France Submits Immigrant Law Changes to EU

France has submitted planned changes to its immigration laws to the European Union following the country’s controversial expulsion of more than 1,000 Romas in recent months.

A spokesman for the EU says it received France’s proposal late Friday, and will be reviewing it during the next few days to determine if the changes match the EU’s regulations.

The EU directive requires written notification for expulsions and gives people the opportunity to appeal the decision.

France has deported hundreds of Roma, who are EU citizens, back to Eastern Europe for years, but recently increased the pace of expulsions as part of a stated crackdown on crime.

EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding warned France that it could face disciplinary action for the deportations.

Last month, the commissioner said France’s expulsion policies echoed those of the Nazis in World War Two.

French leaders responded saying criticisms of its policies are “unacceptable. VOA

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