Keeping Ghana Clean

In recent times, Ghana has been able to manage a smooth and peaceful political transition, and has created a political and policy environment conducive to economic and social progress.

It is very disgraceful that a country like Ghana that can be grouped among the giants of Africa is still suffering from the problem of filth.  The multitude of environmental sanitation problems which beset the country is due to the attitudes of Ghanaians. In the streets of Accra, Kumasi,Tarkoradi, Ho and other parts of the regional capitals, there is no single place that you will pass that you will not encounter the problems of filth, talking about the central business centers, these regional capitals- Tema station, Circle, the Kaneshie market, Kejetia, Takoradi central market , Ho central market etc 

The causes of this filth in the country are being attributed to the inadequate education of the citizens about sanitation. For the problem of sanitation to be solved there need to be the education of the citizens about the need to keep away from filth, and this education can be done through television programs and by making the media a center machine. This education is to add to the existing ways of solving filth in the country.

Also, lack of patriotism is a cause of filth in the country this is because when Ghanaian are able to hold high the love of this country in their heart, the deposition of filth at unacceptable places will cease. The introduction of the sanitary inspectors will help in the management of sanitation in the country, if you get to the central business centers in the country, Agbogloshie, Makola,  kejetia to be precise, the heap of filth at this place are unimaginable not forgetting the scent it generates, but yet still there is marketing going on at such places. Some of the products sold at these places are consumable. How well will these products will help the development of the human health system? The market women and men at these places because of lack of patriotism set their tables and sell their products near the filth. But at the same time some the blames must be portioned to the regional metropolitan assemblies because there are most situations that various dustbins that have been placed in the various major points get full and even overflows but empting them also becomes a problem. This is not to say that the various metropolitans and municipals assemblies are not doing their work, the work is being done but efficiently is the problem. Most countries have development due to the patriotism of the citizens. Taking into account the development of Botswana and even a western country like the USA and so can we!

 If sanitation- is the state of being clean and conducive to health , then talking about sanitation in the country will not only pertain to the regional capitals but also the rural areas( villages). Water pollution is one major factor in the rural areas, especially the forest and savanna areas. These areas mostly engaged in agriculture, the water pollution comes in different forms it is sometimes the wash of fertilizers from farm into the water bodies or it is the using of the water bodies with animals that are being reared there. The health of the inhabitants of these areas is always at danger since they suffer mostly from water borne diseases. Education of the people at these places is the best way to solve their sanitation problems.  Most rural areas also lack most facilities like “public toilets” and  even rubbish container, therefore they uses the rubbish dump as their form of “public toilet” This statement can never be complete without citing rural areas in the northern part of the country  and part of the southern part of the country as  examples.

The sanitation problem of the country can be stopped when Ghanaians develop the love of development for the country, and also education of the people about sanitation. Both the leaders and the followers of the country should do their part in keeping Ghana clean. Thanks to Non-Governmental Organizations as well as philanthropist that are to task of keeping the country clean and also more Philanthropists and other Non-Governmental Agencies should please join hands with the others to keep Ghana clean.





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