United States Renews Travel Warning for Nigeria

The United States is renewing its travel warning for Nigeria, three weeks after twin car bombings in the capital killed 12 people.

The State Department is again warning Americans against all but essential travel to nine of Nigeria’s 36 states because of the risks of kidnapping, robbery and other armed attacks.

The warning says extremists and militants have kidnapped more than 111 foreigners since January, 2009. Six of those kidnap victims have been killed.

It also says violent crimes by individuals, gangs, and criminals impersonating police officers is an ongoing problem throughout Nigeria. It recommends against traveling outside major cities after dark.

A purported spokesman for the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta initially claimed responsibility for the October 1 car bombings in Abuja during independence day celebrations. But MEND leaders later said they had no role in the attacks.

The purported MEND spokesman said Friday the group is planning another attack this month in Abuja.

The regions listed in the U.S. travel warning are the Niger Delta states of Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers, the southeastern states of Abia, Edo, and Imo, the northeastern states of Bauchi and Borno, and the city of Jos in Plateau state. VOA

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  1. I believe the problem of safety can be achieved if there is seriousness of purpose on behalf of government and the people. If not then it is a big disgrace of so called giant of Africa.

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