidential election.

The warning calls the situation tense and unpredictable and says political demonstrations can turn violent.

It says security conditions in the north and west can deteriorate without warning. Foreign visitors are at high risk for muggings, robberies, burglary, and carjacking.

Visitors should avoid traveling outside the capital, Abidjan, after dark.

Ivory Coast, the world’s largest cocoa grower, has been split in half since a 2002 failed coup led to an armed uprising.

Rebels are in control of the north while President Laurent Gbagbo controls the south.

Presidential elections have been postponed seven times since 2005, mostly because of disputes over voter eligibility. VOA

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